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  1. Went to Knott's on Saturday, February 13th. Here are my thoughts: The Bad 1. Now that they are selling cheaper annual passes, they need to have a faster and better system for processing and upgrading. In December we tried to process our passes and after waiting for about 30 minutes, the machines went down and so they let us into the park and asked us to return at a later date. The people in line behind us said they had come twice in January, waited in line and then were told to come back because the machines were down again. Later in the day we were also told the machines had gone down temporarily. I completely understand this might happen randomly but it seems weird that it keeps happening. On Saturday, we also waited about 20 minutes to get our passes processed, but people that were upgrading a one-day ticket were forced to wait 45-60 minutes. It was mass drama for me to add parking to the pass. The man I got my picture taken with told me he couldn't do it and to have it done by guest services (in the same little building) before I left. The lady helping with the line had told me the same thing. I came there to do it on the way out and was told I had to wait in line again to add parking. WTF? I was NOT going to wait in that line again, especially since I had asked two people and this is what they had told me to do. I asked to see the manager and he said they would take care of it right there. I spoke to him while I waited for the parking pass to be added and he told me that they were having a lot of problems with the annual passes because they just weren't prepared for the large volumes. They are now 2+ months into offering the pass for 60 bucks, they need to figure something better out! It took 16 minutes (I timed it because of a text I sent right when starting the process) to get my parking added. This is ridiculously inefficient. The poor lady had to enter so much information just to get parking. They also have ONE credit card machine in the entire processing building! So, when people come in to upgrade or add parking and want to use a credit or debit card (as was everybody) they have to wait for the one machine. So stupid. This is minor but it was soooooooo hot in the building. I felt so bad for the people working there. 2. It was crowded that day, which we were prepared for but Knott's just sucks at handling crowds. We were there on a rainy, empty day in December and I swear the same amount of food locations were open on both days. This makes zero sense. I don't get the way they operate their rides. We went to go on the train and got in line. They made everybody wait about 10 minutes while they loaded a person in a wheelchair at the back of the train and then loaded the rest of the people. I just don't see why they couldn't have loaded the rest of the train at the same time and saved a few minutes. I know it is small, but it just seems illogical. They had 2 trains operating on Silver Bullet but they were so slow at getting them going and the one was always waiting behind the other one at the station. I believe this is called stacking. Anyway, we tried to get on both Silver Bullet and Montezooma's and they were closed. Silver Bullet opened a few hours later and we were told Montezooma's was not reopening. 3. The fried cheese place near Log Ride was closed. This may not affect others, but my friends and I have loved this place for years and want it back!!!! 4. This isn't Knott's fault but someone knocked my side mirror off in the parking lot. No note, nothing. 5. I want to love Knott's so much because I grew up going there, but they make it so hard. Some of the people seem downright surly and sometimes they are set-up to not do well at their jobs. I am a director at my work and when systems don't work, it is often the fault of the boss and not the poor frontline employee. The Good 1. The ambiance and theming are still there and do add to the park. 2. Boysenberry punch and pie are still yummy. The bakery in the marketplace is still good. 3. I had never been over to Independence Hall or that area and so this time we ventured over there. I thought it was pretty neat and that area is parklike and pretty. 4. There was a Civil War Reenactment camp going on near the hall in a big grass field and it was SUPER cool. They were all dressed up and had tents, weapons, etc. set up all over. They were really nice people and reminded me of this community in how htey interacted with one another and shared a large common interest. This was probably the best part of the day. 5. They were working on Excelerator on a Saturday afternoon so hopefully this bodes well for WCB!
  2. Anybody watch the US get their first ever medal in the Nordic combined today? I had bnever even heard of this, but dang, it was exciting! Watching pairs figure skating right now. Those men throw those women far!
  3. Isn't the drop sequence on Tower of Terror already supposed to be randomized?
  4. I have been counting down the days to the Olympics for a while now! Love them! The summer games are also my preference over the winter games, but I enjoy both. I really do like figure skating, to me it is exciting because they can fall just once and watch their dreams go away. I even dvr'd the USA championships while I was gone. I like the skiing and snowboarding competitions as well. I miss the days when everything was live. Now it is so easy to figure out who won before actually watching the games. I remember being young and my parents letting us stay up late or get up really early to watch events.
