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  1. Thanks for all the pics and the trip report! I think the skyway cars look like the glass elevator when it is flying over London in the original Willy Wonka.
  2. I like Knott's Scary Farm!!! I just can't call it Haunt.
  3. I too love dark rides, almost more than roller coasters. Can I still post on Theme Park Review if I say that?
  4. Thanks for the report! Sounds ike you had a great time, I am dying to go back to USF/IOA!!! Guess I will have to wait until December! I can't remember which side of Dueling Dragons I enjoyed more, I know it was the one that you go to on the left side of the queue, I think it was Fire. If so, Fire side is better in my opinion!
  5. Please know how many people are in your party when you reach the front of a line. Please don't practically mount me while waiting in line behind me. It's called personal space and you're in mine!!
  6. I like what was on your computer while you were eating lunch! Thank God for jobs that let us surf the internet while we work!
  7. Here's my 'crew'. It is funny that I really do noramlly go to amusement parks with the same group of people, give or take a couple. With Maynard in the 50th exhibit at DL. The coolest picture I ever took while on Thunder Mountain of myself, Shelley and Christine! On the tram at Universal. From left to right, Me, Shelley, Christine and Anne.
  8. I completed the 6th book on Saturday and throughly enjoyed it. I am a huge Harry Potter fan, although admittedly I didn't start reading the books until a roommate of mine bought the first movie. My interest was sparked and I began reading. The book was great, very emotional!
  9. I just realized my pictures are backwards because I am an idiot. Sorry!
  10. We just got back and it wasn't too bad. We got in line about 7:30 and were in the park by 8:30. The only place that was really crazy was the hub. We ditched the 10:00 am ceremony and instead rode Splash (25 min at 11:00 am) and Haunted Mansion. I never felt that it was that bad. We went a couple of weeks ago on a Friday and I felt that the crowd level was worse! I really think a lot of people left after the ceremony as they were probably exhausted. Most of the die-hards/crazies were in this insane multi-hour line to get merchandise. I did get my ears and managed to eat 2 cupcakes. I also got to finally ride Space Mountain and feel pleased with how it has returned. All in all, I had a great time. The feel in the park was just neat. There were cast members everywhere and they were all very congenial, considering how much crap I am sure they were putting up with. It was MUCH better than I was imagining. They still were letting people in and giving out ears at 4 pm! I kind of felt bad for all those that had waited in line. I will post some pics soon. The weekend of Harry Potter/Disneyland started on Friday when we met some internet friends (Did I really just say that?) for the fireworks on Friday night. That is me (blonde) and my roommate Christine. The line snaking through Downtown Disney. It moved pretty quick. Here we are using our hands to make a 50 as a way of giving props to DL. Shelley is devastated that she can't ride the Ward Kimball. Shelley and Melissa with our ears. One of the screend where you could watch stuff. Crazies waiting for the presentation. They still had 2 hours to go before it would start. The back of the ears. The real reason we were here, cupcakes! Yummmmmmmmm, I love cupcakes! I liked the Mayor's coat and his jokes about Ah-nold. Why is it 12 degrees in the Blue Bayou? Our ghetto fabulous on-ride photo from Space Mountain
  11. I love California. I live about 30 miles east outside of LA. I do find it more and more frustrating at how expensive things are though, and if weren't for the weather sucking everywhere else and all my friends and family that are here, I would probably consider moving. I also love being able to go to the beach and Disneyland. I pretty much don't care about the mountains and hate being cold. I also think Disneyland is still better than the Magic Kingdom, though I would love to have USF/IOA closer. I admit that I used to be proud to be from here, but now that we chose a moron for a governor, it is kind of embarassing!
  12. I thought the same thing about missin gHaunted Shack! Great TR!
  13. I'm going, but I will not be lining up in DCA in the middle of the night. We are probably going to get there around 7ish.
  14. I heard Republicans love Fence: The Ride. Maybe they are building a Bush-themed ride.
  15. Thanks again for all the trip reports and the pictures! Your pictures are always my favorite because they are informative, yet random and comical. Just wondering, what time of year was the ACE trip? How much more money was it?
  16. I saw Bewitched on Friday and thought it was pretty funny. I was actually pleasantly surprised at how good it was. I think it helped that they didn't actually try to redo it, they took a different approach. Will Ferrel is very funny in this movie and Nicole Kidman is always fun to watch. For the girls (all 5 of them on this board), the movie is worth seeing to see Nicole Kidman's awesome wardrobe and hairstyles. They were so cute!
  17. I had forgotten about that! My brother and I used to love it in there. The funhouse was actually pretty good, better than what is there now. My dad always hated it because it just made him sad that there was no more Knott's Berry Tales.
  18. Cool pics! You're little boy is adorable. He cracked me up looking all laid back on the rides.
  19. Great TR and pics! I was wondering how you guys got to do all the behind the scenes type stuff, like go in places the general public isn't allowed, climb lift hills, etc? Did you set it up before hand?
  20. Here's me! My friends and I getting ready for Mickey's Not-So-Scary-Halloween Party! AKA Best Event Ever! Moi at Knott's Halloween Haunt Cinnabon+IOA=Great Day! Here is me on my birthday at DCA.
  21. I am 27 and my first coaster was either Corkscrew or Space Mountain. My parents pretty much made us go on every ride as soon as we were tall enough. I felt super special because just my dad and I got to go on it and my mom and little brother had to wait!
  22. I generally like tatoos. I got one on my back last year for my 26th bithday, a black sun. It hurt way more than I expected and it only took about 8 minutes to do! Your's looks painful!
  23. I would have to say a tie between Epcot and IOA. I loved both so much!
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