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  1. Ok, so I'm a dork.....I should have known GCII trains, MF trains correct?...duh...lol....Are the restraints that different from the PTC ones? I haven't been on o MF train yet but the PTC ones I have plenty of room.....
  2. The city is about 10-15 minutes from the park. The season pass office is right behind the ticket booths in front of the park on the left side if your looking at the front gate. Avis? couldn't tell you......I hope that helps?
  3. I think it's time for a pier park trip! Looks like you guys had a freaking blast!
  4. I'll be getting my tix as it gets closer.....Plus if they do anything with the movie Dead Silence...man the lady in that movie was scary........bwhaaaaaaaaa
  5. Thank you for the input guys....helps a lot.....
  6. Thank you! Are the seats in the front of each coaster car better? Cause I sat in the ones in the back of the coaster car......
  7. Ok so the GF and I never got to SFGadv on our road trip, but we did make it to SFA which I will post all the pics in another post. Ok so my question is.....At SFA they have Superman Ride of Steel, and Intamin coaster. Well being the big guy I'am I tried the test seat first just to make sure I would fit. Well I could buckle the seat belt no problem in the test seat, but when it was time to get on the ride my seatbelt was a little short. I couldn't get it buckled, I was bummed big time! but I will be back to ride it...Ok so to finish my question is....Are the seatbelts different from the test seat in length, or does it varies? from seat to seat.....was just curious......Thank you......
  8. Check this out....I use to love these ride! My first schwarzkopf First FreeFall ride ever! I think I was 9-10 or so.... House of Horrors
  9. Last time I was there was when it was Riverside Park. Plus Rocky Point was still open...Man I miss Rocky point for some old skool fun!!!!! The Flume that was there had the biggest drop yet that I've seen so far! I don't think that we'll have time for SFNE, we'll see? But I know we made time for SFGadv......I know while I'm in RI I have to have some Del's....lol....I think theres one right by my Grandma's....I was just up there in march....Really hasn't changed that much...The Mall downtown huh? Might have to go check it out. I know I want to go to NK where I grew up and Wickford. Thanx for the info ECZenith that helps alot my friend!
  10. So the GF and I are leaving Sunday for Rhode Island, my home state! Ten days of some business and fun. Since I have to go to RI for some fam business, I figured it would be a great time to hit up SFGadv, since we didn't go last year. And hit up the old skool woodie "Cyclone"....Man I can't wait!!!!!!Any tips would be great, and I will be taking some pictures so hopefully I'll have a nice TR when we get back......
  11. Pimpin' ain't easy, thats awsome...Great trip! Looks like you guys had a good time. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Vekomaland comes to the Atl! Looks like a cool concept, hope it all works out.....New place to go have fun. The picture on the site of the train, isn't that the new Vekoma train? I wish Ninja @ SFOG had those then maybe it would be a better ride.....
  13. Thanx guys glad you all like the pics.....It was a lot fun!
  14. Just ordered one for me and one for my lady! Can't wait to rock it at the parks!!!!!!!!
  15. So yesterday the"GF" Lauren and I headed out to Lake Winnie for our fist ever experience at an old skool park. Man we were very impressed, great vibe, fun rides and lots of mullets!!!! Yes I said mullets! That was the main hairstyle of the day! LMAO.... Now back to the park, overall we had a great time and will be back for a weekend getaway for some good-ole family fun, which hopefully the family can make it out next time! Enjoy the pics! Lake Winnie Pirate....Arghhhhhhhhhhhh! Across the lake Me on Oh-Zone The Cannon Ball The Cannon Ball train going up the lift hill Lauren & I Lauren on the puke and spin! Tilt-A-Whirl Orbiter Across the lake The Carousel Castle...Fun dark ride Midway Midway Paddle boat ice cream house and lake Midway Paddle Boats and Alpine sky lift Me about to get dropped on Oh-Zone! Me doing my signature rockstar move on Oh-Zone Hope you enjoyed my first Photo TR!!!! Robb if the pics are to big let me know....
  16. When did you guys go? We went yesterday for the first time. We really liked it a lot....Nice little park for the whole family!
  17. NiceTR Joe! Looks like the restraints on MM weren't that roomy!....Looks like you had fun though...
  18. "Do you mean you can scan four rides then get a time for each one after the one before it is done" Yes^, Sorry I guess I should have made that more clear..my bad...After you ride the first ride you scanned the next one in line on your Q-Bot that you have already scanned, will give you a ride time and so on...Yes you can ride as many as you want, but the bot can only hold 4 at a time...which sux...but you can bypass everyone which is very nice!
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