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  1. So they're calling it Bourbon St. Fireball........does that necessarily mean it is an actual Fireball/Super Loop?? I just took that as the name and not the actual ride make.....
  2. Good God Kinzel is having heart failure now that something has topped Millenium Force's height record........
  3. Enjoying one of these fine pilsners right now......
  4. Other than there being only one ride of interest and 10 miles between anything, what is so bad about it? I really really want to ride Dragon Mountain. Too bad you can't say this to the park and they would charge like 10 bucks for a few trips on the coaster........
  5. So basically with the way they are carefully taking what looks like just the track off, would it be safe to assume the layout isn't gonna change much?
  6. Without going back through all the pages, is their anything in the works for a "fun house" type queue? Out of the heat and to help occupy the time of wait........
  7. Just a thought, but would there be any way to just "push" the train over the crest and let it finish the run??
  8. Looking forward to the rest....Chuck has the best TR's....witty and comical!!!
  9. http://www.wusa9.com/story/news/local/maryland/2014/08/10/more-than-a-dozen-people-stuck-on-md-six-flags-ride/13865547/
  10. LOL...no need to argue...I actually like these games and enjoy trying to figure out some of the more atrocious drawings.....
  11. Really....so next time I will just blurt out some random name in a park nowhere close to the right answer...I did give the ride, city, and missed the park name by 1 word....carry on with your regularly scheduled program...
  12. Dragon...in Hong Kong or somewhere....Ocean Kingdom I believe.
  13. I think that the line verses crowd issue would be solved if it weren't for the waterparks. I know Hershey rarely has any lines for their rides (during the day) but just look at the mass of people in the waterpark, and all of the cars in the lot. I think the same holds true for KD, If you take out the waterpark, the lines for the rides would be long all day.........kinda like Haunt times when the waterpark is closed.
  14. It's a cover up to get people looking in the wrong direction....or someone just created all that in their spare time. When the real product is revealed we will all be absolutely overwhelmed.
  15. I found this rather amusing......I don't know if that is a good thing or not....LOL
  16. I thought this was very nice......... http://www.holidayworld.com/holiblog/2014/07/24/emotions-run-high/
  17. Definitely better than Gatekeeper... Cedar Point just shit their pants
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