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  1. There is still a blue square, yes - but on other images posted on other websites, there are pictures which clearly show that there is just an inversion in that position. Towerstimes have removed all news articles that they originally released about the washing machine element.
  2. The website which originally posted about this element has since removed all trace of it from their website. As far as I can tell, the exterior track layout will differ from those on the original planning documents.
  3. I believe there will be an inversion inside, nothing more, nothing less.
  4. The Washing Machine element is not happening. However, I can only see OTSR's on this ride. The sheer volume of inversions and need for high capacity will dictate this, I reckon. With lap bars only, the need for a more secure 'check' on riders will be vital, and walking across the train won't be quite so easy, as the lap bars will need workings in the floor. Alton Towers need capacity much higher than your typical small park Eurofighter, with all due respect to them parks!
  5. It's the British media, remember... often spouts drivel. There have been articles posted in loads of the press over the years that are completely inaccurate, when just a tiny bit of research would have corrected them. The press are just lazy I think, and feel the need to fill pages!
  6. There's some more images cropped up on the TS Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/towersstreet) - as a few people were thinking they might be fake or something.
  7. That's the whole idea, though. It is meant to make you 'smile'. You are supposed to go there under the impression it's not a nasty piece of kit, that in fact - you're going to be corrected - a positive process! It's the kind of name that works in context but, out of context, is hard to understand.
  8. How sure do you want to be? The name was trademarked by Merlin a few months ago and has been strongly rumoured ever since. It fits perfectly with the theme.
  9. Do we have a name?? From www.towersstreet.com There is also an image of the poster: http://www.towersstreet.com/news/2013/exclusive-sw7-name-revealed/
  10. It has been colloquially called a 'Stafford Knot' element by some enthusiasts. The logo for Staffordshire County Council is: And, with Alton Towers being in Staffordshire, it kind of works!
  11. I find it interesting that the ride seems better when there's a fan event on. Is it that the park put on a big fanfare, get everyone psyched up etc, so everyone sort of really gets into the whole affair? Or is there more to it than just that?
  12. Yes, the park has very strict limitations on what can and cannot be seen outside the park. If you go hunting, it is possible to see each of Air, Nemesis, Rita, SW7 and Oblivion from outside the park - but not from populated locations, and it's very difficult. These rules have governed the park since it began and continue to govern it today.
  13. The POV is accurate based on the initial designs which accompanied the planning documents. It is believed that the initial plans on the document are mainly correct, but there will be some revisions for the final design (as Alton do not need planning permission for the coaster, as it falls within the parks general development order area). Permission was only required for the bulk of the building. But it's an awesome POV, I reckon there's a bit more to come from SW7 though.
  14. The thing is, as much as 'you might expect that of Merlin' and it's true that each of their parks in the UK has served up some questionable PR over the years, each park is run entirely seperately - and has their own marketing director with their own team.
  15. The marketing director at Alton Towers is not the same as the one that served up all of the rubbish back in 2007 to 2011.
  16. News from http://www.towersstreet.com today is that Oblivion is to have a full track repaint for the 2013 season, and that the scare maze 'The Sanctuary' will return for a short run in March, to compliment the new rollercoaster! Awesome news. There's a full article: http://www.towersstreet.com/news/2013/x-sector-due-for-makeover-and-sanctuary-to-return/
  17. Hence why the majority of AT-fans in the UK are disregarding the 'washing machine' idea, in its entirety. It just sounds terrible on nearly every level.
  18. As far as I am aware, the washing machine idea is complete garbage.
  19. Anybody else make anything of the 14-inversions rumour? I don't think this ride will have some weird tech-gimmick at all - so the 14-inversions look likely?
  20. I don't really get all the moaning... Sure, the ride was originally stated for a March opening - but there's still well over 2 months to go before the park even opens. It's almost like some people would rather have a half finished ride with half the theming! I would much rather they complete it fully, rather than open something half baked. Be glad we have a big coaster opening, I say!
  21. It has not, however, been getting much hype from Alton Towers. The marketing has been very quiet. It hasn't yet reached the public general domain in the UK, so very few people will be affected anyway. I don't see this as a big deal, the rainfall in November and December was horrendous in the Midlands and flooding will not have helped their schedule. I am sure AT will offer to change ticket dates and hotel bookings should this be confirmed. The fact it appears delayed actually smacks in the face of it becoming a rush job. I think they have learnt from the fiasco of Sub Terra last March and will actually make sure this ride is ready.
  22. Although it's nice to see a positive TR on DMP, I cannot say that it generally stands out. G Force and Shock Wave are both below average coasters (G Force is dire), and operations at the park are very mixed with ride maintenance questionable in some cases. Pirate Adventure is absolutely diabolical at the moment also - the ride is rumoured to being removed, and as a result, a lot of scenes are totally broken. Thomas Land is excellent, however.
  23. Forgive me, as I have never been to Liseberg. But why is their season so short? Most parks manage to do Halloween, Winter and everything else - barely even closing the park at all!
  24. My missing European B&M's are Shambhala and Daemonen. So. Far. Apart!
  25. It's no problem in Europe to take your food in. The only exceptions that I am aware of is Blackpool Pleasure Beach and possibly DLP (although I have never tried taking food in).
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