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  1. V2 at SFDK has the best hangtime of any coaster ive been on.
  2. Nope, seems like B&M no longer designs their zero-g with that snap roll to them. Now they're more like a big spread out corkscrew roll, you can totally see and feel the difference between Scream's and Medusa West's, or B:TR's and SB's. One just gradually floats up and gracefully flips over, the other whips you around that inline spin and out of your seat like a rag doll. Yeah, Medusa's Zero-G-Roll is insane, It leaves me so disoriented.
  3. Down with it! I always thought a drop tower as the entrance icon was strange. I wonder what kind of ride will replace it.
  4. From Yahoo: My deepest sympathy towards his family. Hopefully (most likely) SFStL will honor him with the opening of Evel Knievel.
  5. California's Great America is pretty close to the San Jose airport.
  6. Is it just me or does the Zero-G-Roll looks a bit RCT3-ish. It seems like the roll is too spread out. Maybe it's just me.
  7. I just went by the park, and Boomerang is clearly being repainted now. It will keep the same colors, which im happy about! You can clearly see the shiny/bright new coat starting at the very tips of the spikes.
  8. It looks really good! It doesn't look too intense, but of course I can't judge just by looking at it.
  9. I feel bad for her, but comeon.. Theres a gate that specifically says "restricted area" for a reason.
  10. ^Love milk, so...Yes. Do you enjoy playing Scene It?
  11. Me too! After riding Medusa (west) I completely fell in love with the straight drop on a looping B&M.
  12. This Christmas im only asking for one thing.. A laptop
  13. ^Kong was repainted a few years ago, but it already needs another fresh coat. Hopefully it will be repainted next year!
  14. ^Are you being sarcastic? Thats not CGA (yet) it's Dorney. Anyways, I would take thousands of trashcans over trash all over the place any day.
  15. OMG! It looks awesome! The length is so perfect and it's cool that the drop is going to wrap around Sky Tower.
  16. I got stuck on Demon (CGA) for about 10 min. We were about to crest the top when the lift stopped.
  17. http://www.sixflags.com/discoveryKingdom/events/CalendarEvents.aspx Can you imagine riding Medusa all night. You'll come off with icicles hanging from your nose and your hands numb.
  18. - What board do you read first? Theme Parks, Roller Coaster & Donkeys then I go to Random board. - How often do you visit? Every day, once a week, NEVER! Every day! - How many pages through each board do you read? (meaning do you read just the first page of topics or multiple pages?) I just read the first page, I don't really go into old threads. - Are there certain types of posts you read more than others? If I have time (and bored) and it's a cool topic, I usually read through all of the pages (Except if it's like 50+ pages) - Do you do anything else besides reading the forum (chat room, profile, searching, main site photos, etc) No, not really - Tell us anything else you want about your TPR visits! Best forums out there!
  19. Yes! Is your car dirty right now?
  20. Some news on SFMM from Screamscape: NOTE: This isn't an announcement, basically just rumors at this point.
  21. I don't know if it's been said but I just got an e-mail from SFMM saying that X will officially close December 3rd for the transformation. Just thought I'd say that in case anyone wants to know.
  22. The whole drop looks misshapen and weird, but can you imagine the air your going to get on that drop! BTW, I can't believe how huge it looks!
  23. Drops (especially the first drop of course) and helixes.
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