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  1. It kinda looks like a conch all out of the shell......hmmmmmm yeah i'll pass! thanx Robb.........
  2. Awsome guys thanx for the info! Were gonna go the second weekend in October, Friday the 13th...bwahaaaaaaaaa! so hopefully it will be nice out then. Thats what we were thinking as well hoodie,pants,skull caps.....guys thanx again for the imput.......
  3. See that what i'm thinking^...the date we picked the park is open from 10am-11pm......so i was think hoodie,hat,gloves maybe?
  4. Ok guys and gals, since everyone has been so helpfull on here. The GF and I had to change our plans for SFGadv in NJ. We were set for the first week in Aug. what a bummer but the good news is that were still going this yr! So my questions are, are all the coasters open in October?Is it really cold then? And is the park busy? thanx
  5. The weekdays aren't to bad...Superman,Goliath and DejaVu*if it's open*will have the longest lines 15-30 mins. Everything else will be dead,you should be able to get right on....
  6. Elissa, could you please put "Got Coasters?" under mine please:) thank you:)
  7. I just rode DejaVu for the first time and it was scary being pulled up that spike,but all I did was focus on the panel in front of me till they dropped us. Try focusing on something and that might help. It helped me, now I love DejaVu! Heights scare me too,but for some reason when I'm on a coaster I feel safe. When the harness is secure I'm good to go.....
  8. And to top it all off,the dumb ass missed his target but yet lets hit some innocent people instead. what a tool.....I think if you shoot someone and they catch you for what you did to that person or persons...they get to do the same to you....eye for an eye!
  9. Ok thats freaking crazy, I was at the park as well. When my GF and I walked out the gates, she was the one that pointed it out to me,look at all the Police,FM,EMT....We didn't know what was going on but this did answer our question. I wish people would stop shooting, killing everyone cause your a thug. Thug this!!!!!Shooting someone doesn't make you hard, it makes you a wuss! If you can't fight with your hands,but your ready to cap someone,your a wuss and you deserve everything coming to you! Karma is a bitch, and it will get you big time!....Sorry guys just a little rant, it makes me mad when crap like this happens......Looks like SFOG will be having some beef'd up secuity now.
  10. It looks like they fixed it. It didn't seem like they had any problems with it...so hpefully it will be open for you! Oh and as for Goliath the backseat is nutts if you want nothing but air time....
  11. So today my GF and I went to SFOG for a little 4th of July coaster action.....put it this way the park was dead!!!!I mean dead...that was a nice sign,I hate it when the parks busy. So on to the main point last time we were there I puss'd,(Mr.I'll ride any coaster)..puss'd out! But I promised the GF that next time we went I would ride Deja Vu....Well today was that day and let me tell you.....I loved it!!!!!!!It was scary as s@#t so I rode it twice....the first time was more up front,the second was in the back. Man when they take you up the tower and your in the back,it's freaking nutts! The drop is the best part, that and going backwards.....Just wanted to share with you my adventure today...Happy Coastering:)
  12. We booked our room at a Best Western, I think it's in freehold...The site said the park was about 15 mins out...Thanx again guys for all your help!!!!
  13. Thanx for all the input guys. See I was thinking Freehold as well,I even looked at maps around there.....thanx again guys.
  14. Ok guys, so my GF and I decided on SF in NJ, vs Baltimore/DC SF....We want to go ride Kingda Ka & El Toro. So my question is I'm trying to find a hotel thats right by the park and all I keep finding is hotels that are 20 miles out. Is that true? Those are the closest? Any help would be greatly appreciated....thank you:) Oh yeah,one more thing cheap!!!!!!!!!
  15. We get the pass all the time at our park SFOG, It's $40 bucks for 2 if you want the regular pass, but the Gold is the way to go,you pay more but the ride time is cut by 75% so you can pretty much scan and ride.....have fun:)
  16. it's a little rough,but not as bad as some other woodies...so yes I will agree with you:)
  17. Those look really cool! would be nice if Ninja got them......
  18. Thanx,I've been there and the sites on SF site.....just want to find one close by but cheap....thanx again for the info.
  19. So me and my girlfriend have decided to go on a trip the end of july. We want to got to another sixflags park,and I think we've decided on DC/Baltimore or the one in Nj....they both have great coasters and was wondering if anyone had great places to stay or any other tips about the parks? Thank god for season passes,which you can use at other sixflags correct?......thanx guys.....
  20. Ninja at SFOG man we ride it last week and the brakes at the end, man! They stopped so hard that the whole thing shook and you go flying into the harnesses.....I thought the ride was about to fall apart.....
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