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  1. I was thinking along the lines of some smaller parks but what about Great Escape? Isn't that still owned by Six Flags? Thay seem to have enough "coaster" population in the park for it to fit in. I could almost see it fiting in at Enchanted Village, but it just looks to large for a park with only 4 coasters.
  2. This ride reminds me of Thunder Dolphin! I guess because of the curves and stuff... Anyway the ride looks awsome! I wish it was a bit taller, but I'm sure B&M will make this one of their most thrilling rides!
  3. How much do you want to bet it will be replaced with a 90 degree banked S turn? and Just think, if they just ad one more of those S turns, THEY GOT A LOOP! (Hint- use math)
  4. Hmm... Looks like it will be a Sheikra/Black Mamba/Montu/(and what looks like)Nemisis CLONE! Sounds like a GREAT ride!!!
  5. Ok, random question... Does the Rhine ever flood? If so, would it be a problem for Griffon or any other rides? Ok thanks- Mitchell
  6. I've only mesed up 1 time while I was on here! I have never messed up again. Someone give me a gold star! Haha. I've started to notice these tings too. It is really anoying. I'm coming up on my 2nd year on the boards and I still have not mastered them, so I look back here for guidence. if everyone looked on here TPR wouldn't be filled with so much annoyences. Robb you should make it where every new member has to read and submit to these quidlines before they can gain membership (If you don't allready have it like that). Sounds like a good idea to me. Well good luck with the annoyances - Mitchell
  7. Sounds like a good idea. Atleast no one is getting blown up.
  8. Ooooo cool! Will they be working slides (using 8 cars per trainer or something like that), or just fake slides?
  9. Busher estimated fire damage of about $30,000 and about $100,000 in smoke damage to merchandise. The shoppers during the fire probably allready paid that off... I guess this adds to the Stupid American file... I want to meet these "brave" souls, so I can knock some sense into them. I mean I guess fire doesn't stop people from buying ugly sweaters and pants that are too small....
  10. Hmmm... My algebra teacher's huband was doing sucurity there.... ANy way, I've always wanted to see a spaceshuttle launch. I guess its only a fireball lifting through the air.... or is it better like TWO firballs going through the air?
  11. Why not Blue track and Red supports? That might make some sense.
  12. Woh woh WOH! DId I see 2 Boomerangs?... THe place looks awsome, just not possible. It looks way too large. It would, however look very cool. I like the Archetectual design of it. The roller coaster look cool to, just very short. If they do however build this thing, it will probably become the Mall of the World. I'm sort of Hoping that they will build it, but I'm pretty sceptical of it. Anyway I'll just wait and watch.
  13. Don't the people on "Little People Big World" show on TLC have one in their backyard, or something like that?
  14. Now I don't want to alarm you or anything, but that's actually five words. Just seeing if everyone was awake.... WAIT! It was 5 words! DANGIT!
  15. I LOVE the Cheetah. Especially the front seat, because its the only smooth spot on the ride. Everyone usually hates this ride, but I could ride it forever! I love the small hill right after the first drop. It provides great airtime, and you fly through it. All of the ride is fast pase and intense. I don't see why its not one of the top wooden coasters! My one ture Love.
  16. One word- No snow in South Georgia Well it does snow once about every 50 years (it actually snowed about 4 years ago), but for some reason I think we might get snow this year
  17. We hardly ever put up christmas lights up. Besides I thought Christmas was for giing, not late night emergency room visits
  18. You forgot that Wild Adventures stayed open too! Anyway, you have an awsome story line. I can't wait to see what is going to happen next... Just maybe it doesn't have to have those "pop-ups"... haha Well keep up the good work! - Mitchell
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