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  1. I don't know if anyone noticed, but thats the exact same program Voodoo has, except Voodoo flips 2-3 times.
  2. Ok so I think this is the first pic of me on here.. Spectacular!
  3. Did I miss something? What did they take out the park? They haven't taken anything at all! Your just being dramatic.
  4. ^Wait...they aren't showing the video anymore? Does that mean the effects don't activate anymore since they are activated by the stomping and stuff?
  5. I knew I was attracted to boys when I was in about 4th or 5th grade, because of the things I would do. Lets just call it "curiousity". Then by 6th or 7th grade it hit me..."Im gay", but during high school I did go through my "im bi" stage... Now, im gay, happy and proud.
  6. Heres mine: www.myspace.com/loco8a Add me!
  7. ^^^Demon needs to go? Are you kidding me? Its like a classic! What really needs to go is Vortex and/or Grizzly and add a launch coaster in or around those spots. I can definitely see a coaster similar to Maverick in Grizzly's spot.
  8. It reminds me too much of Sim City, but im definitely excited for this!
  9. It doesn't say anything about Grizzly, BUT it does reveal that the new coaster is actually going to be 111 ft high (or atleast thats what they requested) and not 104.
  10. I feel the same way whenever I ride Medusa at SFDK. It's one of the most intense inversions, and my favorite part of the ride along with the sea serpent roll and the drop.
  11. I agree, and it doesn't help when most of SFDK's flats are closed like they always are. Plus CGA is a much "prettier" park IMO.
  12. I saw this movie a while ago, and I have to say I liked it! I did start feeling nauseous towards the end, but overall it was really good. One of the things I liked about it is that it felt like you were actually there and it was so intense! I have to admit, I jumped a couple of times.
  13. Afterburn sounds so much better, even though I would like it better if it was "Afterburner" im not really complaining this time.
  14. They moved the camera a bit. The ride looks huge compared to the construction workers.
  15. ^^^^ That looping starship doesn't have any counterweights...thats weird. It looks cool though.
  16. Actually, I enjoy them also! Here is a pic of CGA's..
  17. The wind here in the east bay was really nasty in the morning (combined with rain). Im pretty sure it was like that throughout the whole bay...
  18. Don't forget, the same thing happened with Y2K...
  19. Flight Deck?...that is the dumbest name ive ever heard. I hope CGA's Top Gun doesn't end up with this name.
  20. It looks fun! Im always up for new Vekoma prototypes.
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