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  1. Nice trip my friend!!! Do the new trains have more room than the PTC ones? Was curious about that....
  2. When I interviewed Nick back in March, he said that about 80 percent of the ride was getting re-tracked. Some of the non re-tracked sections still appear a little rough to me, but that might just be me. Guess I'll find out Thursday! I agree! Looks like everything before the lift hill is super rough. But once you go down the drop the rest is super smooth! The train looked like it was about to stop on the hill coming back out of the tunnel. Still looks like a great ride though!!!
  3. Great video Robb! Can't wait to ride this bad boy!!! #keyholed
  4. Wow Deja Vu is gone! Love that ride when SFOG had theirs......I'll have to make it out to SFMM soon....
  5. What about PTC 1seat trains??? They never released them but this might work well for the Voyage??
  6. ^Agreed! It's just a shame that it's taking so long to get them tested and up and running!
  7. I think its time to scrap the Timberliners and go with some Millennium Flyers for the Voyage! Just sayin......
  8. OK, I need some help on which one to stay at in Feb. Chula Vista or Kalahari Resort in the Dells. They both have pretty good looking indoor water parks and packages but i'm having a hard time deciding which one will be more fun than the other? Not worried about kids since we are going during the week but I would like to know if any on here has been to either one and is so how did you like it? Price point they are both about the same so that's a no brainer....lol...Any incite would be awesome!!!! Thank you so much!
  9. Comet was such a classic coaster. Sad to see Lincoln Park gone! At least I had the pleasure to go there as a kid!
  10. Looks amazing!!!! Does the lift hill seem faster than other B&M Hypers?
  11. Merry Christmas Alvey's & TPR!!!!! Have a Happy Holiday! Thank you for the download!
  12. Your dancing was astonishing Robb! Great video! Love the meteorologist action in the beginning! Good job guys!
  13. So how was your ride on MHE?....it was BEEPBEEPBEEPBEEP.... Makes your wonder about Togo? I've been on the King Cobra when I was a kid and don't remember that being rough.... Thanks for the laugh Robb!
  14. BB Karaoke style with Wes & Ryan! Coming to bar near you! Dukes of hazard style!
  15. Love how Elissa says "It's not that deep" but your a$$ will get soaked! lmao, that video is priceless!
  16. Thanx Robb, great video! Nothing like getting a dog coaster farting on you!
  17. The woodie looked pretty good? What was the creepy looking building? Some kind of haunted house?
  18. No Worries Robb! There will be next time I hope? Yeah It was strange, but oh well. That's the power of the internet I guess...lol
  19. Yes he did but I couldn't even place it. The site kept bogging out on me where I couldn't even get to that part. I logged out and back in and that didn't even work. Tried that several times. No worries
  20. I tried yesterday several times to download it and I couldn't even get that far! It kept on timing out on me. I think everyone was trying to get it at once...lol... I guess that happens from time to time...I tried. Thank you Robb for the freebie, but I guess I was the one that lucked out since I could never actually get the download to load. I'll just have to keep out for the next one!
  21. ^ I think that's B&M trademark right now, lots of , Goliath at SFOG is like that in the front or back, middle not so much. Looks like it's going to be a great ride! Might just have to road trip next year!
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