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  1. Once again sorry for the messiness.......it adds to the guessing factor....LOL Guess.bmp
  2. Yup....The Toboggan posted last time made me think of it.......I love that ride.
  3. I put a station just because my artistic skills sick......... Guess.bmp
  4. According to rcdb's facebook page Adventure Park USA in Maryland is adding this........they are sort of playing a game with the announcement.
  5. ^ 1. I thought there was a temp limit for coasters?? 2. Damn that ride comes close to the ground.......knee choppers instead of head choppers!!!!!
  6. Apparently 1973 was the year of the Wildcat models.....lol, but going off the short list on RCDB I would say 1. Zambezi Zinger - Worlds of Fun 2. Great American Scream Machine - SFoG 3. Carolina Goldrusher - Carowinds
  7. I remember seeing Kix at bars in PA and MD in the early '80's. They still kick A$$. They play at least once every year in Baltimore and the place is always packed. dt They just released their new album....Rock Your Face Off, and are doing some pretty decent touring. Get out and see them....I believe they have held up netter than any other band from that era. They also have 3 side project bands......Funny Money which are really good too, and both guitar players have their own bands they perform with on the side...
  8. They were good times!!! ????double post
  9. Yet?? Good Lord they have been around since forever.....LOL. Just plain fun rock and roll with a lot of inuendo.....and after 30 plus years, Steve has not lost a bit in the live department.
  10. Just got to see these guys live for the first time since 1991!!!! Still kicking ass all these years later!!!
  11. Only if we r in the claw room at the right time!!!!! Must be a Maryland thing...............
  12. So the object is to activate the claw into a hopper full of assorted beer and the lucky people hanging out get a free beer every time someone is successful........
  13. ^ I thought Scream was a parking lot coaster? On that map it sits in a nice grassy field....LOL
  14. No Log Flume??? I think they have one of the best out there.........
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