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  1. I'm trying not to get my hopes up high since there's still no gameplay footage, but I'm excited!
  2. Not sure about heavy rain but light rain won't shut rides down at SFFT. I just rode IRat and SKC in light rain on Sunday I have seen rides shut down due to high wind though.
  3. Yup! I noticed that this weekend as well. Some are in different spots along the track too. Can't wait!
  4. Are those dummies even filled? I saw testing with no dummies and the spinning was pretty much the same.
  5. Nice! I just went to the park on Sunday and they're moving fast. It also looks much bigger in person!
  6. Other than small county fairs I would say SFMM. I wouldn't say it's terribly bad, but it's not good either. It's just meh.
  7. Not so sure. It was slowing down at the top when I went during Fright Fest and HIP. I was also there today and got caught off guard when it hurled us down the drop! Makes me wish they just run it like that all the time.
  8. Perphaps they're launching it faster for testing or the cold but it hauled through that immelman!
  9. One time while working at SFDK. Park was getting ready to open and morning test runs we're happening. A maintenence worker working on Pandemonium (Then Tony Hawk's Big Spin) forgot his sweater on the track and we failed to notice. When the first car ran the cycle it got caught on the sweater and the car stalled/valleyed. It was definitely a WTF moment.
  10. I could be wrong but isn't that what a waveswinger (Whirligig) looks like while in rehab? SFFT covers it in a tarp I'm assuming. Awesome photo's btw! Thanks for sharing.
  11. I read years ago that B&M found a solution to reduce the stress on the chain/rollback once the train disengages. Thus eliminating pre-drops.
  12. I've actually passed by this little park a few times. Never thought they would be getting something like this! Awesome addition!
  13. I'm guilty of this! Or when there's 2 of them side by side, I imagine a huge slingshot. Then I start to picture a whole park around it, and how nice it would be to actually have a park there.
  14. ^The protoype being installed isn't one of those models. Sounds like it's custom by the stats. Speed: 38 MPH = 61.1551 KPH Length: 1,265 ft. = 385.572 M
  15. ^It pretty much looks like a different version of a Tornado slide by ProSlide.
  16. According to a few people at the park it's been temporarily shut down.
  17. ^That wood on the first turnaround looks new. Was that there before?
  18. I'm not getting my hopes up, but the more I think about it the more accepting I am if this turns out to be a Free Spin. It's totally unique, and I just think about how terrifying and awesome it would be.
  19. I wouldn't mind seeing a wing coaster themed to Batman and Rockville re-themed to Gotham City. A coaster like that would be really unique to this area!
  20. So far Demon at CGA has the loudest of any I've been on. The tunnel after the station is to blame.
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