  5. I thoroughly enjoyed the show this season but I doubt it will be as good the second season since they are now so well-known. I bet the guys get a lot more girls seeking their 15 minutes. I was in Vegas last month the same time as Pauly D and The Situation and according to the bouncer of the club they were appearing at that night, they had 2-3 THOUSAND more people show up than usual! Crazy! We did see The Situation in the hotel and he seemed nice enough and took a picture with us. He was only about 5 ft 7 and I think he was wearing makeup. I will post the picture later.
  6. Watched "The Hurt Locker" last night. It was awesome, 10 minutes in and we were all on the edge of our seats. So intense. Went and saw "An Education" this afternoon, it was also excellent. Such a good story, I think a lot of women could relate to it. It also had beautiful clothing, music and a lovely setting. The Hurt Locker is my choice for Best Film at this point.
  7. Ohhhh, those suites are amazing! The view from the bedrooms are beautiful and what a great deal!
  8. I have been thinking so much about cruises lately! A few years ago I went on Freedom of the Seas and it was one of the best vacations I have ever been on! We did a Western Caribbean itinerary and I loved the ports and the activities. I was just talking with my friends last night about how much fun that cruise was and for 2 people sharing an inside cabin in April the cost was 1100 per person, not too bad! I completely agree about the freestyle dining. Dinner is one of the best parts of the cruise! I love that my waiter knows me and has a Diet Coke and a giant basket of bread waiting for me each night. I also think it is fun getting to know the other people at your table. I have done 3+ of each Carnival and Royal Caribbean out of LA and I liked them both. I know Carnival has a reputation for being "trashy" but I have always had just as good a time on that line and felt it was still high caliber. I am totally down with trying out Oasis in the next couple of years.
  9. I feel behind this year as I still need to see a lot of these movies! Hoping to catch A Serious Man and Crazy Heart this weekend and will probably Redbox Up, District 9 and The Hurt Locker over the next couple of weeks. I had absolutely no desire to see Avatar but my dad really wanted to and I ended up loving it. I even hate 3D stuff but still liked it. I was totally engaged in the emotional aspect of the story. I do think it went along a little long and I absolutely don't think it is better than some of the other movies, such as Up in the Air.
  10. Thank you for taking the time to share this, I am thoroughly enjoying this and totally jealous of all your cool stuff!
  11. Yelp gives really high reviews to Ronald's Donuts. It was actually on our list of places to try last weekend but we were sick of sweets by Sunday.
  12. I don't really give a uh about trying to top that!
  13. Zelda Rubenstein was a great character actor and truly one of a kind! I remember her most for Madame Serena in Teen Witch!
  14. The crepes at Paris are fabulous!
  15. Cool thread idea. I was also here this past weekend and here are my thoughts. Retro Bakery = It is about 15 minutes off the strip but was totally worth the drive. I have been to quite a few cupcake places and this was my favorite. Only $2.50 each, delicious and a ton of variety. I will be going back there on my next trip in May. Favorites: Butterscotch and Brownie. www.retrobakerylv.com Jet = Nightclub in Mirage. It was totally chaotic trying to get it. We got in for free since we are women but guys were having a hard time getting in. Good music inside but super crowded. The guys from Jersey Shore were there that night so a lot of people showed up. There was a platform in the middle of the dancefloor with poles so every wannabe-stripper was up there in her mega-short skirt flashing her crotch. There were guys everywhere taking pictures of this so I am sure those pics are now all over the internet. We lasted about an hour. Should have listened to Joey! BLT = Restuarant in Mirage that was really good. They are kind of a gourmet diner type place. We shared a yummy burger, these delicious cheese-bacon-waffle fries and deep fried pickles that reminded me of eating in Pigeon Forge. I would go back. VooDoo Lounge = Inside of Rio (where we were staying) and up about 50 floors. This place was much more our scene and we had a blast there. Strong, reasonably priced drinks; beautiful view; good music and good vibe. We met some fun people there and stayed until around 3:30. Cover was free for ladies also. I would go back. Serendipity 3 = I have tried to go to the one in NYC twice, but it was always packed. This one was pretty crowded but they had a take-out window serving their famous frozen hot chocolate. We split a small one and it was pretty good. The food looked good and I would like to go back and eat at the actual restaurant. That's all! I will be back in May!
