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  1. The "Twist and Shout" coaster i think is a clone of the "Scorpion" at BGT. Love that lay out! Was my first looping coaster!
  2. You can load up to 4 rides. But which everone you scanned first is the ride you have ride to first, then it will give you a ride time for you second ride that you scanned. I would get the "Gold" upgrade that way your not running around the park waiting to get on your next ride...Everytime we go to SFOG we get one with gold and wait maybe 15 minutes or so. It's worth it I think!
  3. Then they don't get into the queue and you can laugh at them as you go up the lift.. right Doug? Thank you sir!!!!!Goliath Tomorrow!!!!!!!Man it's ride time!
  4. Joe...You can get in early on sunday? what if you have friends with you and they don't have passes? Anyone else going on Easter? We have a big group going....should be a nice cool fun day!
  5. Here's the messed up thing...My GF has a friend that works at SFOG, and he told us that the radio station "Q100" was only letting in 3,000 people for free. But on the air "Q100" was telling people that as long as you were in line between 6-9am you would get in for free. So I called "Q100" yesterday to find out? The guy on the phone told me that SFOG was lying and that everyone would get in if you were in line between those times. Sounds to me like "Q100" was the big liars in this case!!!!!!!Oh and the one guy on the station "Hoss" was challenging people to out ride him on Goliath...lmao...He has no knowledge about coasters and was being a moron about the whole thing...I hope he got his butt beat by the ladies that challenged him!
  6. I really like how Air and Nemesis are close to the ground and go in and out and around objects.....Great video Robb!!!!!Thanx for the share!
  7. Scorcher has a bit for a split second....it depends on where you ride on the train.
  8. Wild Adventures looks pretty good! Does the park ever get busy? It seems like that all the pictures i've seen from trs, the place is always dead....Plus it looks like they have a lot of flat rides which is always nice. I wish SFOG had more flat rides....Nice trip Joe!
  9. Where was that? Road Runner? I'll have to look for it next time!
  10. Man I wish I did! Glad you enjoyed Mindbender.....For an oldskool ride it's one of my fav's! Hopefully we'll get some cold weather, cause thats when the park is dead.....Glad your first time was a good one!
  11. So here's a quicky for you. The GF and I arrived @ SFOG at about 2:30pm today. Got our passes, which by the way has lots of good coupons in the booklet!!!! After getting through the gates we "B" line it to the Flash Pass building. Yes! the park was very busy and we didn't have much time to ride.So we got the gold pass to play it safe. And were off to kick off our season, GOLIATH! back seat of course for the most air time! Which it's a nice way to get the blood pumping.Lots and lots and lots of air time!!!!After Goliath we head to SUF. I noticed as we were walking I saw some ACE members. I guess there was an event for them or something.Thats ok they noticed me cause I was sporting the nice TPR shirt! Thanx Robb.... ...So as we walk up to SUF the regular line was a 2 an half hour wait, no thanks. Thank you Flash Pass for your quickness! We bailed though before it was time for us to get on. We just weren't feeling it today so we returned our pass, and the girl was nice to refund our money since I think we were in the park a total hour or so. .Then we were of to the casa! One thing I did like is that they have spent a lot of time fixing up the park and kinda rearranging things so that was a nice fresh look! It's a little weird that Freefall is gone. I'm so use to seeing a tower of steel over by the Mindbender. Not any more.......The next trip will be better and hopefully with pictures...until next time keep on coastering!
  12. I'll just have to get my butt back in the gym so I can ride some rides that I really want to ride this year! Thanks for all the info guys!
  13. See I'm 6ft. and weigh the same and the gut as well. I can ride all the rides at my home park SFOG and have no problems...so hopefully i'll be ok....thanks again guys.
  14. Ok so I have a question? I'm a big guy and love coasters! I was wondering, since I can ride B&M,Vekoma,Arrow and woodies with no problem, would I have any problems riding a Intiman coaster? Were planning a trip up to SFGadv in June since last yrs trip fell through and I really want to ride KK and ET....any advice or feedback please....thanks!
  15. The feeling of the new site is nice. Will take a bit to get use to it...but i'm sure the next few days they will be getting all the bugs and kinks worked out....SFOG saturday here we come!
  16. Watched it last night. I thought it was pretty cool how they built it! I neede some coaster tv action.....
  17. You should have it was a great day! Next time! I hope they do it again in the in the fall. Nothing like riding coasters in the coooooooool weather.
  18. I saw you guys getting on the swings when we were heading to the Mindbender....I thought it was you guys What an awsome day!Hope you guys had fun as much as we did!
  19. Did anyone go? I thought I saw Joe there? and I noticed ACE was there as well. You couldn't ask for a more beautiful day. The lines were dead, walk ons on all the rides which is always nice,plus everything in the park was 50% off,yeah!!!!!!!!waht a great day all in all
  20. Great trip! Makes me want to go next yr.....Thanx for sharing your pix
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