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  1. I watched Frequency this morning and absolutely loved it. 10/10
  2. I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong with ToT. I forgot to open the main gate
  3. www.excite.com My dad set up an email account there for me maybe 10 years ago and I've been using it ever since. I remember when he set up the account I thought to myself "I'll never use that thing". It's safe to say I was very wrong.
  4. That's a really poor business decision. Oblivion is currently the best reviewed game on the PS3 and is definitely a must-buy game. Personally, I've put almost 100 hours into the Xbox 360 version.
  5. The Phillies have been off to a great start this season but things could change. We're ahead of the Nationals and only one game behind Florida.
  6. It's about time he stepped down. I had no idea it was possible for one man get get so much bad press so quickly.
  7. I was just getting into Drive and I find out Fox has cancelled it. Now where will I get my Nathan Fillion fix? Oh well, I could always go through Firefly again. Also, I just found out that the new season of Rescue Me starts up in June which makes me very happy.
  8. Very nice. I haven't talked to anyone that's actually done the upgrade before. How difficult (or easy) was it?
  9. My copy arrived today but due to the lack of wireless internet in my dorm I can't get online. Once I get home at the end of the semester (only 2 weeks left) I'll be sure to get my code up here.
  10. I've been tracking my copy through UPS' website and it's driving me nuts. It was checked into a UPS location 2 hours away at noon today and it's been sitting there since then. The worst part is that it's listed as a Wednsday delivery. It's only 2 hours from here and it's going to take another day and a half?!
  11. That was the closest thing I could find to a head-banging emoticon.
  12. Some games can be enjoyed by young kids and the older crowd as well. Two of last year's best games, Viva Pinata and Lego Star Wars 2, were designed for the younger set but found an older audience. As for whether or not Diamond/Pearl are must own games, I can't answer that yet as my copy hasn't arrived. If the reviews are to be believed the game is sure to fill your need for a fun and lengthy RPG.
  13. I ordered my copy online so it wont be here until Wednsday. Luckily I have Super Paper Mario to finish.
  14. Well, I broke down and ordered Diamond off of Gamestop's website. They shipped it out yesterday as it appears every store known to man is breaking the street date. Anyone lucky enough to find a store that has already put them out on shelves? I know of a few people on other message boards that found copies at Target and Walmart already.
  15. He's already dead. He killed himself at the end of his rampage. Going back to my complaint about Jack Thompson and Dr. Phil blaming video games for his actions; it's been confirmed that the shooter had no video games of any kind in his room. Maybe that will stop people from trying to find a scapegoat for a little while.
  16. Does bowling in Wii Sports count? I get out to a real bowling alley maybe once every year or so.
  17. Pokemon is short hand for Pocket Monsters. It's a video game series created by Game Freak and owned by Nintendo. The Wikipedia article can go into much more detail than I can as I stopped playing the series long ago. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pokemon
  18. Like bulldogmom, I'm also reading Gabler's book (and I love it). There's definitely plenty of information in it.
  19. The Vermonster reminds me of the Kitchen Sink you can get at Beaches & Cream (the ice cream parlor at the Yacht and Beach Club at WDW).
  20. I find myself tempted to buy Pokemon Diamond for some reason. I haven't played a Pokemon game since Silver came out 7 years ago. I think I'm really itching to play a quality turn-based RPG and they're getting harder and harder to find these days.
  21. Has anyone else found the arcade in Super Paper Mario? Go to the bar in the basement level of Flipside and go into 3D. Just keep heading towards the screen and you'll find a pipe that leads to it. I'm currently addicted to the ghost shooting mini-game. My high score is 1.1 million points and I'm still trying to best it.
  22. I completely forgot about Free Cone Day! There's a Ben & Jerry's right off campus too...
  23. Fox News is a joke. Good to see that I'm not the only one that thinks so.
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