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  1. Agreed^ The Rock n' Roll only flips in the one spot then has the free motion to keep going though. I guess they are thinking about the flip action.
  2. You brought back some memories! When I was a kid, we use to go to Rocky Point Park every weekend in the summer! The Corkscrew was right by the main entrance of the park. They had 2 Coasters, one Arrow & one Schwarzkopf. Can't forget about the last big ride install they did before closing the doors, Intamin Freefall, crazy when your a little kid riding that for the first time! Not bad for a family fun park. The best thing about Rock Point was for $12 bucks you could ride all the rides!!!
  3. Looking forward to this since I now reside back in Florida!!! I've been to the HHN in Orlando before but not BGT for their event. Should be a good October this year!!!!! Whooooooo!
  4. Glad you liked it!!! I feel the same way about my home park. I hope SFOG does something soon. Like superman, they just slapped it down and didn't even them it with the rest of the area. I guess in a way they did, by putting it in the americana area of the park but that was it!
  5. Anyway, I know Raging Bull doesn't usually get a lot of positive attention, but it looks really fun to me. Would you like some nsure & approaches....lmao.....That's awesome! I forgot all about them, oh well! Glad you liked the pictures! That park was a blast!!!
  6. Sorry it's a little late than never guys and gals!!!!! I mean't to post this way back but got side tracked with work and all! So last year the GF and I went on a trip to see her family up north in good ole IL!!!! I've never been so of coarse I was in. We drove from Atl all the way to Rochelle,IL. What a drive!!!!! Very long and boring once you cross over into IL. Stayed with family for a few days and saw lots of flat land! If you know what I mean? So first order of our IL excurssion is, dahdahdahhhhhhhhhhhh! Sis Flags Great America!!!!!!! All I can say is that this park is my favorite! So far hands down!!!! I'm sure as this season approtches that it will change I'm nsure. It was clean , themed, and had flash passes! No line? We are there!!!! It was well worth the extra money for it, as we rode Raging Bull over and over and over!!! I hope everyone enjoy's this park as much as we did!! Sorry the pictures are in no order, but I hope you enjoy them! Navy Pier will be up next! Hmmmmm, Elixir! Got wood? Vipers Station Viper Top of the lift Demon Nomed Demon Loop! Loop Deux! If you look closely you can see some Arrow Love! Fun Arrow Looper! Fun flat ride Broke down to many times that day, no ride River Rocker, no ride The Demon! V2 V2 Twisty Spike Ragin Cajun, fun mouse coaster Whizzer POV Best ride in the park! Need I say more? Were here!!!!!! Love the old skool rides! Going up! Where's the restroom? Just like our Superman! This was the first ride of the day! RB lift Where are we again? One of the nice themed areas! Ricochet!!!! RB lift Love this pic with the flag! The ride that breaks down over and over again! I leave you with spin'n puke!!!!
  7. So I have to ask? Was Viper smooth? Out of all the woodies I've ever been on, Viper was the smoothest yet by far!!!!! I love this SF Park! They have every area themed, that was a plus. It has a really good flow to the park, plus lots of flats. I wish my home park would step it up or do something really nice! I know SFOG is a nice park but SFGAM I think kills ours in scenery, rides and theming!
  8. Happy Birthday!!!! Hope you have a great birthday weekend!!!!
  9. [tprtv]http://www.themeparkreview.com/coastertube/play.php?vid=AdventuelandUSA_2[/tprtv] I figured this was a good time time for some winter coaster action! Plus the weather was 32 degrees that day but we didn't care! Enjoy
  10. Not anymore....2006 was the last year it was open all year. Now they only open it during fright fest.
  11. Looks like a killer time guys! I smell a road trip sometime soon....Love the golf pose Derek! Wheres Bob Barker when you need him? lmao!!!!
  12. What a great report, thank you for sharing!!!!! I'll be at SFGA next week!!!! I hope the parking pass that I got here from SFOG lets us park up front? Does anyone know? Any info on the park would be great. Do they have Flash Passes? I figured if the park is packed we might get one since there a group of us going!
  13. Nice report!!!! 2 more weeks and I get to ride the BULL! Looks like a fun park!
  14. Rocky Point was a blast!!!!!! For 12 bucks you could ride all the rides!!!! I had my first freefall ride there when I was 10. You couldn't beat RP for the money and fun that it packed! I have to say though, the "FLUME" had to of had the biggest drop on any flume i've ever been on. The House Of Horrors was one of the oldest dark rides i've been on. I think some artist from RI help with the design or something like that. Two Coasters,Freefall,Flume and a bunch of flat rides was once RP!
  15. I also rode it at Circus World!!!!! I loved that ride, scary as a kid but man once you rode it you were hooked!!!!!! Give it a nice home here!!!!!!in the us!!!!!
  16. Good old Dixieland...The south's best erector set coaster!!!! The backseat gives the best ride for how small. Great trip guys!!!!!
  17. Scott-"Weiner Looping with ONLY lap bars!" Man I remember when I was kid and rode that...OMG I was so scared the first time but after that it was on like donkey kong!!!!!! I miss the old school rides like that, we need more like that!
  18. Man Texas looks like some fun!!!!!!!!Road trip! Thank you for sharing your trip!
  19. What trains are those on the psyclone? They don't look like PTC's.
  20. Hope you have a wonderful day! Happy Birthday!
  21. I just wanted to wish everyone on here and the Alveys a Merry Christmas! I hope Santa was good to everyone and that your having a wonderful holiday! Happy Coastering! ADMIN EDIT: Merged into the pre-existing xmas thread.
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