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  1. This makes me ready for my trip to Six Flags this weekend. I'm going with chorus and we have a competition to do up there so, as soon as we get done, we hit the park!.. Cool thing is, we're going to get are awards in the park....Well, I think it's exciting.
  2. Question. Does anybody ever make money on their themepakr in RCT2? I've tried, but it seems my popularity shoots down. Any advice?
  3. Can anyone point me to the longest escalator in the U.S.?
  4. I just recently found out that gummie bears don't breath.... After atleast 6 minutes of trying to save the ones that were face down in the Yogurt Icecream...
  5. "You know, my uncle died last weekend. We don't know what happend. Something about involuntary bowel movements, and a hot iron. Yeah, so what's your name?"
  6. I guess they think bombing markets is getting old. Why not bomb a themepark?
  7. SO that is what a Kidtums is supposed to look like! I never knew she would be so cute Congrats!- Mitchell
  8. I HATE Maggie Valley! Ghost town in the Sky will be the only way I will ever even think about going back for. I hope the park does prospur, though. It will be nice going back to hell, I mean Maggie Valley, to a nice theme park.
  9. I was eating at one of the Japenese places in town, and the chciken just so happend to be really tuff that night. After I got done my jaw started to hurt. It is still hurting today. But probably my worst injury was when my sister threw me off of our golf cart onto cement. I was bleeding bad for a while, but I got over it
  10. It just look small to me. Sheikra looks like it would be WAY taller. Is it because it drops into a raven? I do like the coaster though. I can't wait to get up there and ride it .
  11. There was a firedrill during the spelling bee. Luckily I only got 8 words out of 20 right, so I wasn't in it . ( I didn't try)
  12. I'm for just a little bit of a dress code. Tucking in my shirt and wearing belts is something that does not bother me, but My school will only let us wear jeans and other long pants. It really gets on my nerves especially with us living in SOuth Georgia, where the afternoon tempature is around 90-100 degrees. It's been going around the grapevine a bit that we will soon have to start wearing uniforms too. Our school is a Public School, and I thought that Public schools couldn't do that? SO anyway, I'm for a dress code, but only so far.
  13. I liked his blog about Saw: The Ride.... Even though it sounds like something only Disney would put the time and effort into.
  14. Here is something that I don't know if it was stupid or good: One night during Phobia at Wild Adventures, my friends and I passed one of the "scarers". In doing so the scarer scared (of course) 2 of my friends. Said friends got so scared that they began to run. Now this is were I'm confused. The scarer in turn ran after them (either to keep on scaring them, or to tell them to stop). While he was running, a park official stopped him and took him to the office. The scarer was promptly fired (I think, we never saw him again). See, I think this was a good thing. He was meerly bringing better scares to the public. Most of the other scares just walked around, and got way to close to your face. I would rather have someone chase me, then someone in pitch black hold a chainsaw right up to me face (which they did). I don't think he should have been fired, but I just don't know (I know its not a ride op, sorry )
  15. I ate a Mighty Kids Meal from MacDonalds today, and it filled me up
  16. If you could, would you make Cheetah @ Wild Adventures? I don't have NL, but I would love to see if anyone could recreate it .
  17. Steel- Ninja @ SFOG Wood- Back of Cheetah @ Wild Adventures (but the front it amazing!!)
  18. Ever since I watched Final Destination 3, I have a fear of tanning beds (even though I don't use them)
  19. Who cares anymore?! It's a great receation! We should be happy that we actually have one now. Great work jappi!
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