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  1. So many turns, but I guess you can't do much on the side of a mountain. It looks pretty fun and it has a beautiful setting, but it doesn't look like it has much air. Still looks like a great ride though.
  2. Wow, what you had so far was really cool. Good luck on your other project!
  3. WiFi Digital Camera North Face hoodie other clothing items and money I really liked this Christmas!
  4. Hello Title Fairy! Its been a very long time since I have been active on TPR (posting wise). I'm in the process of re-doing some of my profile, and I would like to put in a request for a new custom title. While I'm still an Elissa fanboy, I would like my title to be changed to "Token Wild Adventures Fanboy"; however, if that doesn't fit "Wild Adventures Fanboy" will do just fine. Thank ya, please. Glad to be back on TPR- Mitchell
  5. That's where Tiger Terror went! I must say, it looks alot better then when it was at Wild Adventures. Great TR!
  6. Holy crap! I am very impressed. What it lacks in length it makes up in pure craziness... But on the whole, Aquatrax, not Aquatrax thing, I'm just glad its an Intamin.
  7. I'm very excited for the upcoming years of Wild Adventures. Being a South Georgia native, this park holds a special place in my heart and my summer. I'm glad to see it will not be neglected like it was in its final years. I do hope to see rides like Mystery Mine and Wildfire in the future. Thanks for the interview!
  8. ^ only likes fat black women < likes girls and fat black women only v wishes they liked fat black women
  9. I saw the top lift part of Sheikra going through my town on I-75, after I got a Steak and Shake milk shake
  10. I voted creationism. I'm a firm believer in God, infact, I just got Baptised in March. I do belive that things have adapted to their surroundings. I feel God working in my life, and leading me places that cosmic goo or an explosion just can't do. The night I got saved made me know in my heart that God is real. I can't think of anywords that could explain why I love and belive in God. I can only say "He is real." P.S. To all you "Jesus Hatas", I would advise you to never travel through South Georgia. You'll come out saved.
  11. They are different parks, but they are both located in Branson, Missouri.
  12. Another thing to add to my increasing list of "Thing's that make me want to through up" ... Lets just be glad I didn't see it happen.
  13. Ninja @ SFOG... though the recurring amnesia suffered from me last ride might come back, and I might actually go on it again.
  14. There was a snake in our pool yesterday. For some reason when I saw it swimming around, I almost threw up...
  15. Eww, Harry Potter... Well it might be good. I just hope Hermione will be there ....
  16. Oh here it is haha... Great TR. Being a Wild Adventures Fanboy (only because it is the closest themepark to me), I do have to say that it isn't that bad of a park. It's not the best, but it is not bad at all. I do agree though that Cheetah sucks, only if you're sitting in the back... Well GREAT TR.
  17. It was a good TR... Thanks for posting. Since it says GA/FL coaster trip, will yall be hitting up Wild Adventures?
  18. I love Power Surges... They never stop scarring me. This fair reminds me of one of the fairs that came to my town. It was in the Big K-Mart parking lot. Creepy.
  19. Oh for the comments about me and my "pink" shirt. 1. I'm not gay,though I do hang out with alot of girls. I do have guy friends for the record. 2. Its not a pink shirt, its red with white stripes. The camera screwed it up. 3. The comments left about it were funny, so I'm not mad or anything... if any one cares.
  20. I'm straight. Sorry, I had to post it again to prove my point.
  21. The most recent one of me. they say I'm a Pimp... It may be ture...
  22. So anyway... I saw a news report on this, from none other than a News Channel. I think the idea of "No Screaming" is ridiculous, but up to a point. I think that no screaming would add to the intensity of the ride, but why would someone complain about it seeing as they moved in right next to it. It's kind of obvious when you move next to an Amusement park, that there might be some slight noises during the day. If they have such a problem with it, then they should move. I personally wouldn't mind living next to it, because of my love for thrill rides & roller coasters. If they have such a problem with it, why not yell at Scandia from there back yards, so Scandia will get mad?
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