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  1. Interesting article from the LA Times Travel Blog. http://www.latimes.com/travel/deals/themeparks/la-trb-universal-studios-hollywood-20101119,0,4003353.story
  2. Europa Park was beautiful and I can't wait to go back! I find myself saying that a lot about this trip. I would love to recreate the entire thing or repeat the entire trip. Since I couldn't do the coasters Christine and I split from you guys and just spent the day meandering around and relaxing. We did all the little kiddie rides and went in every store. The 3 things that really standout in my brain are the awesome log flume part where it went through that mountain, the very scary Haunted Mansion-ripoff and the great 4D show. We had no idea what they were saying but that 4D show was adorable and so well done! I was totally crying by the end! The food was also great! Loved the fresh crepes and we enjoyed some delicious pizza and pastries while sitting with our feet in the fountain. Love this report Joey!
  3. Yeah, we went back to Gardaland so we could do the most amazing Pirates ride ever again! And yes, I will either have that log flume or the one from Movieland in my backyard someday.
  4. This trip report is making me very happy! That first day was so much fun! I really liked Gardaland and can't wait to go back! I rode that Flying Island thing 4 times and I think we all went on the Pirate ride 4 or 5 times. We had su much fun on all the random kiddie rides too. Love it!
  5. Nando is my favorite restaurant in London! I wish so bad we had one here! Looking forward to the Europe part!
  6. Yay! Glad you are starting your trip report and I am looking forward to the rest!
  7. This trip was amazing! I would do the exact trip over again! I really liked the pace of the Europe trip as compared to the Deep South trip, I felt like we had a lot more time to just hang out and have fun with each other. I also loved our group AKA "Real World Europe", we had so much fun and best of all, no drama and we got along so well! You can't ask for much more. Eric, I feel so blessed to have met you. You are a wonderful person and so much fun to be around! I am glad we "found" you on that first day! Thank you for doing this TR!
  8. What I liked most about this episode was the introduction of the new characters - Coach Biest is wonderful! I am sad that Sunshine went to Vocal Adrenaline. I wonder where Emma was in this episode? I heard that John Stamos was playing her dentist boyfriend and he is great. I have a hard time watching any scene with Rachel in it. I fast forwarded through her last song. She is just so annoying and mean, I don't think anyone would want to hang out with her let alone date her. Raising Hope was great! I also recorded the one with Will Arnett after that one - it looked good.
  9. Normally when I head to Orlando, TL is the only water park open so I have been there 3 times and to BB only once. It is hard to judge one over the other, but I just love that tropical, relaxed feeling you get at TL. I also think that Crush 'N' Gusher and Shark Reef make up for the lack of crazy slides at TL. Really enjoying this trip report! I know it is a pain to do this at water parks, but it is appreciated!
  10. This weekend Christine and I were talking about how waiting in line for and eventually seeing the Terminator thing was one of those, "This would totally suck if I were here by myself but it is going to turn into one of those hilarious, memorable times because I love the people I am with" moments. We waited in line for that for almost an hour and then it ended up being so stupid but we had so much fun with everyone that it really didn't matter. From the ridiculous way they groped us to the kid aiming his gun directly at myself and Drew to the kids all laughing hysterically as the earth was being destroyed, it was awesome! Also, I know there were no pictures in the official update but I am getting one of those compact log flumes in my backyard someday. This was such a great trip!!!!!!!
  11. ^ I believe it was above where America Sings was, or where the second level of Crapoventions now sits. I remember thinking the Tron tunnel was cool.
  12. Since the invention of the DVR, I have been watching more and more awards shows. I like being able to fast forward through boring parts. I am kind of over Glee but still thought the intro was great and I really liked Jane Lynch's speech. I have been a fan of hers for many years and I am glad to see her get some recognition. She is almost the only reason I watch Glee anymore. Modern Family is an excellent show. I said the exact same thing about it feeling like early seasons of The Office on Sunday night to my friend! I think almost anybody could pick up on an episode of Modern Family and enjoy it without knowing a lot about the show. I hope it can stay this good! I was also glad to see a return to a more classic look for awards shows at the Emmys. I loved Claire Danes' dress. Anybody else notice that one lady (I believe from Modern Family?) that was wearing the strapless sweetheart neckline white dress? I was just waiting for her to pop out of the top!
