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  1. Circle Circle Dot Dot- Jamie Kennedy & Stu Stone
  2. OK Here's some... 1. Georgia Alvey 2. ShuNaynay Bootiquay Alvey (had to do that one, sorry) 3. Jade Alvey 4. Karli Alvey 5. Rachel Alvey
  3. Just a few questions... How long do you work there? Is it it's "own" college? Would you still be in another college, just taking classes at Disney (say like the University of Georgia)? Do you get to choose what things you want to do? Thanks in advance- Mitchell
  4. Blue Abercrombie Shirt (its like one of them Long John Shirts... if you know what I mean), American Eagle Khakis, Brown American Eagle Belt, and some "dress" shoes. I had to get dressed up to go eat lunch at the CHamber of Commerce, but I wen't more casual then most people. I stuck out like a sore thumb
  5. I put Busch Gardens Africe. Its basicly the only one I've been to besides all of the Disney Parks.
  6. Can you make mine "TPR's OFFICIAL Wild Adventures Fanboy" PLease and thankyou
  7. Screw being a Wild Adventures fanbooy! I'm a Yeti Ball Fanboy!!!!
  8. OK! NOw this thread (and themeparkreview) is a BULLY FREE ZONE! (well maybe i don't have the power to do this, but just pretend this is in affect ) Isn't it creepy that my school has this picture in the hall?
  9. Mitchell who? Me? oh yeah, no I have a dog Do you think that the democrats controling the government while be the start of the Apocolypse?
  10. Well I didn't mean it like "any time you disagree with the admins, your out!", but I meant it like if you go to far (which in my opinion Gregory DG was about to) your out. I know that's not the only thing that gets you kicked out. Sorry for the confusion. - Mitchell
  11. 1. I have to do an expository essay over the weekend. 2. I can almost sing really good. 3. We have a chapter test tommorrow in Algebra 4. I talk to much in Sciecne (got mooved to the back of the room) 5. Even though ILP (an advanced class) is part of Special Education, we are not RETARDED! WE ARE SOME OF THE SMARTES PEOPLE IN THE SCHOOL!!!! Thats all for now, class dismissed.
  12. Socks, White shirt under a white AE polo under a red AE hoodie, and AE jeans, and AE Boxers
  13. I guess disagreeing with the admins is all it takes to get banned then. Pretty much, yeah.
  14. \ I was actually going to comment about that, but I decided I would get over run by the CG fanboys, being that I'm the onyl WA fanboy.
  15. Well Wild Adventures (who i just recently found out is also in debt) is getting "The Largest Ampetheatre from Atlanta to Tampa!"... cough! There like is NO ampetheatre from Atlanta to Tampa! HAHA! But the picture I saw, made it look pretty big... But what happend to the log ride that we were supposed to get last year? Hmm.... Oh yeah, my source was our local news channel WALB-Albany... SO yeha...
  16. Wait, were they announcing it on the 9th or when they actually get 9 people in the park?
  17. Never underestimate the power of senior citizens in large groups. Ok that qoute scares me... Anyway. I'm sorta a CG passholder (I'm a WA passholder, but I can get into both parks with it) and I think it would be nice if they finally put up Starliner. It would MAYBE help them get a LITTLE out of debt, and boost the park attendence, but only by a little bit. But hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. Thats why next year for the elders, they're opening an All Nude Grandma Review ...eww...
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