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  1. They were working on this last summer while we were there and we were all sad it was not yet open because the food was monumentally awful and we were stuck there for almost 3 days.
  2. Of course it was! You know it! I love you guys! Real World Europe lives on forever!
  3. Larry - F those turnstyle things! Of the millions of good things about the European parks, this was one of the bad. I totally agree about the area surrounding Gardaland. On the TPR trip, we loved being on that flying spaceship thing and looking at the gorgeous area. Looking forward to this thread!
  4. All of these things sound cool and I am impressed with all the additions to an already great park. I can not wait to go back to Europa!
  5. It is always amazing to me when someone sits on a train and controls the breaks. I don't know why. Anyhow, really enjoyed the trip report to a new area. Glad you guys had a great time and are home safe!
  6. Thanks for the pictures and report! This ride looks awesome and I hope to get back to Gardaland and ride it! I loved Gardaland and I am sure this will just add to the great experience there!
  7. Yay, glad to see my favorite Disney them park site's event being advertised on my favorite theme park's site! Wow, that was a mouthful! I have a team of TPR people participating and we are excited! Christine and I did (and won ) this event at WDW a few years back and it was awesome! MiceChat is a great group of people who put on well-organized events. Hope to see some other TPR peeps there!
  8. One of my Japanese nurses just heard from her family in Japan (from what I understand they are about 30 miles from the epicenter) this morning yet she came to work and was totally calm as if nothing had happened. She said that when she finally spoke to them they were without electricity and having some other issues but they were most upset because their kids were missing school for a few days and they were worried about getting behind the rest of the country. We all laughed and said they are probably still way ahead of the rest of America even if they had to miss a few years. She moved here about 7 years ago and said that earthquakes are just a part of life for them and it is not in their nature to panic like other cultures. I know a lot of people on TPR can have a reputation for being California or LA-haters. Well, I am a 100% California and LA lover and I still think that Japan is MUCH better prepared than we will ever be for a major earthquake!
  9. I was just reading someone's report as they were stuck inside of Tokyo Disney. It sounds like the park and castmembers were doing an amazing job! I will be interested to see how Japan handles this and recovers from it, hopefully our own government will pay attention and maybe learn something! Even when we have had relatively minor earthquakes in the LA area we have been unable to use cell phones and even landlines for sometimes hours!
  10. Morgan, I have also found a lot of information from Cruise Critic regarding shore excursions and it saved us tons of money and we ended up with much better and more intimate experiences. I saw the newer Royal Caribbean with Shrek commercial last night and I don't know why, but I thought it was adorable! Those little Shrek-babies are so cute!
  11. We had a completely different experience in Paris! The people were great and we loved it! I think we would have felt the same though if we had gone after the Europe trip, where you are just so tired!
  12. Glad you guys had fun! It looks like they made some good changes after the OC one we went to. When we went there was just VIP or GA and during the VIP not all the trucks were even open. I think the weather definitely worked in your favor and I think that it was probably a good thing that some of the mega-popular trucks cancelled so maybe less people came. It also seem like there was more variation at this one. I felt like every truck at the OC fest was some sort of Mexican-fusion. We also thought of doing the group-attack method right at the beginning if we went again! Thanks for posting!
  13. As a cupcake fan, I am glad to hear the cupcakes are good! How much are they? I am so excited to try this ship out, I loved Freedom of the Seas and this one just seems even better! Glad you guys are having some fun family time before the craziness starts. Thank you for taking the time to do this. You guys really seem to enjoy Labadee. When we went there in 2008 it was horrible. It was dirty and the beach was not that great, with rough water and rocks everywhere. There were locals trying to sell us stuff as we got back on the ship. I told myself next time I would not even bother getting off the ship but seeing all of your positive reviews I may change my mind.
  14. Thank you so much for this wonderful trip report! That ship is amazing. I was already impressed by the Disney ships but this looks even better! The Pink champagne bar is so freakin' cute! It reminds me of An Affair To Remember and her ordering pink champagne on the ship!
