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  1. My My My A Tussauds park actually showing some novelty for once in the past few years! If this is the case then Tussauds are clearly pushing Heide. Lately, we've seen token investments at Alton Towers, Chessington and Thorpe Park to some extent - with no real 'world beaters' at any of those three parks of late. Heide Park getting this new coaster would be a sensation.
  2. The price seems quite reasonable. £4.99 for a single ride video is being banded about, which, when you consider an on-ride photo is also £4.99, is very reasonable. The cameras that have been placed around the park do look, in certain cases, hideous however. Rita's loading platform now has a mass of white capture devices on the right hand side.
  3. Maybe this will be rolled out to other Dive Machines (G5 and Oblivion) eventually? If it is seen as a success, it would perhaps be a good way to re-market the ride. However, it remains to be seen if the floorless shuttles actually improve the ride.
  4. I have to say it is totally ACE the hype this coaster is getting, it's almost like it was back in 1998 in A.T. (not quite). Still, it's amazing that this small, run down park is creating a stir on forums across the globe!
  5. The new 'DVD of your day' is going to be available at Alton Towers from April 2007. Using the latest capture technology, guests will be able to choose from single-ride DVD's to a double-disc set, with prices from £4.99 to £19.99. I think I am correct in saying this is a 'Worlds-First' souvenir? (correct me if i'm wrong!) You can check out the promotional video from YourDay now at the following web url. It shows off Alton Towers at its very best, and certainly makes it look fantastic! The music quality appears to be balanced incorrectly, but i'm sure you'll agree it looks good! http://www.yourdayvideo.com/
  6. I think some of you guys need to remember what Camelot is. It's a TINY park! They can't afford decent marketing. The number of guests there is probably 200,000 a year - if that! Don't go expecting lavish marketing, extravagant theming or anything else. It will be a built coaster, and that is all.
  7. Best (from my European B&M experience) = Nemesis, Nemesis Inferno, Black Mamba Worst = Air
  8. I'd guess more due to them being one trick ponies. And for the most part, the one's that aren't one trick ponies are much less intense. I know that TTD and Kinga Ka have had their difficulties, but have any of the other Intamin rockets had any other significant downtime beyond the first month or so of operation? I know Speed Monster had it's problem when we were out there, and Stealth was down for a week or so, but really, I never hear of any problems with XLR8R, Storm Runner, Rita, Superman, Kanonen, or even Stealth or Speed Monster beyond the short down time this summer. I really only think the reliability issue is with the "world record breakers." --Robb Stealth was down for more like 6 weeks last season in one go, not to mention other days where it just failed to run. Rita on the other hand had a few days here and there, but nothing extended. Overall, Rita had an arguably good season. She's still not in the top 100 though.
  9. (first post, here goes) Fantastic poll as usual. Creates a good bit of banter on theme park forums worldwide, I am sure. Delighted to see so many European coasters in the top 10 - i'll be doing Alton Towers, Phantasialand, Holiday Park and Europa-Park in August and the chance to do 3 of the top 10's in a matter of days is really ver appealing. Certainly delighted that Nemesis is at a record #3. Amazing to think that a ride some 14 years old is the favourite B&M and favourite inverted to date, according to the poll. Fab stuff. Rather suprising how low the Accelerators do. Kingda Ka really is low... Stealth not exactly setting the poll alight, and Rita... well the less said about that the better!
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