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  1. From the KD Golden Years facebook page.......looks nice!!!! credit KD Golden Years facebook
  2. Really digging the chick in the front...white shirt blonde hair left of center. She looks petrified!!!! Chuck's pic
  3. Shouldn't you be learning and not on TRP? The future of America...LMAO
  4. Well this is kind of odd......... http://www.mydelgrossopark.com/attractions/rides/coming-in-2014/ Basically it looks to be a faster version of the Swing Buggy they put in 2 years ago???
  5. The outlying area around CP is blah...Cleveland isn't too far away and there is lots to see and do there.
  6. And if you can successfully convince them that you were standing your ground by the time the check comes, they take 25% off. Ummmm...... I don't wanna eat crabs that were shot by a gun. LMAO
  7. But, the line was shorter.........not 3+ hours like it could've been. To anyone who really wants to do CP, when I worked there, the month of May was the time to go. 90% of the weekdays hardly ever saw waits more than a train or 2. Yeah it is a littler cooler, but I would rather wear a jacket than fight monstrous crowds.
  8. ^ After looking into it more, 15 - 20 feet could put the car at the lower switchbacks.....
  9. So it never actually said it was in motion.....15 - 20 feet, could that be the brake run area? Maybe he fell getting out of the car, perhaps to the left instead of right, and hit the ground inside the structure.
  10. Wonder if it was a patron or a mechanic? Is the place open at that time? By the sounds of things it wasn't a death.
  11. I've been to SFA twice, and the first time I went, Superman had about an hour wait with only one train running. That made me mad. There should be no excuse when there is another train just sitting there doing nothing. However the second time I went, everything was pretty much a walk on, with the longest wait being about 10 min. There was 1 train on everything that entire day. That I am fine with. It was the 1st day that was unacceptable. I wonder how many trains they will run Ragin Cajun with. Surely not just 1! Right? Its a wild mouse, it should be at least 3. There is a chance that the train may have some mechanical issue. I was there once with only 1 Superman train running and later in the day the maintanence men were working under the train on the transfer track.
  12. Someone really needed to trim their bush. On top of that that really disturbing lift sound could've drove a sane person nuts. All in all looked like a once decent ride, kinda like a knock-off of the Thunderbolt in Australia. http://rcdb.com/1128.htm
  13. Since it is going on here I will ask this here. Why is it when a coaster gets repainted, it is done in sections? Why not just start at the beginning and work your way through to the end of the ride?
  14. I am confused as to why Carolina Cyclone at Carowinds and Corkscrew at Cedar Point get grouped under a generic banner while Anaconda at Kings Dominion gets its own banner. They all 3 provide different experiences and I would definitely rank Carolina CYclone way higher than the other 2......
  15. This would be a good sign to not even ride a water ride.......
  16. I love how people get pissed when they get off of a ride featuring one of these!!!!!
  17. As a smoker, I am fine with designated areas. Hershey seems to do a good job with "out of the way" places as does Kennywood. I never understood why people smoked in queue lines though. That was just disrespectful and rude. In this day of the e-cigs, I think they should have to follow the same rules. As far as enforcing the policy, if security or other employees visibly see it, the person should be made to put it out. If this is in a line, then the person should be asked to leave the line. A few times of this and people might get the idea that parks are serious with their policies. It all comes down to respect and the complete lack thereof that people seem to have nowadays.
  18. Somehow I don't think this is what Phil had in mind..... Phil who? I thought they broke up after The Lamb! snob> This seems to be more fun than this park could ever be......
  19. You said short woody....LMAO..sorry, couldn't resist. I remember getting slammed into the lap bar hitting the turnaround. Other than that, nothing much eventful happened.
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