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  1. iSpeed - the first inversion is insanely quick. I can't think of any others that I have been on that are so quick.
  2. I find this quite odd. The theme park is now around 10% more expensive than any other German park and their nearest competitor, Movie Park Germany, is €10 cheaper...! Europa-Park are charging €41 this season, and to my mind as much as Phantasialand is beautiful and has some lovely rides, it is far, far smaller...
  3. No need to get angry! It isn't a "knock off" - it's not like Mack are some third rate amusement ride manufacturer. As has already been mentioned, the park already have an excellent relationship with Mack which goes back to the parks beginnings in the 1980's, where you will notice that some of the original rides are very similar to some of the original rides at Europa-Park - this has continued through the years, just look at Spatiale Experience and the similarities to Eurosat. This new ride is clearly based on the Intamin Mega-Lite, but the park owners obviously didn't want to go to Intamin for the ride, so they asked Mack to build it. No brainer. It probably won't be as insane as the Mega-Lite, but it will suit the park very well, and the build quality of the Mack coasters is higher than the Intamin coasters, plus the trains are better.
  4. From the TowersStreet Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TowersStreet Breaking News: Submission to leave Alton Towers. Looks like the park are removing the Chance Double Inverter then. One of the most painful rides in the UK, so it's no loss...! Hasn't run both arms properly for years either!
  5. Am I the only one who finds Phoenix at Knoebels the most overrated coaster on the poll? I generally agree with most of the placings, but following my US tour last August, I really didn't find it to be all that. Sure, it was comfortable and had some airtime but I just didn't quite get the hype... Perhaps it's just me!
  6. Yes. This is the natural next step for Mack to take with their ride system. They just seem to be getting better and better. Blue Fire was an amazing first step, and then they sussed the dual-launch system (Manta). Now, they're putting two-and-two together with a terrain based coaster that looks to take the best of Blue Fire, and then add more. Just looks like a fantastic family-thrill rollercoaster.
  7. I have added in Plopsa, as I am confused by the people labelling EGF as a ride at a Merlin park, when it isn't! Cedar Fair: Maverick, Cedar Point Six Flags: El Toro, Six Flags Great Adventure SeaWorld Entertainment: Montu, BGT Merlin: Nemesis, Alton Towers Herschend: - Universal: Incredible Hulk, USF Disney Parks: Expedition Everest, AK Parques Reunidos: Boulder Dash, Lake Compounce Compagnie des Alpes: Tonnerre de Zeus, Parc Astérix OCT Parks China: - Plopsa: Expedition Ge Force, Holiday Park
  8. Personally, i'm simply pleased to see a new, gimmick free coaster at my home park. It's a looping coaster. With a backstory and solid theme. It's what the park needs. I notice someone say it's overhyped? Not getting it, sorry. If you're suggesting that any ride which has a marketing campaign is overhyped, then sorry - but you need to do some dictionary definitions. Thirteen was overhyped. Not this.
  9. RE: Theme music in adverts (In the hall of the mountain king) - you can get a pretty good idea in this Youtube video which shows the adverts from 1994 to 2009 (although AT started using the theme before 1994). 2010 (Th13teen): 2011: 2012: (Sub Terra) 2013: (Smiler) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S6jGA3nXH9s The theme follows!
  10. This is exactly the ride that Alton Towers need. Not something that relies on cheap gimmicks, not something that is so world-first that it's the least they could have got away with - something that is out-and-out thrilling, a good length and something that the UK audience will lap up. It may not be a smooth B&M or Mack and nor may it have the grace of some other rides, but pound for pound, I think it's going to be a great addition to the park. The theming is also crazy, totally unique - and I cannot wait to ride next week. The airtime hills looks awesome!
  11. Air, at Alton Towers. I literally cannot remember when the longest queue extension loop was used. When full, and all extensions are in use, the queue must be 3 hours... similar can be said for Nemesis which seems to have more queue than necessary. On the flip side, rides such as Runaway Mine Train and Oblivion, barely have enough queueline on a busy day!
