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  1. OK, Harry Potter is throwing me off, any clues Julie??
  2. I had to watch Johnathan Hawkins' Midwest Conquest twice in a row and I am still laughing my ass off at the chain reaction bumper car "shots". That was hillarious!!!Very well done video and imo the best so far.
  3. I have only ridden TTD and Storm Runner, and in my opinion Storm runner was much better. It was a memorable ride and I can still remember what happened. TTD was all over so quickly and even after 3 rides in a row I still really can't remember much about it!!! I guess if they are to build more of them, I agree with the fact that they need to be shorter(less than 200 ft) and contain more coaster experience like a double length Storm Runner. Albeit, there is nothing better than the slow climb to the top and the first rush down that first drop.......
  4. Hey Jeff, any good aerial shots of Herhsey, BGW, or PKD that are not easily found by looking through places such as google images. And did you see where SFA is getting the Ultra Twister from Astroworld!!! good pics of DF from BGW, I miss that ride....
  5. pick a cool time of year, my wife and I went this summer and the thermometer in the middle of the park hit 105 at 10 am. And yes, Hydra was a bit of a letdown compared to Hercules.
  6. oh yeah, if you have time check out the 2 smaller parks in the Altoona, PA area, Lakemont and Delgrossos(Bland's) they are cheap( free adm. w/ a pop of $10 or less) and only 10 minutes apart
  7. Coming from New York, Dorney should be first and Hershey second, they are only a short drive down 77/81 from each other. I usually do Hershey on Sundays and get there when they open, not really crowded until later in the afternoon. Find out if there is a NASCAR race at any track nearby either weekend and plan @ that. We did Hershey on a Pocono race weekend and the place was dead. If going from six Flags to Kennywood, stay in Maryland from DC to Grantsville (I 270/70/68)and follow Route 40 from there until 51 south in PA and then 837 along the river to Kennywood. Alot easier than the turnpike and cheaper and quicker. Get yourself a CP Family Getaway Guide (1800bestfun) very helpful discounts on everything! Hope that was some help, any questions or anything wildman123@pennswoods.net
  8. Yes. Wood. Lots of it. And possibly more on the way. And right next to the “something big and blue!” Makes ya wonder, doesn’t it? (forgot this in the other post, sorry!!!)
  9. 1 big ass fence or a lot of trash cans?????? more on the way............hmmmmmm, but to get rid of Demon Drop and White Water Landing, I always though CP was about as many rides without removal?? But oh well, in the name of money..........
  10. just flipping through their website http://cedarpoint.com/public/fun_online/blog/index.cfm?entry=42ffde36-05ef-428a-844d-e45c8b208de2 is this a possible new woodie for the park
  11. no more dark rides, pleeeeeaaaaassseee. I was hoping for something more like a "thrill" ride over on hte open area @ the Lightning racer/ Roller Soaker?? One can only hope..........
  12. I know the sweetmail updates I get say October25 wll be the big announcement, but does anyone have a clue s to what Hershey is planning on for next year?????
  13. just returned from SF America a few hours ago, they could use some coaster maintenance pointers though, very rough, and the workers not at all what I would recommend to be checking my restraints!!!!
  14. should've paid more attention to TTD!! Not the brightest choice for a multi million dollar ride now was it ?????
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