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  1. Someone else can post.........I will give up this turn...............
  2. They are sort of returning Noahs Ark back to its former glory........Blue Whale and all............ http://triblive.com/aande/moreaande/9562792-74/ark-noah-kennywood#axzz3tQ97MF00 Starting in the 2016 season, longtime Kennywood Park visitors can enjoy a Noah's Ark attraction more like the funhouse-flavored one they cherished during their younger years. The West Mifflin park is renovating the classic walk-through ride, which is celebrating its 80th anniversary in 2016. Since the ark opened in 1936, it has undergone two other renovations: one in the late 1960s and one in 1996. The most popular version of Noah's Ark seems to be the one between the '60s and '90s renovation, when it had more of a funhouse-feel-sans-clowns and less of the higher-tech stuff like the elevator and mist-spraying Bathy Sphere, which are being removed, says park spokesman Nick Paradise. Though details are scarce now, the additions to Noah's Ark will include the return of the beloved giant whale's mouth, which guests walked through atop a springy, squishy tongue structure. And favorite features, like vibrating floors and the animal theme, are remaining on the ark, he says. Kennywood workers have started dismantling parts of Noah's Ark's interior and clearing out space. They plan to complete the renovation before the park's spring opening, Paradise says. “We're looking at doing a pretty extensive renovation to the attraction, to kind of take it back to the classic funhouse style — a little bit of what had been taken away in the renovation in 1996,” he says. “We are trying to get it back to what a lot of people remember from their childhood.” The most recent version of Noah's Ark seemed to disappoint people because it wasn't as playful, Paradise says. “I think the public reaction and sentiment ... was that it wasn't what people wanted from the attraction,” he says. “They wanted a very classic feel ... the classic, almost-hokey stunts ... that the ride pulled.” But, despite customer disappointment, in 2015, for the sixth consecutive year, Noah's Ark was named the Best Funhouse/Walk-Through Attraction at the Golden Ticket Awards Ceremonies, run by the industry publication Amusement Today. Kennywood currently is offering its Holiday Lights event on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in December, except for Christmas Day. The park then closes for the winter, and re-opens for the season May 7.
  3. My 8 year old daughter isn't too keen on coasters yet, but she seemed to really like Verbolten. I think moreso because it didn't go too high.......until the end by which time she was kind of enjoynig it.
  4. This comes from the Hershey Park Fan Club facebook.....take it for whats its worth........ https://www.facebook.com/HersheyparkFanClub/photos/a.332953663471654.56698.302083726558648/680918372008513/?type=3&theater
  5. This thing of Beauty Friday night in the dark........walk on all day so the boy and I gave her 2 more spins before we left. He is just getting into coasters and he thinks this is his favorite so far. (Even after doing all of Hershey)!! credit the pic to Chuck and the Park Index
  6. After doing a quick and uneducational theory search (I used RCDB statistics), Storm runner is actually 3rd out of 14 for longest Intamin Accelerator coaster. Only KK and TTD are longer and the majority of people I believe find them to be the one trick pony variety. This helps my summation that Storm Runner is probably my favorite of this type of coaster.
  7. These 2 bad boys at the Jolly Roger in Ocean City, MD. Although the Wildcat they have now is a different version. It has a small tire driven uphill hump before the lift and it is red. Credit RCDB Credit RCDB
  8. It seems as though the log flume gained some decent speed rounding the curve before the drop.......and then took off like a bat outta hell on the way down!!!! Love a good flume!
  9. This seems to be the thought everywhere, but I just aerial viewed the park and the coaster pretty much hugs the perimeter of the park with the parking lot right up next to it. Doesn't seem like much of any kind of room for any type of waterpark expansion????
  10. Didn't they just throw a lot of money into refurbishing most of the ride? That kinda sucks. I hate to see good rides go in the name of expansion........
  11. Nice!Will there be any impact on the airtime at the end? I believe this is the main brake before the station.....so no, the ride itself will still be the same, just the final brake before entering the station.
  12. Interesting, I wonder if they are removing something or are they expanding in the parking area where they look to be assembling it now. From aerial images they seem to have a bit of room between First ST. and the inlet on the side where the Zipper stands.
  13. I may only be 42, but going back through this thread I feel really old when I think of the rides I have already ridden when the majority of the posters were born....LOL
  14. Trimpers in Ocean City, MD is adding a new coaster..........
  15. Finally....someone else who prefers "normal" beer!!!! LMAO
  16. This is why we love them.......the fear factor. LOL
  17. On RCDB if you select a park, on the page it has a link that lists parks nearby with the distance.
  18. ^ Maybe that is what I was thinking of.....you have to get stamped from the park to go to the zoo. Therefore I figured you must be able to access the park from a Zoo entrance also.......at least if you walk out that way you don't have to walk so damn far to access the restaurants on that side of the perimeter......LOL.
  19. It is probably going to be busy that weekend, but temperatures, and rain could have an effect on that. The Boardwalk, all the water rides, and Laff Trakk are expected to be closed. What you could do is park in the parking garage behind The Hershey Story Museum, cross over the covered walkway over the railroad tracks and all the way down and around to the park entrance (if you don't mind the walk and don't want to pay for parking). It is about a 10 to 15 minute walk and there is a sidewalk all the way down. You also get some great views of Skyrush and the other rides as well. Am I imagining this or is there an entrance from the ZooAmerica side?
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