  15. We donate through the American Red Cross and they are frequently very rude, disorganized and incompetent. I actually asked to be on the blood drive committee at my hospital specifically to see if things could be done better. They have gotten slightly better but I just do not understand how that organization functions. I agree with what Elissa says about donating blood, a lot of people are not able to or are uncomfortable with the process. I frequently will try to donate but my hemoglobin will be too low. My dad came to my work to donate last month and the wait was 2 hours to even start so he had to leave. My friend's poor arm was butchered and bruised by one of the techs so she is afraid to donate anymore. My mom felt faint and they refused to stop until she actually fainted so she won't donate anymore. Not sure if you guys know this but organizations can sponsor blood drives and get money for them. My hospital not only gets to keep any blood donated here but we also get $20 per unit for the blood. My church has blood drives and for every person they get to donate they get $20. Our missions teams use this to raise funds.
  16. For those of you in California, the DMV sticker is not necessarily enough. Besides, it could fall off or get lost very easily. However, you can register at https://www.donatelifecalifornia.org/register/. Hospitals work with donor organizations that check this website for donors. Also, you should make sure your family knows that you want to be a donor and also have it in writing somewhere. You would be surprised how many people have said they want to be donors and then when they die and it is up to the family, the family changes their mind. I don't want my family to even worry about it. I am registered on the site, I have told everyone I want my body/organs donated and I have a Power of Attorney that states my wishes. In case you are interested we call in every death or impending death to the donor organization (We use One Legacy), I would guess that is true in all states. They then make the decision if they should approach the family about donation.
  17. I love Harry Potter and I thoroughly enjoyed the land but I still don't know if it would be enough to get me to leave Disney if I was staying on property without a car (which is my preferred way). I kind of agree with what Robb said, if they had something new or I was with people that had never been, I would go. I think IOA/USF are both cool parks but I have never thought they were that great. I have said this before, but I wouldn't even have gone to the Universal resort again for many years if it wasn't for Harry Potter when I was there In October. Regarding Mythos, I ate there maybe 5-6 years ago and thought it was just ok. I felt the same way about Enchanted Oak. However, a group of us ate at the 3 Broomsticks and we all thought it was excellent. I liked the food and Butterbeer and I was able to walk the 50 feet to the next land and fill my Butterbeer mug up with Diet Coke for 99 cents.
  18. Totally agree! I felt like I even went in with low expectations and was still disappointed. I think it all started with the wacky way the rooms were numbered and the awesome "air conditioning". The list goes on and on . . . . This is not the fault of any themepark but it was disappointing for me personally to not be able to ride coasters on the Europe trip. I still had a GREAT time though.
  19. This has nothing to do with line cutting systems but we did notice that the ops were actually getting the train out very fast on Xcelerator the other day. I was pleasantly surprised and Christine almost clapped at one point she was so impressed! We were in the front row and actually had a funny moment with one of the ops as he checked our restraints. I wish that everyone experience at Knott's could be like that!
  20. I was at Knott's yesterday and saw no evidence (signs, advertising, people using it) of any sort of line-cutting system.
  21. I was ready to give up on this show, but I have thoroughly enjoyed the last 4 or 5 episodes. I felt that the first 30 minutes of last night's episode were a little slow though but the ending made up for it. I am glad they are taming Rachel down a bit, I can not stand her and I don't see how anyone can be around her! I was at the taping of the Sectionals part of this episode and it was awesome to see live. If you pause it when they are looking at the balcony you can actually see me! The dancing between Brittany and Mike was amazing live, I don't feel it came across as good on tv.
  22. The Haunted House at Europa was so scary. We were like the only people on there and it completely freaked me out! I loved this entire resort and I sound like a broken record, but I can't wait to go back. PS - The "secret" cave you guys were in on night 2 was where we spent most of night 1. So fun!
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