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  1. Sweet! thanx guys! now I can see where I want to go.....
  2. I was wondering if any Six Flags parks are open yr. round? I went to the site but it only goes to december of this yr. My b-day is in Feb. and I was thinking of a trip out to SFMM if it's open? Have to hit the big 30 in style....
  3. Thanx for the info.....Maybe they will change them in the near future...
  4. I have a question about the restraints? I'm a big guy too...but whats the difference between the intamin ones like you said?If you can have a B&M one fit you should be straight right? Just would like to know for the future...sorry you couldn't ride it man
  5. What day was it that you guys were there at SFOG? I was there on saturday....Glad you guys had fun!
  6. What about the trains? It looks like theres no more bash bar divider...individual seating now which looks better and I'm sure it feels better too!
  7. Goliath @ SFOG front row! smile for the camera
  8. Thats awsome that Hydra has that tiwst in the beginning before the lift!Looks like you guys had some fun !
  9. Yeah, that's what I though too. Oh well. While it's always sad to lose a park, seriously, did any "enthusaists" really go to this place on a regular basis? It looked more like a "water park with a few rides...." I can't even tell you how many times I passed right by this park without stopping. It was just always like "Meh, I don't need a kiddie woodie credit that bad...." Hopefully if they had any decent slides they'll go to another good water park! --Robb I agree not much going on there!
  10. Looks like you guys had a cool trip.Disneyland is one place i'd love to go check out!
  11. Ok I just want to make sure this is correct? In the booklets that they give you when you get your season pass it says that the last day at the park is november4th for season pass holders only, but when you go to there site you can't find anything on it.......hmmmmmmm, so can anyone else confirm this? thanx.......
  12. Thats the ride! I use to ride the Hurricane like crazy at the fairs when I was a kid!
  13. This is the last weekend for it here in the good ole Atl.....It's a creepy but fun exhibit........
  14. Thanx for all your input and help guys....
  15. Thanx! I can't wait to ride ElToro!!!!!!!!!
  16. Ok, as we get closer for our trip, we have a new problem. Since my GF has a new job and can't take more days off like she wanted to for our original plans. We have to fly the weekend were going now which is fine but my question is? Is Newark the closest airport or the best? and how far is the airport/hotels from the park? I've found some great package deals online so far but if you guys have any great places to look for packages by all means........
  17. I know hear at our park they have this card where after you rent the flash pass 4 times the fifth one is free....I have 2 cards filled up fo some free beeeeeeeeeees! Thanx for the info
  18. Wow the park was crazy packed! I hope it won't be like that in October? Do you guys know if the frequent user cards are good at all the parks for the Flash Pass?
  19. Those are it guys the (Spacewarp)......man I miss mine....I had lots of crazy tracks as well...Might have to get one again......
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