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  1. Unless you're an S & M afficiando......the flogging it gives you could be nice..LOL. On the first drop it is for the out of your seat feeling, but after that you better hold on tight for dear life!!!!
  2. The final statement at the end of the video kind of dispels all the so called eye witness accounts....makes you wonder why it even made it on TV anyway.....sometimes I think the parks do this stuff just for publicity.
  3. I just wonder what the speed will be through there? It has to be somewhat slow which could look and feel really funky when riding....
  4. http://www.nbcwashington.com/news/local/Panic-At-Six-Flags-On-The-First-Night-of-Fright-Fest_Washington-DC-277380351.html
  5. Sorry bout that....they popped up on my facebook and this is a quote from underneath......."Just to be clear, I did not take these photos. I’m not even at the park today" and "I was sent the following two photos anonymously today from someone at Six Flags Magic Mountain."
  6. Speaking of drooling maniacs and Skyrush.....I have only ridden front wing once. When we got back to the station I was pretty wet from the mouth all the way back to my ear and hair.....LMAO. It was kinda weird and my son could do nothing but shake his head and laugh. I have never experienced anything like that before and I feel kind of awkward talking about it.......but oh well, the ride is really that good!
  7. Probably the best "hand me down" ride there ever was.......And 99.999% of their geographic attendees probably have never been to Geauga Lake anyway.
  8. So I can only skip the line once for nine roller coasters just before 5:30 pm? Then I would have to chip in another $25 for "Fast Track" in the evening for only five roller coasters? Maybe I'm not understanding something correctly but it doesn't sound like it's worth the money. Also every roller coaster except for Trailblazer will be a new credit for me. Any suggestions on where to sit on certain rides? I would take this to mean the same thing as twilight admission.....If you are there before 3 p.m. you pay $50 and that is good for all day. If you arrive after 3 you pay $25, but you only get 5 instead of 9 coasters. I seriously doubt they would make you pay a secondary price for evening hours once you already purchased a whole day pass......
  9. The 305 POV and the Manhattan Express.......the whole commentary is worth watching at least once a week........
  10. Didn't the train change happen when Paramount left and the ride was no longer "Italian Job" themed??
  11. This time of year you have the Ravens and Redskins football most Sundays, not to mention the O's and Nats are in the title hunt so they are packing their stadiums also.........should be great days at the park!!!!!!
  12. Apparently they are selling these nifty little souvenirs......came in a facebook post from KD Golden Years. I find it amazingly neat.
  13. I would need clean undies and a respirator, oh and a shoehorn to get my ass cheeks back apart!!!!
  14. Because what is the "coaster capital?" The park with the most coasters? The best coasters? With the best coaster operations? The most coasters with a 48" or over height restriction? There isn't any definition. So I think if Cedar Point wants to keep calling themselves the "Coaster Capital" I think they have every right to. What happened to "America's Roller Coaster"?????? I thought Kennywood was the "Coaster Capital"????? I have a cup that says so dammit......LOL Anyway, I am guessing by the pics that say something along the lines of "Last Stand" they are changing trains. And by option 3 on Tony's tweet, they will be retiring the name and changing that also........
  15. Yep.......first come first serve on the next draw since supertrooper is giving his turn up.
  16. Wow....I draw about as good on a PC as I do paper....LMAO!!!!! untitled.bmp
  17. LOL.....it was a reference to their inability to get things done in a timely fashion.......
  18. So the big question is........will this be ready for opening day???? I mean, you just back a trailer in and voila.....instant carny ride!!!!
  19. LMAO......at least they call it a coaster. I don't think the fair version is even considered a coaster??
  20. Basically they added a Berserker on rails........Kings Dominion should be proud........and for the other parks that originally had a looping starship now have a looping starship on rails.......awesome!!!
  21. You can see what looks like a motor mount under the crest of the hill and the chain return underneath the track???
  22. I have often wondered about the "chain" on the last big hill before the turnaround. What exactly is that there for? Rebel Yell does not have one........ Credit Chuck for the awesome pic......
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