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  1. That's really strange (which isn't surprising seeing how it's coming from Micheal Jackson). At least Vegas would be safe if Godzilla ever attacked.
  2. I think I've had some internal injuries due to Hurricane down at the Pavilion in Myrtle Beach, SC.
  3. I saw 300 for the second time this past weekend and like the first time I loved it. I absolutely love the film's style especially the cel-shaded blood effect. They managed to capture the graphic novel very well. Apparently once Miller is done working on Sin City 2 he plans on making a film follow up to 300 based on another famous Greek battle. I'm thinking either Plataea or Marathon.
  4. Nice photos. I've really got to get out to the West Coast to check out some parks.
  5. Kingda Ka last summer. I really need to get out to a park, I'm starting to go into withdrawal. I wanted to go on the Mid-West TPR trip but I just don't have the money to do it.
  6. I think you're right about the value of the regular model going down. Maybe we'll see a price drop on the two current SKUs (which would definitely increase sales).
  7. Thanks for the info. Used systems are going for about that on eBay. I'm thinking of maybe just picking up the new HDD and putting money toward a nice HDTV.
  8. It was OK. For some reason I didn't like it as much as the first one.
  9. I'm now actually tempted to trade my current system in and upgrade to the Elite package. Does anyone know how much I could get for the system if I traded it into Gamestop (sans HDD, I'll be keeping that)?
  10. I love Mythbusters! It's one of the few shows that I watch every week.
  11. I haven't done it but I've been tempted to respond to some of his strange trip report requests.
  12. Oh how I miss that show. I recently re-watched Manos and Rocketship X-M on YouTube.
  13. Discovery and The History Channel are the two stations that I watch the most of. I love the Travel Channel as well but we don't get it in the dorms here.
  14. My launch unit is still running fine so I don't think I'm going to upgrade. If it does ever kick the bucket I most likely will get the Zephyr.
  15. I think we can expect to see more and more of those 'exclusive' PS3 titles going mulitplatform due to rising development costs. The announcement of Devil May Cry 4 coming to the 360 and PC was big but imagine if Sony lost either Metal Gear Solid 4 or Final Fantasy XIII? This generation is all about offering something that the other two systems don't have (and isn't software). The Wii has motion sensing, the 360 has Xbox Live and major PC connectivity (and later this year IPTV), and the PS3 has Blu-Ray. The question is whether or not Blu-Ray will be enough to sell the system (and it's currently looking like it isn't). I've had a 360 and Wii since their respective launches and I eventually plan on getting a PS3 once there is a significant price-drop. Currently it's just not worth getting because there aren't enough games that would warrant a purchase. Of course, I could say the same thing about the Wii. Other than Twilight Princess there really hasn't been a 'must have' game for the system. There have been some interesting titles but nothing that really grabs my attention. Thankfully Super Paper Mario comes out in a few weeks and that should keep me occupied for quite awhile.
  16. Wow, I thought the 2 hours I waited to ride Kingda Ka were bad. Oh well, another reason for me to finally take that trip to Japan.
  17. My current desktop (conveniently shrunk by Photobucket):
  18. My driver's license says I'm 5'8" but in reality it's more like 5'6".
  19. 1 (it's sad) How many movies have you seen in the past week?
  20. I have a lot of WDW pics. Do think anyone would object to a trip report if the photos are from this past May?
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