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  1. Anyone able to compare the sensation provided on the Intamin system (Th13teen) and the Zierer (Verbolten)?
  2. Nemesis Sub-Terra will be closed from Monday 21st to Friday 25th May inclusive for improvement/maintenance works!
  3. The ride looks ugly as it stands. Are there plans to add theming and/or much landscaping? The full speeds do look good, though!
  4. The drop doesn't look as good as the Intamin system. The coaster section at the beginning looks solid. Not sure on the theming, looks a little sparse. Don't like the screen... Thought they might be some fake rocks/ice caves or something!
  5. Great reviews. I think with re: EP, it's not a park with massive, "rip your face off" coasters like you would find at a Cedar Fair or Six Flasga park. It is far more an experience; a family park. 1 day in the park is not enough to experience it properly. Spending time there with the shows, smaller rides and hotels add up to make it one of the best parks in the world. For sheer, raw, coasters - clearly, it is nowhere near the best. There are many better parks in Europe for that (Mirabilandia, Heide Park, Alton Towers, Thorpe Park etc.).
  6. A hotel? Isn't that a bit much - yet? It's a cool place, but it's barely a full day at present.
  7. Some information regarding Sub Terra: The ride feedback at the weekend was very poor. It appears that AT are very dissatisfied with the ride experience as it stands. Expect some major changes in the coming weeks.
  8. I don't think its Merlin cutting budgets, frankly they don't need to do that. Each park had an increased attendance last year. I think this is only happening to Alton Towers because of its location. Places such at Thorpe Park, Chessington WoA and Legoland all have easy rail and motorway connections, however Alton Towers is sort of in a pain in the arse location. On quieter days i've notice a lot of people leave Alton fairly early as they usually have a long journey home. The other parks I mentioned always seem to have everyone exit in one huge surge at the end of the day which causes a huge pain in the arse getting out the car parks. Thats my thought anyway. I will say one thing I cant see this being a trend that will be rolled out Merlin wide. It is Merlin cutting budgets. I know I said it's "apparent" - but it's definitely the case. Thorpe (i.e. summer now 7pm not 8pm, Fright Nights now 9pm not 10pm) and Legoland have also made cuts, as have Alton Towers. The Merlin Resort Theme Parks Division in the UK had a very poor first few months of 2011.
  9. Alton to close theme park at 4:00pm on 65 dates in 2012 You may not have seen, but Alton Towers have altered their 2012 opening times, and will now be closing at 4:00pm on 65 days in 2012 including some Sundays. This is the earliest closing time for any theme park the United Kingdom and cuts a full hour from what has been the 5:00pm earliest closing time standard for many, many years (with exception to limited openings). Anyone got any thoughts about this? Apparently it's Merlin cutting budgets left, right and centre.
  10. London Stansted - Karlsruhe Baden with Ryanair is the easiest on the other side, with a direct shuttle which you can book in advance from the airport to EP. Accommodation - Camp Resort (Log Cabinm, Tipi or Chuck Wagon) costs from €25 (£21) per person per night. Off resort is also available - Guesthouse Mama or Elzpark in Rust are both very reasonable and within walking distance. Try www.booking.com and type Europa-park. August is a good month to go - although it's busy, the park usually opens till 8 or 9pm, and there are loads of events on, such as on Saturday nights the Portugal Beach Party till 1am with Atlantica running and loads of drinks and music. There's also the Summer Show at Colosseo. And, even if you aren't staying in them, you can still eat and drink at all hotels on resort.
  11. It depens. If you are all about "credits" then sure, you can go to any park for one day. But f you like the atmosphere, the general scene... the park. Then more time is needed.
  12. Just to add weight to the 2/3 day thing. I have not spent less than 2 days / 3 nights there on any visit since 2005. And ideally, 3 days / 4 nights. They have 11 coasters now, and with masses of shows too - and all that food to try!
  13. Not done many littl ones, but I quite liked Tomahawk. I would expect it to be Twister if I made it to Grona Lund, which is not likely in the forseeable future.
  14. It completely reflects the marketing style of the park. I don't like the marketing style of the park, so naturally dislike this. However, I cannot really criticize it when it works for them.
  15. There are two parks which are local to me, both around 30 minutes drive time. These are Alton Towers and Drayton Manor Park.
  16. Contrary to a previous news release and subsequent confirmation from Alton Towers to confirm, the park have now reversed their decision to close Submission and Enterprise for the 2012 season. Both will open with the park on 24th March. Source: www.towerstimes.co.uk
  17. Big Dipper, Pleasure Beach Blackpool 1923 although parts of the Nick Streak opened originally as the Velvet Coaster in 1909. My oldest steel is probably Steeplechase, Blackpool (1977) or Thunder Looper, Alton Towers - which originally opened 1977 at Kings Dominion as King Cobra.
  18. Nemesis on Tuesday. Alton Towers is currently open with limited rides until 19th February.
  19. RE: Sub-Terra - Alton will not be advertising this clear cut as a ride. It's an "experience" / "attraction". Anyway, they have been carrying out some marketing stunts in a shopping centre in London. I quite like it, as it's better than what they have sometimes done in the past and brought in some Z list celebrity like they did with 13:
  20. I went to the one at Disney Village in Paris. It was quite expensive, but nevertheless very tasty. They didn't offer "value meals" - you just had to add everything up seperately, which was a little annoying. Worked out at around €11 for a sandwich + side + drink, although in the US would probably be cheaper anyway.
  21. My parks for 2012 (* indicates this will be my first visit to the park): Alton Towers (my local park) Drayton Manor Park Thorpe Park Chessington World of Adventures Legoland Windsor Pleasure Beach Blackpool Fantasy Island* Camelot Theme Park Parc Astérix Parque Warner* Parque de Attraciones* Rainbow MagicLand* Mirabilandia* Gardaland* Movieland Studios* Europa-Park Efteling Phantasialand Toverland Plopsaland* Werner - I can't help but wonder why you are visiting Legoland Windsor when in England but are missing Alton Towers!?!?
  22. I think it's pretty good. It's very interactive with other accounts, for Alton it's a step in the right direction. And of course you need to take the marketing with a pinch of salt - but at least have a bit of fun with new rides opening in your own country. May aswell enjoy it!
  23. Nobody seems to be picking up on the rather frequent Twitter campaign Alton are running at the moment for the new for 2012 attraction... There is a new dark ride opening up next month, you know. Phalanx keep updating the feed with various messages, and several pictures have also been released of the ride being placed.
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