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  1. Thank you for the memories!!!! When I use to go down to my grand parents house every year in feb. as a kid we would go to Circus World! Does anyone have pictures of there face painted? If I can find mine I'll post it..lol...Then when it change to B&B it was still a good time.....Whats about the last coaster that the park got? It was by the entrance to where all the rides were..Weiner looping or something like that...The loop went around the station. It was a fun coaster back then...........Memories!
  2. Dave and Busters has the virtual jump-rope game. It's crazy!!! I've seen kids just rack up points. So whats the difference with the new X2 trains?
  3. Sorry, long day when you work 12-14 hrs, I guess I missed it......
  4. Thanx Joe! I do agree with what you say! The VU is scary as hell but fun ,so I know what you mean, I've seen people watch it and not get on. It just sux cause it's a really great ride and would hate to see them scrap it or sell it for a kiddie land. I don't think another kiddie land will bring in more business for our park though? The kiddie land we have now is always dead......
  5. They could put it where the freefall use to be. Clear all that out for Tomas land!
  6. That ride looks bad ass!!!!!!! Hopefully next year I'll get to the park!
  7. Ok heres a stupid thought! SFOG is taking out the VU but not the crappy ass Ninja? For some stupid kiddie section, imo A kiddie section come on. Who goes to a Sixflags for the kiddie section? If you want family theme parks go to Disney or Seaworld or USO some where touristy for families that offer fun for little kids. SixFlags I thought was more know for thrills not diaper spills! Hello Mcfly is there anyone home, heeeeeeeeellllllllllloooooooo! I hope that they keep the VU and move it else where in the park and replace the crappy ass Ninja! It would be a stupid move on SFOG if they got rid of it! Save the VU!!! I know it's not up and running all the time but more people ride it then they do the Ninja! The only reason I would go to SFOG is for the Minbender,The VU,Goliath, thats it, you take one of them out and which is next to go? Mindbender, maybe so they can put more crap in the park for families instead for the thrill seekers! I know I won't be buying a season if they keep doing crap like this.Love stupid people!!!!!!!!
  8. Killer pics guys! Thanx Robb!!!! I have a question though, did Venus get new trains? They look different from before? Keep on happy coastering!
  9. I wish the us had some cool ski area like that!
  10. I have a stupid question? These trips don't include airfare correct? Cause I did the math for the Europe one and it's like 4,500-5,000 with airfare just to go. Flights are like 1500.00 bucks alone round trip, unless someone has the hook up on airfare? I think it's not a lot but at the same time it is on the pricey side!
  11. I'm thinking of skipping HHN this year and coming to BG instead! Is all the rides up and running during HowlScream? And is it worth the trip to go one weekend?
  12. The Cyclone at that park looks like the one from Rock Point when I was a kid!
  13. What a great time you guys are having!!!!!!The pics and videos are awsome!
  14. Skull Mountain was running, then it was down the rest of the day! I was trying a new way to link the photos so thats why they are smaller. But like CFC said you can click on them.....
  15. That sux about the luggage! That happen to me once......knock on wood never again! good luck, but I hope you guys are having fun!
  16. Ok I know it's a little late but I've been so busy with work and and everything, so I finally got all the pictures that I want to post ready. So here goes....... The GF and I took a road trip up to New England so I could take care of some family business. We hit up Maryland,Atlantic City-NJ, Long Island-NY, Cranston-RI "my home town"! So on our way back we were originally going to go to SFGadv but with hotel and a flash pass it was a little pricey. So we opted to hit up SFA in Maryland. Free place to stay since my buddy and his wife live in Manchester,MD. It wasn't to far from the park thank god, about an hour away! So thats what was on the plan B agenda. So we head out from my buddies house at about 11:30am for our new venture!!!!Whoooooooooo, SFA here we come! We arrive at the park at 12:30pm with no wait at the entrance. Parking was a little more than my home park SFOG, but only by like five bucks. We paid for the up front parking, which is very nice when the main entrance is only about 100 feet from your car. As we walk up to the entrance gates I get bombarded by a park manager. "Here sir have a free map and I hope you have a fun filled day" must have been the new TPR Shirt? Thanks Robb...lol....Once in I head straight for the flash pass booth which we didn't even need cause everyone was at the waterpark on the other side of the park. Oh well it was only ten bucks for five tickets. First up "Wild One" What a fun old skool woodie, with a very cool double up and down. Then It was time for some steel action "SROS" which in my other post I was talking about how I couldn't ride. No worries I will don't worry! So after that it made sense to head to "Batwing" where I got spotted by another TPRRRRRRRRR! Quazi, great to meet you my friend! So all tree of us sat in the same row on "Batwing". It was our first time on a Vekoma flyer and man was it crazy!!!! I was so scared but it was so much fun and had more elements that S:UF at SFOG that my GF like it even better too! Jokers Jinx was still closed as we passed by on the way to "Roar" in the middle of the park. I have to say "Roar" is my new favorite woodie! It was fast,fun,love the turns, and it wasn't that bumpy for a woodie, which is always nice It was so good I rode it twice! Now this might be a shocker? I rode their SLC "Minderasure" and I didn't think it was that rough at all. I read all the post about how most SLC are really rough. This one was quite enjoyable and fast! We walked around for a bit and saw that "JJ" was finally open, yeah!!!!!!!! This was gonna be my first LIM Spag-Bowl experience and I couldn't wait to ride!!!! I decided to sit in the very last seat and was ready for my ride! Let me say that SFOG needs one very badly, I would ride it over and over again!!!! So overall the park was nice, very flat and some of the rides weren't up and running but a season pass does help for cheap entry! Here are some pictures that we took and I hope you enjoyed our Trip! Keep on coastering! Entrance Me in the back seat on Roar doing my rockstar move Me on Minderasure Me on Roar again in the second row Me in front of Roar Skull Island SROS SROS SROS and Batwing SROS at the end Jokers Jinx Hall of Justice Gotham City Wild One
  17. We were in row 5 and the vibrations from the wheels were all the way to the end when the train came to a complete stop! Something just doesn't seem right?
  18. I let the park know about the way the ride ops were checking the restraints, and how Goliath felt when we rode it. How the wheels felt like they had flat spots.
  19. I sent an e-mail today to the park. So now it's the waiting game, I guess we'll see?
  20. Ok, so the GF and I went to SFOG lastnight for the fireworks. We had 2hrs to ride and see the fire works! 7pm= freeeeee parking, season pass=freeeeee entry, the worst ride on Goliath= priceless! Goliath was so rough that I felt like I was on GASM or GA Cyclone. I think it's time for SFOG to check and change some wheels. It felt like flat spots were in the urethane of the wheels. I think it could cause a real issue if they don't fix the problem, especially as the season keeps going through out the year! We rode it in the beginning of the year and all year last year and never felt anything like this before. Ok enough about the wheels. My second issue is i notice on all the coasters yesterday that the ride ops didn't care about the safety of riders. For example two trains back to back on Goliath I didn't see the ride ops check the harness in row 5 and row 6, like they can just skip them? I wish the Six Flags group would make sure that the ride ops pay attention to peoples safety! Should I contact the park and let them know?
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