  16. I'm in! Especially excited to ride X2 again and fingers crossed for a cool backstage tour at Knott's!
  17. Mini Knott's TR A friend and I decided to take advantage of the $59.99 annual pass deal, so we bought our tickets online and headed down there last Wednesday (12/30/09) to activate our passes and perhaps catch Elf Mountain and Snoopy on Ice. It was raining all morning and still raining when we arrived around noon. The line to process the passes was ginormous so they started pulling people out, asking them if they wanted to come back another day to take their picture and then simply walking them in the park. I thought this was pretty nice. They also had entertainment, in the form of characters, walking through the line. I was continually shocked that all of the coasters remained open, despite some pretty heavy mist to rain. I understand Knott's has a reputation for closing things in the slightest hint of inclement weather. It was raining hard enough that most people had umbrellas out and we could still see everything running. I commented on this to the young man that helped us get in the park and he said he too was surprised that everything remained open. We ate lunch at the Ghost Town Grille. In all my years going to Knott's, I never even noticed this place. It was really good and I will go back again. Nice to have another sit-down place to eat in Knott's. We loved all the sassy old waitresses. We walked on Elf Mountain, the holiday layover for the Timber Mountain Log Ride. I think this is pretty cute and they do a good job decorating. I wanted to go on my fave, Montezuma's Revenge, but it had just closed for rain. We, with everyone else, headed to The Mine Ride, where we passed the time in the 20 minute line trying to understand the hairstyles of teenage boys. Everything pretty much had closed at this point (about 2 pm) so we decided to call it a day and head home. All things considered, it was not a bad trip. I think a lot of locals will be taking advantage of the discounted annual pass deal.
  18. I am only working Monday and Tuesday. Taking Wednesday off to go to Knott's.
  19. 1. What are your initial thoughts? I would join. I visit this site daily, it makes total sense to join and contribute financially. 2. Can you think of anything else we could be offering? -I think it would be cool if you had something special for the initial people that sign-up for this. Even if it was just a title or something. I think I am number 112 to join TPR and I feel like that is pretty awesome. A lot of people will wait to see what the actual perks end up being and then decide to join. 3. Is this something that interests you? Yes 4. Why would you NOT be interested in this? I really hope TPR doesn't start having giant avatars or signatures. I hate those on other sites. That said, ads don't really bother me. 5. Any additional feedback you can give us based on the information you see here. - I have been a part of other sites with no type of exclusive boards or premium memberships and cliques have still developed. I think some might argue there are cliques already on TPR. Cliques are a part of ANY normal group of people, it is just part of the dynamics of any group. Those with common backgrounds, specific interests, similar age, etc. are going to gravitate towards each other. Some people probably don't even realize that there are already exclusive boards for those going on trips together. - I like the idea of priority access to trips. - I do feel bad for all the younger members or people that would not be able to afford this; not because the site would change (I believe Robb when he says it will not) but because I know some of them would just like to join. I would be totally willing to kind of "sponsor" some of the younger members that are important contributors to the site so that they could join.
  20. I wonder where in the park this is going, I will have to walk over there and check it out when they start buliding.
  21. I am excited for this, I have always loved me some MJ and loved this when I was little! I frequently listen to "We are Here to Change the World" on my iPod when I need to feel pumped up! I was recently very surprised to hear a 3, 5 and 7 year old debate their favorite Michael Jackson song which leads me to think this may be popular with kids, but I remember it being kind of scary. I wonder if kids will be freaked out?
  22. I am really excited for this and only get more excited as more information comes out! I love the part about the Hippogriff ride. Wouldn't it be really cool if they actually made everyone bow at the coaster before you got on? I probably wouldn't have come back to Universal on one of my Orlando trips for quite a few years but some friends and I are already planning a late 2010 or early 2011 trip to see all the new Harry Potter stuff.
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