  13. Great trip report and I am super jealous! They had that "I Love Scoundrels" shirt at Comic-Con but it sold out before I could get it.
  14. Adam, excellent trip report! I normally don't even bother to read DLR reports because I go there so often but I have thoroughly enjoyed yours! Thanks for all the wonderful details and descriptions.
  15. Those captions from IKEA were the funniest I have seen in a long time! Hope you guys keep having a great time!
  16. That fair was so amazing and I am so grateful that I got to be there that day. I remember looking around the beer tent as the Oompah Band (sp?) paraded in and getting chills and thinking to myself, "I am going to remember this for the rest of my life!" It is the first thing I tell people about when I talk about the trip. We all had the perfect amount of beerbuzz to walk around with and Psyschedelic House was awesome! I was on Robb's bus that night on the way back where we got to hear and sing-along to Morgan's awesome song, which was a ton of fun too. We also got to hear slightly-drunken Robb gush over Sexy Alfredo! I am the kind of person that feels sick worrying about people making the bus and I was so stressed that night at the pit stop! Damn you guys for not listening and making me worry! Thanks for planning such a great night!
  17. I loved Europa Park and I can't wait to return to the resort again. I wonder if anyone else saw the Ice Show or the 4D movie? The ice show started out with this clown making fun of people in a Never-in-America way (pretending he was gay and that his balls fell out and then he kicked his own balls around the rink for a while) and the show itself was amazing, combining crazy costumes and acrobats with skating. The 4D movie was in one of the nicest themepark movie theaters I have ever seen. I guess they show movies at night after the park closes for hotel guests, at least that is what we could make out from the signs. The movie was crystal clear and beautiful, about a couple of turtles and the environment. It was entirely in German but we both cried because it was so cute and moving! They had LOTS of 4D effects and it was awesome! I would love to see it in English. The Colosseo was awesome. Great rooms, great bars, nice staff, lovely grounds, nice pool, etc.
  18. I have only been on Carnival (5+) and Royal Caribbean (twice) but I have always enjoyed it and did not feel like it was a bad crusie experience in anyway. I felt like the cabins were nice, the food was good and the staff were great. I have twice taken my mom and grandma on Carnival Paradise and it was an awesome time. I think I may have posted this before but here it is again.
  19. - I totally agree about that stupid red light/greenlight thing! So frustrating! However, you want to know what is even more frustrating? Actual human groupers at DLP that continually did not fill seats, rows, boats, whatever! - That breakfast bag was awesome and an example of something that is clearly better in Europe. You know in the US they would have given us each a donut and a juice or something. This had fresh fruit, 2 sandwiches, rolls, water, etc. we snacked from it all day. The included breakfasts each day were MUCH better than anything I have had in the US though so I shouldn't have been surprised. For us, it was because 1. Our awesome organizers had gotten us QBots so we had no lines and were able to finish everything quickly. 2. We had things we wanted to ride or reride back at Gardaland. We all really liked Gardaland and closed the park both nights we were there.
  20. As I look through everyone's pictures I remember how much fun we had on this trip. I would do the entire trip again in a heartbeat. Hotel Colosseo is one of the nicest hotels I have ever seen, even if no AC! I loved our time there.
  21. Great trip report so far! I am so bummed I missed the laser show, I had no idea it was even going to occur! I guess they had to kick the swimmers out of that fountain before it started.
  22. I feel like I am reliving the trip through your report and I love it! Awesome job and I can't wait for our Real World Reunion Special!
  23. I was just there June 25-June 27 and it was VERY crowded. Make sure you are there right when they open up and hustle through the day. Have fun, DLP is . . . . . interesting.
  24. Thanks for the 2nd report! I am just more and more excited for this. I was so anti-Harry Potter when it first came out, laughing at people that went to the movies and read the book. Then one night my roommates were watching the first movie and I loved it. I guess what I am saying is that I can kind of understand how people don't really like it but I am glad to see many non-fans enjoying it. This has remotivated me to visit IOA. How is the ride as far as motion sickness is concerned? I get sooooo dizzy on Spiderman and probably won't ride it again after feeling horrible the last couple of times.
  25. This trip report brought back lots of good memories from the Deep South trip! I loved SFOG and Lake Winnie! I wish I could trade SFMM for SFOG!
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