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  1. @riccoaster delete the section of giga track below the loop. Unless you did something wrong it should work then. @Eric_Smith http://www.geocities.com/jmanderson_...s/trainers.htm
  2. ^By any chance is that park for the JV contest at RCPro? I sure hope you don't get bored with this park while you're doing the other one. You've gotten a lot better since you began, so some aspects of the park look out of place compared with the other ones. I normally wouldn't be excited for a park that's been under construction for this long, but for reasons I can't explain I am really, really still hugely interested in this one. I'm almost at the point that I want to just go back to the times when I used to post things like "I want this park NOW!!! Gimme the download!!!" But then again I'm looking forward to this new park. But 3 months? You think that'll be enough?
  3. ^The idea is to NOT use those. They take up space in your object folder, and if there's too many, you can't select them when you make a scenario.
  4. How many simulators are inside? I think that it's too small. I remember a large motion simulator building at Great America, which was many times larger then this one, and i'd like to see something like that here. I'd also like to see more colors all around. Are you basing this on the movie? I believe that he drove a sorta green car, so I'd change that. When do you think you'll be done with the park? You've been at it for half a year now, I hope you don't get bored with it.
  5. ^^^I meant that this particular ride would look better with more supports on the tophat. I never said that the supports were unrealistic.
  6. I don't like the train colors. I think the tophat needs more supports, and you should redo some of the supports, they look wierd.
  7. Whoops, forgot the invisible path. Works well also, except for when the ride track is in the way, so you have to always keep the track at least 2 units above the land.
  8. Amen brother. To do that, you have to have both 8 cars and SOB trainers. First build a station and a small track, so you can set it to test mode. Then go to SOB and start the special build mode. Then build the entrance and exit. Then go to execute special build mode and select Sick Scenery. Then end the Special build mode. Now you have a ride you can dispatch without anything to get in the way, i.e. no exit and entrance. THen using 8cars, turn the track invisible. (I really hope you know how, if not ask.) THen when the track is invisible, and the train comes back to the station, put the ride ion Close. And now you have it!!! Trains that are floating with no station and no track. NOw all you have to do is build another rise's track or station to look like the rain is in storage. You CAN't move the train after you do this. Meaning that you put the station of this ride in hte place where you want the train to be. Hope this helps
  9. I believe that the design comes with "Invisible support blocker." It does what it says, blocks supports. Many parks use that, but there are many other ways. Some scenery objects do that also, but they are visible. You can use small items and then cove them up with bigger scenery, like trees. You can also use green paths, if you're building on grass. You can ALSO lower the ground 1 block under the support you want to block, then put in a base block, which blocks the support, and then in the end, zero-clearence using 8-cars and raise the land back up. The base block won't be visible and the support will be blocked.
  10. I'm not harsh, Im real. If I see something that doesn't appeal to ME, I state it, and make a SUGGESTION on how to make it better. I also give some TIPS on how to do things easier and/or faster. In a forum, people post their OPINIONS. Something that may appeal to one guy, might look wierd to another. Im simply posting what I THINK looks out of place. He may or may not choose to change it, I really don't care. No offense, but I think that me being critical is better then people posting things like "GOOD JOB!" Criticism gives people a chance to improve.
  11. http://www.nedesigns.com/?ne=designs&s=bt Download this and you'll get them. There are 52 in all. It takes a while, but you'll get used to them.
  12. Actually, you can use the mountain tool for that, well a combination of mountain tool and the select-a-size tool. It would take about 10-20 mins to do what you did. It looks good so far. But personally I don't know why you post unfinished stuff. I can't really tel you what I think because you might still change it later. Near park entrances, theer are usually decorative trees and gardens; which is not what you have. I'd take out all the big trees you have and put in more gardens and smaller trees. Do what you did on the second screen, but in between windows, instead of gardens put small trees. I also don't like the choice of fence. If you're going for realism, right after the entrance there'd be a lot of buildings for info, lockers, etc. But you might still add that later. Try to post complete things, please. So far it's good.
  13. The ride itself is the easiest thing to make. And also, maybe you only need a few screens for this, instead of a whole download.
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