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  1. Whilst I agree, I don't think there's risk involved with this ride. Unlike Th13teen, this ride has a very solid layout and a number of inversions. They can't really go wrong with that, in the eyes of the public.
  2. Still worth it, once. The queue really is that good.
  3. You haven't been in the Wodan queue? You are missing out! It's one of the best themed queuelines in Europe! Also, re: Air Con - Hotels Bell Rock and Santa Isabel do feature Air Con as standard.
  4. The ride is scheduled to open on March 16, 2013. This is indicated at www.altontowers.com/2013
  5. Opening I hope I think they won't announce it on March 1st. Wonder what's going to make it a world beating. This ride is going to be great. I'm still wondering on the builder. Seeing the track is not from Gerstlaurer but more Premier or Maurer style, I would still say one of those above Gerstlaurer. It is categorically being manufactured by Gerstlauer.
  6. Go to www.altontowers.com Spooky. They're all over the park, too.
  7. Don't worry, Terror of the Towers will be 95% the same - only they'll be using a different access door from Her Ladyships garden. The Sanctuary is believed to use the Conservatory entrance and will travel into the West Wing! Both mazes sound like they'll be a decent length, and some changes are also coming for Carnival.
  8. There are 2 mazes going into the Towers and 1 in and around the Goalstriker unit near X Sector. The Scare Zone will be behind the food outlets in Dark Forest!
  9. Not massively. They're just aquariums, and usually quite small. However, some of the theme elements within them can be exceptional. Sharkbait Reef Sea Life at Alton Towers is incredibly immersive, one of the most well themed attractions anywhere in the UK. However, some of them are less high end.
  10. The first signs of marketing for SW7 appeared overnight and guests visiting the park today were met with the following symbol - placed in various locations en route from the park entrance to X Sector, where the ride is being constructed. Following revelations about a "Ministry of Joy", this picture certainly seems to fit the bill - and could be the new rides logo? It was found on pathways, fences, even on the lawns: More pictures can be seen here: http://www.towersstreet.com/talk/future-discussion/secret-weapon-7-discussion/msg22948/#new Image from towersstreet.com news.
  11. Give it 5 years and Holiday park will be a million times better than it was pre-buyout.
  12. The queue for Swarm has been well over 90 minutes on many, many occasions this season. And for those saying "any Disney coaster" - no. Crush's Coaster and RC Racer are hardly lessons in throughput!
  13. The shaking was so severe that it gave me a headache. The throughput is also diabolical and the queueline hideous. I detest the ride. Dragon Khan and Shambhala on the other hand - marvellous.
  14. I don't think any category was won by any park outside of the USA. It's quite amusing how Europa-Park finishing 2nd in the top parks is pretty much the only European park that has anything to shout about. My friend was on the panel this year, and parks in Europe such as EP and PortAventura - which have amazing shows - weren't even an option for that category, and Wodan, as much as I know it isn't the best new ride this year, was similarly not an option in the "best new ride" category. Pleasure Beach Blackpool I understand doing well as I know you US lot like your seaside/boardwalk parks. But 2nd best in Europe? Hmm!
  15. Just come back from Italy - I found Gardaland a far nicer park but Mirabilandia had the better "big" coasters.
  16. Glad Booster Bike is having work. The existing station is hideous.
  17. Well Mack seem to have a lot of these launched and/or mega coasters on the cards. Blue Fire, Manta and Storm already built - and a new one coming to Nigloland (TBC) in a year or two, and one for the Winter Olympic Park in Russia. It's like Blue Fire came around, and only two-three years later are other parks finally buying in!
  18. Hopefully this will be a Mack Mega Coaster for 2015? Maybe they have a double deal for the Spinning + Mega Coaster?
  19. That is just one of the old target boards from the now defunct Detonator Drop basketball unit.
  20. Tonnerre de Zeus. I waited 2 1/2 hours. Shocking throughput and hideous queue.
  21. SPOILER ALERT: After a week being closed, the changes to Nemesis Sub-Terra are both considerable and widespread. Here's a rundown which I noticed, from my two rides at the weekend! Briefing Area No major changes, although the video is now louder in volume. Obviously, on opening weekend there wasn't even a video at this point. Descent Lift Spoken audio is the same, to instruct guests on boarding procedure. Accompanying this, there is now a droning sound which lowers in pitch as the lift descends into the cave. The vibrations are also more effective now, and there is a better sensation of going down. Generally louder. The cavern which guests walk through before entry into the observation chamber is the same, although the main chamber doors now do not open until several seconds after exits from the descent lift - so guests usually see them opening towards them. Observation Chamber New lighting on the egg, and a louder "heartbeat" noise accompanies this. The sequence/programming has changed a lot. The introduction at the start is now longer, before anything happens - then there are vibrations in the seat caused by heavy bass. Lights dim, various loud noises, egg hatches as before but much heavier water spray hits guests. Various "malfunction" messages play out, and lights dim again. Gondola's drop at different times. Nest of eggs very clear with new lighting flashing. Very loud noises play, speakers in seats to make it seem like the alien is moving around the room (this in darkness). Air bursts on back of neck. Lots of back poking and leg ticklers. Upon rising back up, countdown "30 SECONDS" begins, to get out of the main chamber. Very heavy strobing at this stage. Much more urgency. Guests leave seats and head towards Escape lifts - the room between main chamber and lifts is now full of smoke, air jets from above and heavy strobing. Lots of noise! Ascent Lifts More smoke through new panel. Lighting changed, more banging and more noise. Generally more "stress" going on here. You see a panel break at the top of the lift. Upon lift doors opening, a Phalanx Operative in gas mask from the decontamination unit bursts in with a flashlight, scaring all guests. Very effective here. Decontamination Area Entirely new. Lack of narrative here at the moment, although we were informed that this was being looked at. Guests go through decontamination in darkness. Phalanx operatives in gas masks, lots of flashing lights, strobes and bangs. Impression that a room has caved in as guests go under a fabric cloth. Lights have failed. Lots of mesh fencing. Very loud bangs just before exit. And that... is the new Sub Terra. A massive improvement - well done Alton Towers. Now, just for a little improvement on the narrative side of things in the decontamination area and things will be well sorted!
  22. Like some others, Speed is the best "track and train". However, Fluch von Novgorod is my favourite. Awesome.
  23. Alton Towers is not that busy during the summer break. Nor on Sundays.
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