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  1. Iron Rattler. That backseat! X2. I remember sitting on the break run thinking "WTF just happened." Batman clones!
  2. ^ Looks like a set of multiple tower rides! Excited to see what else they have to offer.
  3. It wasn't the whole track, but didn't RMC add some Topper Track to Tremors at Silverwood?
  4. Regarding the voicemail. I took it as advertisement since the truck sits in front of an RMC, but who knows. *shrugs*
  5. This kind of makes me wonder why Six Flags would choose to remove 2 rides when that spot behind Frisbee is perfect for a coaster. Poor location maybe?
  6. Way to go Holiday World! This truly looks like an awesome addition!
  7. Currently planning my first trip to CP next season. Any tips on when to visit exactly?
  8. This looks ridiculously amazing and fun! I might look into it next year.
  9. From my recent trip to SFFT. Pleasant: Road Runner Express. Was not expecting it to be somewhat of an intense family coaster. It was pretty smooth too! Unpleasant: Superman Krypton Coaster. It wasn't bad but I guess my expectations were really high. There's a few rough spots along with some headbanging. Unless it was just the train or seat I was in.
  10. I was actually the one who typed that out! I achieved the goal of breaking it!
  11. Being a huge fan of inverts.. This looks absolutely incredible! The layout. The colors. The trains. The theme. Bravo CF/KI! Bravo!
  12. I was just at the boardwalk on Monday, cars still covered and it looks like they barely started working on the station.
  13. I kind of like the sound of boomerangs chain disengaging on the second spike. The way the chain dog sounds as the coaster crests the hill and begins to speed up. Also the Intamin impulse launches.
  14. Wow this is awesome! I've been dreaming about a full 90 degree tilt ever since Acrophobia!
  15. The whole Hypersonic XLC fiasco about it originally being for CGA. I've heard those giant planters in the middle of the midway around Celebration Swings were planned locations for the footers.
  16. I cannot wait to hit this park up once this monster opens! It looks beautiful.
  17. Wow. I heard the same thing from some girls who were in line behind us for Goliath on Saturday night. They were saying that "this new Terminator is the same ride that was always there, just with theming." Yet people still don't make the connection that X2 is just an upgraded version of X. Also, at Knott's yesterday, this kid's dad was telling his kid that SFMM has "this same ride like this (pointing to Boomerang) called Riddler's Revenge." I don't see any way how those two can be compared. Probably because everyone thinks Riddler's Revenge is Deja Vu and Deja Vu can be compared to Boomerang. I think I've heard someone point to Riddler's or ask "which one" it is and someone will say Deja Vu. Then Deja Vu is just...decoration? Funny because last time I went to SFMM, we were walking towards Riddler's Revenge and there was this group walking behind us. Someone asked "What ride is this?" and someone from the same group responded "Deja Vu!". When Riddler's sign was right in front of them.
  18. Based on what everyone is posting, this event sounds fantastic! I should really go next year!
  19. My favorite also! I love that dip from the station and that grease smelling tunnel.
  20. Mine was X2. On Valentines Day =] We sat in the middle and got an awesome ride!
  21. Yeah, a few years ago it was really smooth! Now it's bumpy as hell! Still an awesome ride though!
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