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  1. I would like to know who decided to make a stand-alone dark ride. Talk about random.
  2. http://www.wgal.com/news/9511549/detail.html I want this mother-f****** snakes of my mother-f****** plane! This is just too good not to share.
  3. Hi, I joined up yesterday after I found a link here from WestCoaster. I really enjoyed the photos from the UK trip so I thought I would see what the community is like.
  4. I just got back from Best Buy where I bought the 2-disc special edition of Event Horizon. I can't explain why like this movie, there is just something about it that commands me to watch it whenever it is on TV.
  5. No one knew it at the time but Casey was just the puppet of Little Billy the Psychic Overlord (shown here in green).
  6. Everytime I play DDR I have to play 'End of the Century', I love that song.
  7. What is it? I remember seeing it back in March. It's an umbrella attached to a lamp-post. Originally rain would fall from ducts on the rim of the umbrella when someone grabbed the handle, emulating 'Singing in the Rain'. Sadly, the umbrella has been bone dry for many years.
  8. Hi, could you please change mine to 'Servant of the Tower'. Thanks.
  9. Ok, here we go: 1. How do I change the phrase under my username (I've looked for the option but can't find it anywhere)? 2. I think there is something wrong with my sig. It is only one line of text and shows up in my profile. However, it doesn't show up when I post. Any suggestions?
  10. I saw BareNaked Ladies about a year ago here in Philly.
  11. I haven't but a friend of mine blacked out on 'Lazer' at Dorney Park. He is a rather tall guy and he said it had happened before (something to do with his hight or so he claims).
  12. Basically any monster B-movie, especially Tremors.
  13. Those are some great photos, I really like the ToT ones. On a side note, I completly agree with you, the giant hat must die.
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