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  1. Really? I feel like it is quite different even with seeing the inside, it goes backwards and is quite a bit longer to start with.
  2. This was an awesome report and I am super jealous that you guys got to do all that on Mummy! This is why TPR trips are so amazing.
  3. I wonder what is going on with Montezooma's Revenge. I thought I saw on another site that it was closed last week too yet it is not listed as down on their website. I am going to KBF on Saturday with a family with 3 kids that have never been and I am trying to keep their expectations way down. I tried to get them to go to Universal but to no avail . . .
  4. nursemelis374


    What does it mean on the bottom of the Forum Index when it says a [bOT] is on the forum?
  5. Will the elimination of the pothole spot from Rampage get rid of the "Oh crap I am going to die on this ride!" part that made riding that so insanely fun? Is the bar with the best air conditioning and best 5 dollar drinks I ever had still there? I wonder if the improvements to the rapids ride will improve the station and the "wetness" of the ride. The station was flooded with disgusting stagnant water on the Deep South trip and even though it was crazy hot that day we barely got wet on the actual ride.
  6. These ships get better and better! I had seen pictures of the cupcake place on another site and couldn't believe how awesome that was! I had wondered about the price but $2.50 sounds very reasonable. Classes, decorating parties, etc. all sound like something fun they could do. I am also excited about both the hot dog and Mexican food places. Sometimes when cruising I almost get sick of the fine dining. I know that sounds crazy but on my last cruise I enjoyed breaking some of the fancy meals up with Johnny Rockets and port dining. It is almost like you can appreciate the really good food more if you do that. They have the touch screen displays in a lot of the casinos now and I feel they are pretty helpful and are a smart addition to the ships. On a random note, at work yesterday we were talking about how expensive it is to put people in nursing home and commenting that it would be cheaper to live on a cruise ship than be in a nursing home or assisted living!
  7. The more I see about Europa, the more excited I am to get there this summer! Thanks for this report!
  8. Your pictures are great! I like the cars for the dark ride and the Spamalot reference.
  9. I was in Venezuela while the World Cup was going on and it was crazy! We had a blast watching some of the games in bars and such. I am stoked to be in Europe this time while it happens.
  10. ^ Yes, I have not had to actually wait for it to start (unless I got there just as the show had started) since the first week. I am finding the theater bouncing up and down during the dancing scenes very annoying upon further viewings.
  11. I watched it 3 weeks ago on a Friday around 9 pm and it was about 80% full. I was happy that people still cheered when MJ first came up. I am excited it is going to be at TDR. I read today on Screamscape that it is rumored to be opening at DLP on June 25th, which is the day I get there!
  12. I had lunch with someone today that works in the light/sound industry and has done many projects for the Disneyland Resort. He said that most of his colleagues are fairly pessimistic about the World of Color. He said that a lot of corners have been cut and Disney, who is usually very good to work with, has not been listening to suggestions and has just been pushing to get this done by June 11th no matter what. I didn't completely understand all he said but something about platforms not working and that they pretty much know that all of the effects would not be working all together at once and they didn't really care. It made me sad because he usually has such positive things to say about Disney projects.
  13. I felt this was the best epsiode of Glee yet! I was glad that this episode redeemed my interest in the show because after the opener and the lat few episodes before the break I was starting to lose interest. I liked how they sang a decent variety of Madonna's songs and not just the mega hits.
  14. Great report so far! I don't know why but I think those little canoes are adorable. On the one picture where the girls are riding bikes next to a spinning thing, are they powering that ride?
  15. This sounds so cool! I can't believe I have never heard of this. Saw it on your Facebook and assumed it was related to NIghtmare on Elm Street. Off to sign up on their website . . .
  16. I was kind of "meh" about tonight's episode but maybe it was because I was really looking forward to it and went in with too high of expectations. I really liked Sue's version of Vogue, I can't believe how exact it was!
  17. The other night I was watching the hit movie, "Bring It On 4: In It to Win It" on ABC Family which not only features a ton of footage from the Universal Orlando resort but even a never-before-seen awesome cheer stunt based on the head cheerleader's experience on Dueling Dragons. I was barraged with Harry Potter commercials that totally worked because I actually went online and begin pricing trips there. Melissa "Just because you skanks go all the way, doesn't mean your team will." Howard
  18. Thanks for putting it in my language. That makes sense and I see what you are saying! That is one thing I hate about Express Lines or FastPasses, whatever. As much as I love not waiting in line, you miss out on the buildup associated with the queue. I bet that if a kid had to slowly walk or wait through the entire DD queue they would be much more scared than simply walking past and jumping on.
  19. That does look pretty cool but I still can't remember it! You are probably right Robb, I always stay on property there so have not really waited in many lines. My favorite part that I am thinking may be gone was when they would yell, "Fire Dragon, Ready?" and everyone would cheer and then they would do the same for Ice Dragon and then we would take off. It was cheesy but it always made me get more excited! If that is gone I will join in some sadness.
  20. I went to a relatively expensive (though Liberal) Christian private college and one of the girls I knew there transferred to Pensacola because she was given a full ride. I remember her coming to visit and her telling us some of the horror stories about her school. I don't know how she (or anybody) does it! Her biggest issue was how people were treated when they sinned. She felt that rather than loving them and trying to hep them, they were shamed. I remember her getting demerits or something for helping a male student that had fallen off his bike and was having a seizure and being caught at a PG 13 movie!
  21. Dueling Dragons is one of my favorite roller coasters and I can honestly say I remember nothing of the queue except for some caves so to me it changing will be practically unnoticable. I do love themeing and think it is important for many things, but I really don't think roller coasters need a bunch of themeing. Still super excited for this!
  22. That cake is awesome! I can't believe it is a working coaster! Also, this ride looks awesome!
  23. What time did you go on Perilous Plunge and how long was the wait? We were watching it just before the presentation started and the line was crazy and it took them forever to get people through!
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