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  1. Just seen this on youtube.......credit to whoever posted it......(Behind The Thrills)
  2. I know, right? I've thought about that too and I don't know how it's done. The car is very light, operators can push it up click by click. Yeah....if they all looked like The Rock.....LOL
  3. So basically the new ride for 2015 is another trailer mounted carny ride, but the waterpark addition for next year looks really nice. http://www.mydelgrossopark.com/news/current-news-releases/delgrosso-s-amusement-park-will-be-rocking-in-2015-making-a-huge-splash-in-2016/
  4. So the 2015 season hasn't even started and they are prepping ground for a 2016 attraction.........must be HUGE and how in the hell are they going to hide a big plot of dirt for an entire season.
  5. Make A Wish is holding an auction for the first rides if any locals are interested......... http://www.biddingowl.com/Auction/item-detail.cfm?auctionID=3414&ItemID=114324&viewType=1&style=54&font=1&catName=Everything%20Else
  6. Thanks for the input! Are they "roomy", and what kind of "privacy" do they have. I understand the whole campground atmosphere, but the ones at CP seemed t be right on top of each other and the neighbors were rightherebesideyou.
  7. We go every summer......great place to take a picnic and spend the day......also can be combined with Lakemont 10 minutes south!!
  8. Has anyone stayed at the cabins in the campground, and if so, how would they compare to Lighthouse Point at CP? Looking to go with a small (8ish) group. We can do it in a day, but with kids we don't want to rush everything. This seems to be the cheaper route than one of the sponsored hotels across the street. Also, why the early closing late May/ early June after Memorial Day during the week?
  9. I know it's probably nothing major and fancy, but DelGrosso's has something new coming in 2015....... http://www.mydelgrossopark.com/attractions/rides/coming-in-2014/ I don't know why the address link ends in 2014, but the actual page is for 2015.
  10. We have a name For Adventure Park USA's new coaster....... From their Facebook page
  11. Wrong side. This was in the article also........Make sure you get your last rides in on the last few family rides remaining before they're removed after this year. Turnpike cars, Cadillac Cars, dodgem, and calypso will be removed to make room for this new ride!
  12. Did you even read the article........it clearly stated: "A memo from Bolliger & Mabillard, based in Switzerland, appears to detail a new $15 million coaster tagged in the memo as The Dive Coaster."
  13. Fabio........LMAO. I would rather be puked on then hit with fly by donkey dung.....
  14. A Miller Lite hanging with the Guns N Roses tribute band dudes at Rocky Gap Casino!!! LMAO
  15. It's almost like there was no thought process put into this. They just kinda found a small plot of land and decided to plop it down there. Very sore thumbish looking if you ask me.......
  16. I just got an update in my email that there was a new response to this thread.......gmail blocked it as a suspicious threat? I have never seen that before and when I came into the thread there has been no new update. It said likely cause was that the senders email was hacked or someone was using said post for phishing?? None of the other thread updates looked like that or had that message......just an FYI.
  17. YES! Good job! I like finding hard ones. Your turn. That was a good one....I was doing some serious searching.......not even close to that area yet!!!!
  18. Side friction or not....... I don't know why this double posted......
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