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  1. Oh Jesus......here we go....... http://www.change.org/petitions/six-flags-magic-mounatin-preserve-colossus-for-future-generations?fb_action_ids=666045836811154&fb_action_types=change-org%3Arecruit&fb_ref=__DDQqbfMLRz
  2. I have been preaching this same thing since day 1 back in the 80's when the damn thing was built. I love this ride just for the back car!!!!
  3. By now, most normal people should know that loose articles are not permitted on any rides. If you feel a need to drag useless items around in an amusement park then you should have to ante up the fee for your stupidity. On the other hand if you have kids or medical reasons, that is a different story. Honestly I like the storage area at Great Bear in Hershey with the sliding door to cover up the running trains loose articles while the returning train can grab their stuff and get outta there. It seems to work really well.
  4. After going to Hershey this week and riding the RXCC again, I have little desire for any kind of shooting ride. I personally don't care for them, and we were the only 4 people that went in and rode the stupid thing. Anytime we passed there wasn't a single person going in or coming out. I just don't find them exciting even in the least amount. I know kids may eat them up, but I just don't get the point. My 2 cents so take it for what it's worth.
  5. I don't think you realize the banking when you are on board. After getting the 305 credit earlier this year it is somewhat of a toss up as to which of these 2 coasters I like better.........
  6. I think that is the one I am talking about. The first big swooping turn......it was weird. The first 3 times I rode it never happened. Just in the front right wing seat??
  7. Went to the park yesterday as a chaperone on my son's band trip. Weather was perfect, crowds were non existent, and we had a blast!! Numerous re rides on any coaster we wanted, with just a seat change now and then. Took my first ride on front seat Skyrush and it was ok.....like the back rows better. Has anyone ever greyed out on the first turn after the drop?? I am pretty sure it happened to me yesterday, albeit not as bad as I305......but I do remember laughing so hard at the kids and the fear in their eyes that the force of the wind had me slobbering....LMFAO!!!! Everything was running great and they were utilizing this time for lots of training and it really didn't hamper dispatch times although it didn't matter anyway as their was no lines for anything. And it pains me to say that the boys thought sdL was lame......"blasphemous heathens"!!! Was running superb as usual!
  8. Comet at Hershey after the kids school trip........great day with no waits and walk on everything.
  9. The greatest ride ever!! Even with sketchy, toothless carnies at the controls!!!
  10. I like the weekly emails that give a link to the "new" or updated stuff that is happening on the forum pages. Also instead of having the same question asked over and over about how to do a park to maximize time, maybe you could have a place under each park in the index with the best of the opinions instead of multiple posts under each forum. That way people could utilize the index for that instead of clogging up each forum with the same scenarios of which ride to hit fist and so on.....
  11. Some road work updates and a hint at the future.......http://www.pennlive.com/midstate/index.ssf/2014/05/hersheypark_adding_3_new_rides.html Even as the 2014 season in Hersheypark is about to open, there are hints about things to come in 2015. "We have not made that public yet. We will be making an announcement later this summer," said Kathy Burrows, Hersheypark spokeswoman. Relocation of Park Boulevard, expected to get under way next year, will allow the park’s borders to expand for the first time in more than a decade. About 31 acres of the former Parkview Golf Course, closed in 2005, will be absorbed into the park, according to plans unveiled last year. Hershey Entertainment & Resort Company’s engineers have made application to the Dauphin County Conservation District for a stormwater permit associated with construction activities for a project at 100 West Hersheypark Drive for Attraction 2015. It's not clear exactly what construction is involved with that permit. Derry Township has not received land development plans for a 2015 ride project, said a spokeswoman in the community development department. Usually such plans are filed when Hersheypark makes its announcement regarding a new ride, said James Negley, Derry Township manager. Meanwhile, the current Park Boulevard relocation project continues. Preliminary engineering and environmental clearance is expected to be completed by July, and final design by December, Negley said. The project will go out for bid in January 2015, and construction would be completed by October 2015-January 2016. The estimated $21 million project will be paid for with about $12 million in state and federal funds, and the rest from Hershey Entertainment & Resorts, which is donating the land for the new roadway, worth an estimated $9 million. For the 2014 season, Hersheypark is adding three new family-oriented rides. They include Cocoa Cruiser in Music Box Way, a gravity coaster designed to introduce younger riders to coasters; and Tea Cups and Sweet Swing in the Hollow area. A Chickie’s and Pete’s eatery will also open in Midway America, and a new ticket booth in Tram Circle. Hersheypark added Shoreline Sprayground in 2013, and in 2012, Skyrush, billed as the park's tallest and fastest coaster.
  12. With 6 arms and the yellow at opposite ends, is their to be a third color?? Could look pretty sweet when it is all said and done!
  13. do we have the specs of the elevator? width, depth, lift capacity, electrical reqirements? We have a lift chair for the stairs at our church. It cost $500.00 per year for an inspection certificate....does this help in anyway???
  14. How about you actually look before you sit down? Too easy....this is America remember A.J. LOL
  15. I would imagine they would have to rotate in order to make use of those shooty thingys on each seat.
  16. That goofy little design over on the left hand side made me think tunnel and Leviathan....but I don't think that is right....
  17. Good lord, it was my first attempt so I guess it looks to be a little of both....LMAO
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