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  1. I have some buddies like that too but it doesn't stop me from visiting on my own. I have a season pass to SWSA only for Steel Eel tbh. It's a lot of fun! Aquatica isn't bad either!
  2. Is this replacing Hill Country Racer? One of the promotional images looks like it's placed in that spot.
  3. How would they be able to shoot fireworks off up there without accidentally shooting one into the giga or T rex track and damaging it? Please try to follow along. Because clearly that T-Rex track is indestructible!
  4. I still think that clue that was posted on top of the quarry is for a new firework show celebrating the 25th anniversary. I doubt they would build something in that photogenic area that would eliminate the nighttime show AND the waterfalls. Not getting my hopes up too much!
  5. The coaster builder also has a "Smooth" option. Doesn't look like it works at the moment but hopefully its sort of like NL's.
  6. The airtime hill right before the mid-course on NATG. Seems like everytime I ride, someones phone, change, or random crap just launches up into the air.
  7. I really like how close you can get to the ride at Kennywood. Not sure if other giant frisbees are the same but I hope this one at SFOT is like that.
  8. The last time I was at SFOT, which was about a month ago, they were dispatching NTAG every 7 minutes or so. While the employees chatted away and generally didn't care to be there. There was no sense of urgency whatsoever.
  9. Ah Zippers, still the only carnival ride i've been on that can sometimes produce airtime!
  10. Driving your car and posting something on TPR? That doesn't seem like a great mix... Fiesta Texas looks like a lovely Six Flags park. Question for the locals: what's the overall reaction of the crowd on Batman? I'm curious how this new type of ride from S&S scores with the public . I visit the park quite often and I sometimes hear the GP talking about it. Unfortunately a lot of the comments I've heard seem like people are disappointed by it. Calling it short, not worth it or saying it sucks. Kind of sad really, but that's the GP!
  11. I think the clues are leading up to a boardwalk refurb, and a couple new rides.
  12. I agree about Batman, it can be unpredictable. I've seen it go down multiple times a day.
  13. Fridays can be a bit busy. I would say around 30 min wait times. Sometimes less for Superman and Goliath. It's insanely hot at this time of the year, so you might want to consider the waterpark if you can squeeze it in.
  14. Not sure how reliable the source is, but someone mentioned it will be a Larson Loop called "Texas Fireball" and located in Slingshot's spot. Which means Slingshot will be on the way out. *shrugs*
  15. When you hear certain noises that remind you of chain lifts. Such as shopping carts going over tile or brick.
  16. I agree. I mean it does help cool off during the heat but the other 2 water rides are way more popular. I say replace PS with a coaster and connect that side of the park with the boardwalk again.
  17. In line for SKC at SFFT.. GP 1: "Oh they re-did this ride, it used to have something like track above you. It wasn't like this last year." GP and friend we're talking about it for a couple minutes. I'm pretty sure they were thinking of Goliath which is across the park.
  18. See my avatar. B&M Batman clones. They're intense in a good way but they always seem to beat me up. And I happen to live in the only city with 2 of those things.
  19. I dream of a hyper/giga using Power Surge's station, lift can go towards Pandemonium, airtime hills going over and along the quarry towards the parking lot and back. With maybe a splashdown using the PS pool. Wait, but there's also a ton of unused space behind Frisbee too. Power Surge is a great way to cool off without waiting in line. Plus SFFT has a 200ft building limit iirc Agree about all that unused space. I wonder if there's a reason why it sits empty. If they were to add another coaster back there it would attract more guests to that side of the park.
  20. I dream of a hyper/giga using Power Surge's station, lift can go towards Pandemonium, airtime hills going over and along the quarry towards the parking lot and back. With maybe a splashdown using the PS pool.
  21. Just visited SFOT a few days ago for the very first time! Rode everything once. Highlights: NTaG was awesome! That airtime hill after the 3rd overbank is insane, length is great, but I still prefer IRAT. Mr. Freeze was much better than I was expecting. Texas Sky Screamer was terrifying. Justice League was great. The park was clean. Honestly the park is really missing a big looping coaster such as a floorless B&M. Hopefully the park gets something soon to fill that. The only thing that bugged me was the staff. Some of the worst operations I have experienced at an amusement park. They were lazy, slow, and just looked miserable. I witnessed 6 minute dispatches on NTaG. Overall it was a decent visit! I will definitely go back soon.
  22. It will be interesting to see what they do with the already twisted GCI layout.
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