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  1. Not Mindbender! Mindbender was the only ride that I rode over and over at ERT on the Deep South trip! I know there will be some VERY unhappy people here if anything happens to Monster Mansion!
  2. Wow, that is a pretty cool backstory. I am impressed with the detail they go into, especially considering that a lot of people probably are not aware of this and will greatly enjoy the event without ever reading or knowing it. By the way, there is a contest you can enter to win horror DVDs or a Sharp tv on that website.
  3. Yes Robb, I think I like it better in California mainly because it is staged in the park. I like how it is a part of things already there and how they use the Mark Twain, Columbia, etc. I also think the Rivers of America provide a better "stage" for the show. For me, it is kind of like if they tried to put Illuminations in the lake at DCA. It probaby would still be cool and people that had never seen Epcot's version would think it is awesome, but it works MUCH better in Epcot.
  4. I love Disneyland's Fantasmic, with or without a fancy dragon. Iknow that is the "climax" of the show, but there is lots of other cool stuff. I thought Fantasmic in Florida was lame. It just doesn't work as well there.
  5. Alabama Adventure and that entire crazy day were a ton of hot fun! I think my favorite part was chilling in the tavern (as evidenced by the pics) and I totally remember the conversation about Talking Pirate Cats! Of course the only time we actually want to get wet we get off the log flume and rapids ride nearly dry! I felt so bad for the op at the log flume. He was covered in sweat and working his butt off! I also have many fond memories of our kiddie-coaster takeover. Rampage was one of the craziest rides I had ever been on. At one point we felt the top of our seats leave the coaster and then snap back on at some point. I honestly thought we might die. They told us as we left the station that we were the first people to try out this new train and the entire time I was wondering if we would make it back alive. Craziness!
  6. I saw Legally Blonde on Thursday night and loved it! I will be seeing Spamalot for the second time tomorrow.
  7. Great TR! I have had many friends go to Peru and MP and they have all loved it! I actually have some friends living there now and they say the people are the best in South America!
  8. Great TR! I am looking forward to the rest. I agree with you about Pink's Chili Dogs, I have been there quite a few times and to me they are the only standout item.
  9. This sounds awesome! Tequila is yummy! Hopefully I would walk that off just in time to down a Grey Goose slushie!
  10. I saw one of the first preview showings of 9 to 5 in LA and loved it! I am a Dolly fan and the music was great. I saw Topol in Fiddler on the Roof Thursday night at the Pantages in Hollywood. It was not even as good as I was expecting it to be. I thought there were a LOT of slow parts and bits of the story seemed to drag along. The audience was soooo into it! Next up: Legally Blonde!
  11. Remember the rapids ride at Alabama Adventure that didn't get you wet and also had the flooded station? Alabama Adventure Raft Incident
  12. My dad told me about this. It is a multimedia presentation with a live orchestra playing the music of Star Wars while scenes show in the background. They are also having some exhibits to look at. I love the Star Wars saga and am planning on seing this at the Honda Center in October. Tickets look to be anywhere from 35-85 dollars. Check it out: Star Wars in Concert
  13. I can't believe they got rid of those guns on the log flume! That was such a fun ride!
  14. I was worried that Dollywood wasn't going to be as amazing a park as I had built up in my head but it totally was! I had a great time there. Pete was awesome and the overall feel there is wonderful. We all were there for about 14 hours the first day and never got bored. Blazing Fury backstage tour was REALLY cool and I liked getting to be able to walk through everything. Thunderhead may have beat out Terminator as my new favortie woodie and I really liked Tennessee Tornado. I liked the entire Pigeon Forge area and I could easily do a long weekend trip there.
  15. Yeah! Great start. I love that picture of Christine and I on the Screamin' Swing! I am stealing it!
  16. This is an awesome trip report! Thanks for posting it! The pictures with the animals are freakin' amazing!
  17. Christine and I are waiting for our plane to leave. I had such a good time and I am now exhausted! Everyone was awesome and my favorite part of the trip was meeting and hanging out with new people! Oh, and the food at Dollywood! YUM!!! Oh, and Mindbender! Oh, and Monster Mansion! I guess I had a lot of favorites! Thanks to Robb and Elissa for planning a great trip! You more than exceeded my expectations!
  18. I have been listening to "We Are Here to Change the World!!!!" ever since his death last week. I remember walking out of the show and feeling so inspired! I LOVED IT! I was actually at Disneyland the day he died so we went over and had a moment of silence for MJ. So yeah, I would be very happy if they brought it back and I also LOVE the idea of a Thriller show at Halloween!
  19. Just rode for the first time yesterday and loved it! It is an enjoyable, fun ride! My comment on the pre-show rooms: I liked them enough and the young-uns I was with (7 and 12 years old) really liked them. However, I don't care what they do in there, I just really appreciated an air-conidtioned break from the heat!
  20. Actually, that was my best friend. I was the one that rode right after you all with my friend Jonathan. Speaking of Tatsu being down (we were sad but will get it next time), the 11 year-old girl we were with all of the sudden comes to me during lunch and says, "They said Tatsu will be working later today." I asked her how she knew this and she pointed to Neal (I think that is who it was) and some other "suits" and told me she spoke with them and they were "really nice". I just thought that was pretty cool. I like management being so available and approachable. On our way out of lunch, we all made sure they understood how appreciative we were.
  21. My friends and I also had a fantastic time yesterday! Terminator is a great ride! There is no better way to explain it than just pure fun. It was my friend's 7 year-old daughter's first "big" roller coaster and she loved it! I am sad we couldn't last until night ERT, with the heat and lack of sleep the night before we were exhausted. I was in bed last night fast asleep before it even started! All of our party also got to ride X2 for the first time ever and we LOVED it! That ride is insane! My shoulders are a little sore today from it but I can't wait to ride it again! A special hello to the 12 year-old TPR boys we met in line! You guys were polite, well-spoken, unchaperoned and great kids! I know you said you want to go on a big TPR trip someday and I hope all the young ones on the Deep South trip are just like you! Thanks for calming down us 30+ year-olds before we rode! One word to management: THANK YOU FOR THE $12.99 REFILLABLE CUPS!!! These were a God-send for us! We filled all of ours up multiple times throughout the day! This was the best trip I have ever had to Magic Mountain. Even with the crowds and the heat, all ten of us had a blast. Everyone was impressed by the event and I have a feeling I will be getting a lot of tickets to WCB 2010. Thanks to all of the people behind TPR for a great event! You continue to raise the bar on events.
  22. Awesome trip report! It was very well organized and informative! Are you sure you are only 15? Glad you had a good time in SoCal!
  23. Ahhh, this made me want to go back to India! Such a fabulous country. I was in Calcutta when I was there and somebody had put up a few broken flat rides with a hand-painted "Disneyland" sign that made me smile and miss home every time I drove by it! This parklooks quite a bit better!
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