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  1. Honestly I’m pumped! I love these things and they’re an impressive flat ride. I was hoping we would get one after riding the one at SFDK.
  2. Jeffrey has already confirmed an Eclipse is not coming Oh that's right, it was an option on that poll he commented on. Thank god!
  3. I'm officially stumped now. The only thing I can think of is a Skyline Eclipse, which goes along with the space themed teasers from a while back, but that's not tall enough.
  4. Well that makes a total of 9 clues. That's probably what he was going for.
  5. Hmmm.. Maybe a couple new kiddie rides to expand the kids area AND a giant discovery.
  6. I just rode it quite a bit during member previews and WOW! This thing is straight up launching you out of your seat at times. There’s ejector air, laterals, weightlessness and intense G-forces. There’s blissful hangtime on the front seat at the drop and straight up ejector in the back. There’s not a single bad seat on this train. It definitely packs a huge punch for such a small coaster! RMC knocked it out of the park with this one!
  7. This thing is seriously hauling butt! That airtime hill after the raven inversion looks ridiculous!
  8. I'm actually betting that the Carousel is going to go there on the side of the Sangerfest Hall (in Spassburg), across from the kiddie teacups, in the space that used to be the outdoor seating. You are correct! The park president confirmed the carousel will be next to Sangerfest Hall. The old shade structure will be re-used as part as the queue also.
  9. Cedar Fair really knocked it out of the park this year! Congrats to Knott's!
  10. ^^That station photo is seriously awesome! Can't wait to get out there and ride this thing next year!
  11. Agreed! I mean this park went through a 12 year dry spell before Gold Striker was added. Congrats to CGA! Looks like an awesome addition, love the theming too!
  12. Looks like an awesome addition to the line-up! Loving all those airtime hills!
  13. This might mean CGA is getting a Raptor as well but Six Flags wanted to announce theirs as the first.
  14. A new water ride would be nice but why would they need to relocate the carousel for it? Makes me think it's something bigger.
  15. I'm also hoping this GCI rumor is true. The park has enough inverting coasters already, give us some more sweet air-time!
  16. Home park is SFFT. Usually head to Iron Rattler first and do a couple laps before I continue with the rest of the park.
  17. The track layout for that red coaster looks similar to X-Flight at SFGAm.
  18. I think I might be the only one, but that color scheme is awful!
  19. Very excited about this! As my homepark growing up, I'm happy it's finally getting some love soon.
  20. Steel Eel at SWSA comes to an abrubt screeching halt when it's running 2 trains and the block isn't clear.
  21. Most realistic RMC i've seen on PC so far! Your transitions look butter smooth too! Good job!
  22. I'm not sure how Riddler's Revenge has performed during the summer but I was a little dissapointed when I rode this past weekend. For some reason the ride cycle wasn't getting the full swing. Right as it was getting close to 90 degrees the ride cycle was over. Pretty tame ride I got and I noticed all cycles doing the same. Has anyone noticed or has it always been this way?
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