  12. Alton Towers are changing their bus services for 2013, but there will still be a service from Uttoxeter.I don't know what's happening with Stoke. There is a B&B at the entrance to Alton Towers - called Trough Ivy House. It is literally 50 metres from the Entrance Plaza. Google it. Also, The Chained Oak Farm B&B is only about 500 metres down the road and is located near the famous Chained Oak, upon which the story for Hex (the mad house) is based. The on site hotels are great though, and in September it'll be cheaper too! For Drayton Manor - the nearest train station is Wilnecote. You can WALK to the park from there and it takes 30 minutes. Again, have a look on Google Maps!
  13. Although it's still highy rated, kind of sad to see Nemesis drop from the top 10 for the first time in a LONG time. That said, lots of new coasters so it's kind of expected, and it's still well up there - amazing for a coaster nearly 20 years old!
  14. I did a comprehensive English language guide to visiting Europa-Park from the UK on towersstreet talk. Although some of the travel information isn't related to your visit (flights from UK) - the transfers and other information will be. You can view it: http://www.towersstreet.com/talk/your-trip-reports-and-plans/europa-park-trip-planning-questions-and-advice!/ Hopefully it'll help you a bit!
  15. I quite enjoyed Robin Hood! It's certainly better than some other woodies, like Anaconda, Bandit, Coaster Express etc! It's quite bumpy, but it gives you all sorts of random pops of airtime.
  16. Don't get to sold on lap bars. With the near misses on this ride, I am reckoning we'll see OTSRs.
  17. "plus additional park fees" makes it sound like theme park entrance isn't included, when it is. £55.00 includes a full day at the theme park, and the concert - which goes on until 10.15pm. It's actually really good value, when you think that the full park price is over £40 as it is...
  18. I am pretty certain that this is the worlds first rollercoaster with 14 inversions. Which is great, because if it's confirmed to be the case, it means no gimmick! Hoorah!
  19. Certainly from where I am stood, the majority of people who I visit the park regularly with, just want a sold, decent coaster to compliment the parks line-up (seen as the last really substantial thrill ride was really quite some time ago). The idea of yet more gimmicks isn't something that I am particularly keen on. Hence, Smiler looks like it should fit that bill! Hoorah!
  20. There are now new supports/track being installed on the ride, so hopefully there'll be some development in what is to be seen. The washing machine rumour was ridiculed on many forums. I even talked about it with some guys who work at the park, who also said it sounded stupid. Alton Towers never mentioned ANYTHING about a secret element. In fact, Alton Towers have been pretty quiet on the specifics of the ride and remain so. This is a looping coaster, with lots of them! That's about it!
  21. The censored box on TowersTimes photo's is not censoring anything. There is no washing machine element!
  22. An inversion after one of the lifts has been rumoured for some time, adding weight to the argument that the rides layout differs from original concepts released.
  23. You know, if you all read some of the Alton Towers fansites, you'd find that 99% of UK enthusiasts (fanboys? hardly - Th13teen was generally ridiculed on opening by the UK enthusiasts and Alton Towers are well aware they pitched the ride at completely the wrong level) do not want a washing machine element, nor expect one. Most reasoned UK enthusiasts just want a solid, decent, inversion filled rollercoaster - which is long and well themed. It's that which the park has lacked for so many years. If the ride turns out exactly like is on the planning concepts, with one inversion inside - even if there is NOTHING remotely 'world first' about any of it - frankly, most people I know at least - will be perfectly happy, because that is what the park needs. Some people need to get over Th13teen. UK fansites are REALLY excited about this ride and have been since it was revealed a year ago!
  24. There is still a blue square, yes - but on other images posted on other websites, there are pictures which clearly show that there is just an inversion in that position. Towerstimes have removed all news articles that they originally released about the washing machine element. But they have also put their rep on the line by claiming that there IS something record breaking. E.g a secret element. Lets say you're right and there is just a straight Peice of track there, then how is this a worlds first? How is it record breaking? There are 8 inversions outside, to break that record WITHOUT the secret element would take what, 6 more inversions inside? Not a chance that is happening. Unless its to do with the trains, I can't see how there won't be a secret element. Not necessarily a washing machine, but something new and groundbreaking. The above is all based around whether the original drawings are accurate. Alton Towers are well within their rights to alter the coaster layout to what was originally revealed, as they do not require planning permission for the coaster (only the building). I reckon they'll be going for the inversion record.
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