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  1. Gerstlauer coasters are some of the most intense in the business! Saw, Speed, Rage, Novgorod - pack big punches! Even their Bobsleds pack a punch!
  2. £1.30.9 /litre Unleaded = £5.96 / gallon = $9.60 / gallon £1.38.9 /litre Diesel = £6.32 / gallon = $10.18 / gallon This is in Birmingham, UK. I love how we pay THREE TIMES the price of the USA. Haha!
  3. I will be going away from 28th December, spending two days firstly at Phantasialand before heading to Efteling for New Years Eve and New Years Day.
  4. Alton Towers have revealed they will be adding two new themed SW7 rooms/suites for 2013 to the resort hotels, and there's a competition launching later this evening for AT enthusiasts via www.towersstreet.com. You could win: - One night stay for 4 people in one of the new SW7 themed room. - Park entry for 4. - Fastracks for 4. - Behind the scenes tour of SW7. It launches at 7.30pm this evening and there's updates via the TS Facebook page, too - www.facebook.com/towersstreet
  5. Marketing for SW7 will begin in earnest once the park get their Christmas resort event out of the way. I don't think they want any distractions. First reveal for Nemesis: Sub-Terra was 31st December 2011, so I am expecting things to begin in a few weeks - with a massive campaign through late January, February and into March.
  6. Quite a lot more track and rebar arrivals in the past few days - and track is now being moved from car park areas to the construction site! Seems the project has gone vertical! http://sw7.towersstreet.com/category/construction/
  7. I am glad to read a positive review of Thorpe Park. Sadly, excess fastrack sales and one-train operation often cut the enjoyment of visiting. I quite like Swarm, but find it a little too short, and lacking the near misses of Raptor.
  8. That photo from TT merely shows the track which is on the car park. This has been openly visible by the general public for weeks. No track has yet been made vertical on site.
  9. Apologies, I have been reading this thread pretty much every day but must have missed it.
  10. Great videos. As an Alton Towers fanatic, did anybody at the show (whether Robb/Elissa or other) manage to speak to Gerstlauer? My presumption would be that they're totally tight lipped about Secret Weapon Seven, as is nearly always the case with major Alton Towers coasters, but I would be interested nevertheless. And the Mack section was quite true - if you check RCDB for developments in the coming years, there are LOADS of new Mack coasters coming!
  11. I think it would be fair to say that Blackpool Pleasure Beach, although well known for its classic rides, is most famous for The Big One, and have arguably lived off its success for 15 years.
  12. Just to give a bit of background on the (presumed) ride name "The Smiler"... The Ministry of Joy are an organisation founded by Dr. Kelman in the 1950's. They wish to "marmalise" people, into making them permanently smile and are self proclaimed market leaders in social compliance treatments. However, their projects 50 years ago failed - and were shut down. People were physically scarred, assaulted and more. Their original base was called "The Sanctuary" - which you could visit during Scarefest 2012. Inside, patients and staff were forced to smile - by having their cheeks cut, and metal devices attached to their mouth and jaws. The new ride is the Ministry of Joy's next attempt at forcing people to smile. They use a process called marmalisation. Hence the presumed name "The Smiler". It is quite a complex backstory for SW7.
  13. Troy is the best I have done, but frankly I tend to enjoy all of them. Joris en de Draak is pure fun, whilst Wodan has an incredible first drop and some of the best theming on any coaster in Europe! Gwazi was rough back when I did it pre-MF's.
  14. Sub-Terra I don't think was overhyped, it was a medium investment and fits the bill fine. Th13teen I think has been discussed to death and the bottom line is - family ride marketed wrong. This is in a different league. I think when you see a ride with at least 8 inversions, it's going to be a little more substantial.
  15. Wow - not one mention for Secret Weapon Seven! I think the most exciting two projects for 2013 are Outlaw Run and SW7. SW7 should combine good theming, indoor and outdoor elements, aswell as being a long ride - which is something that has been craved at Alton Towers for years!
  16. Apparently they have reversed this decision - I am aware that Amanda Thompson's twitter was being hounded about it.
  17. Delighted to see the track! Think I will pop up to have a perv myself at the weekend!
  18. Why build an Intamin family launch like Cheetah Hunt, when surely everything about the Mack launch would be better for a family/thrill?
  19. Major new accommodation coming 2014? LINK Article, from Towersstreet news: Great news!
  20. I did see some of you guys, I was on park with Towersstreet. Considering it was 'preview weekend' I thought they were doing pretty well with the mazes. I am aware that some tweaks are being made to The Sanctuary before the event starts for full from this Friday. I really did enjoy the mazes this year, though. I think it's the best and most consistent set they have ever done. Some of the theming and SFX in The Sanctuary is superb.
  21. From Towersstreet news, today: www.towersstreet.com So - the ride will have 16 seater ride vehicles... interesting!
  22. Either Eurosat at EP or Space Mountain WDW. Both are awesome.
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