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  1. This weekends NASCAR race is Saturday night in Richmond......should be a good time to hit the park.
  2. I think that is the difference from darkness to daylight. The fact that you can't see what is coming makes it feel that much more intense.
  3. I'm guessing that the park is gonna set some kind of opening day attendance record? Need a shot of the parking lot(s) from the Eiffel Tower!!
  4. Which probably accounts for the majority of their business........so it is best to please the paying public as opposed to the smaller group of enthusiasts who could never keep the parks going by ourselves.
  5. LOL.....all rides in park are walk on.......except Banshee......7+ hour wait.
  6. Just seen this on the internet..(It must be true....Bon Jour!) http://www.jamescitycountyva.gov/pdf/bospdfs/bospdfs2013/111213bos/I1_att3_HW02-13BusGrdns_BGW2015AttractionHWPkg.pdf
  7. It wasn't running the 12th, but I just chalked it up to the windy conditions....never noticed a crane though.....
  8. Was down Sunday and boy was it HOT!!!! Crowds weren't bad and all in all was a pretty decent day for a start to the season. Volcano had a rollback on one of the first rides of the day, it actually hung on the loop for what seemed like a minute or so. I thought for sure it was perfectly stalled out. Shockwave was late opening and Anaconda never opened at all. This was our first time back since 305(last time was construction year) so I got to experience something I have never felt before......grey out!!! Quite frankly it scared the shit outta me......I missed half the ride..LOL. What I need to know is...why does Volcano and FOF have horrendous lines while all 305 trains were half or less full all day?? Also, we took the kids for the first time, one is 7 and one is 12. Spent a lot of time in the Snoopy section and got to relive some childhood memories....like just how awesome the Scooby Doo/ Woodstock Express is! The 12 year old is becoming a seasoned vet, but the 7 year old .....well it is a slow process....let's just say she wasn't a big fan of the Rebel Yell. Speaking of Rebel Yell....why did they not paint the whole thing....if I am not mistaken, the red and blue trim is only on the station run to lift hill???? Everything else from the 40th looks really good. On a side note, can they possibly price gouge any more with food and drink....I could've bought everything on the menu at DQ for what I paid for 4 cups of Sweet Frog ice cream...SMH.
  9. his little gem with the kiddos ......prior to that made my first ever lap on 305.....WOW. credit hansrubens....Park Index.
  10. Definitely going down tomorrow....anyone else gonna be around?? Look for a long haired hippy with a TPR shirt and say hey.....
  11. Sitting at a traffic light the other day and this is what we saw. Cumberland, MD.....about 5 hours from CP. Not sure if it actually has any reference to the park but I found it amusing........
  12. The Rebel Yell is just so graceful looking......planning on going Sunday......nice weather. What should I expect for the crowds??? I have 2 kids so there will be no need for running to any particular ride first. Just going to enjoy ourselves and let them have a good time. BTW, this will be my first time back since 305, so basically for me it is just for this, but the kids have never been.
  13. Good God that thing looks more terrifying than a SkyScreamer......
  14. Now that opening weekend has come and gone....what are anyones expectations for this coming Sunday. Weather looks decent....high 70's and no rain. I have an itch to get down there and my kids have never been yet.
  15. Not really retro with a flat screen.....needs one of these..... How many people here actually had one of these?
  16. As for everyone complaining about queue lines.....would it be possible to have the longer waiting lines and endless switchbacks built with some kind of comfortable padding instead of concrete? That would do wonders for sore feet from walking all day......
  17. How much of a difference in rental car price if you have to factor in tolls and gas for the round trip instead of the 1 way venture?
  18. we're both huge (in size and sweet tooth ) chocolate fans, so planning on doing the tasting experience, and any other fun "chocolatey" thing offered. But definitely want to spend Friday doing rides (even if he wont' do most of them with me). and if we get tired of the park itself? yeah, exploring the city is gonna happen too! thanks for the hotel suggestions, I asked my Travel agent about booking the flights/hotels and car for us, so I'll see what option he comes back with for Hershey The Trolley tour they offer is a pretty neat and informative experience. Plus they handed out different products every so often!!!
  19. So basically nobody checked the lap bars before the train/car even left the station???? If it was broke on the test run in the am, what time did this guy ride. Was he the next person in said car or did other guests use the car before he got in?
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