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  1. Has anyone pondered over these yet..... http://www.holidayworld.com/holiblog/2014/07/23/final-hints/
  2. So, with the red square being the entrance....how much space of the building did this ride actually use.....and would it fit in Hersheypark's area of the tent?? Nights In White Satin
  3. Thank God for the Common Core Academics!!! Bad spelling is only the beginning!!!
  4. This classic at Lakemont........Back seat of course. Credit...PArk Index
  5. This would make a nice view by the road.......... Photo By: Scaparri Credit Park Index
  6. So it looks as if the front wheel assembly let go......the car itself is stuck at an odd angle .
  7. Considering their goal is only 1000, and they are only up to 24.........And it has been almost a month.....where the hell is that Prince Desmond guy???
  8. LOL.....make sure everyone signs this asap....maybe we can get Magic Mountain to change their minds..... http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/save-colossus-roller-coaster-screemy-meemy/?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=button
  9. I thought that BTM at Walt Disney World was from Vekoma...... Or am I thinking of Expedition Mount Everest? If BTM is an arrow, it would be my first, but if not, then my first would be Carolina Cyclone. Manufacturer Dynamic Structures (California) Arrow Dynamics (Florida) Vekoma (Tokyo, Paris)
  10. This thing of beauty at DelGrosso's!!!! DerekRx credit Park Index
  11. This thing of beauty in Ocean City, MD........ Credit to Park Index - DerekRx
  12. Being from PA I find it hard to believe you consider the 70's + outdated........There are many coasters older than that that are in incredible shape....... This is one of those coasters growing up that I seen on tv specials that always intrigued me...such an amazing looking first drop and impressive structure.
  13. This popped up on my facebook page..... https://twitter.com/TexasThrills/status/480867161963892737/photo/1 I have to post a link....it won't allow me to add the pic????
  14. After watching the video for Calico Mine Ride, I was wondering if it used sort of the same kind of ride system that Kings Dominion had for Land of Dooz/Smurf Mountain??
  15. The Comet has been operational since 1946 and still going strong......That gives the new woodies at least till 2070 to be that old and then maybe be considered for removal. I guess I won't be around to see the expansion....LOL.
  16. I think in my mind after riding Wildcat a few weeks ago that it is more "intense" and not rough. That thing seriously hauls ass through the course and I'm sure it throws some pretty good +G's at you. A few years back it did have the jack hammer/ pot hole effect, but that seems to have disappeared. I kinda like it the way it is. As far as moving coasters across the park, I really don't see that happening.....what I would like to see happen has been overstated here and elsewhere, and that is the removal of The Boardwalk and put the whole damn thing somewhere else. Also, bring in some kind of transport ride to get from one side of the park to the other.
  17. From what I understand, they are honoring all tickets and such for future visits. I know it sucks for people who traveled long distance and made this their vacation, but I don't imagine it should take more than a day to repair. Hell, here in our little small town we have that happen and it is good to go by the next morning...
  18. I noticed last week that all coasters with the fast track pass have the middle car of each train set aside for those using the pass. But yeah, as stated above I wouldn't worry about buying one. If it is nice out everyone will be in the waterpark, ride lines are never really a problem there....except Farenheit and maybe Comet. Skyrush is great afternoon and into the night.....hardly ever has much of a line.
  19. It wasn't a desire...it was just a hypothetical question. I have never ridden the coaster and probably never will. This basically was all just in sarcasm to go along with the asinine petition link. Didn't mean to have the original post come off as serious, but please....feel free to add to the ridiculousness....LOL.
  20. So if the RMC makeover comes to fruition, does anyone think they could/would do just one side and leave the other side original? That would appease just about everybody and the petitioners might feel as though they actually won......
  21. 9 SIGNATURES!!! Holy cow this petition is picking up steam boys. -Andrew LMAO......Maybe they need to have a rally somewhere to draw more interest.
  22. We're gonna be there Wed Evening, and Thurs (ONE WEEK!) so I'm hoping for a sorta empty park. if it's not crowded? I'm gonna just think of the queues as exercise LOL......Next to BGW, this is one of the most exercisable parks......the place is just huge.
  23. Something that has been irking me for years and it hit me again on my visit last week was their queue lines. Why in the world did they not create a "short cut" for days when lines were non existent. The endless meandering on rides like sdL, Lightning Racer, and Wildcat is just asinine. You could almost guarantee an empty station by the time you got there.......
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