Halloween Horror Nights 20 - Opening Weekend MEGA THREAD!

Page 2. Two new HHN reviews and photos.
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Re: HHN 20 - Opening Weekend MEGA THREAD!

Postby live2tell75 » Tue Sep 28, 2010 3:54 am

^ This is pretty standard. When it is busy (which is about 95% of the time), the houses are always a steady conga line flow. This is how they try to keep the line moving. I agree with you I would much rather wait a minute to let small groups go in. I actually will slow down to give some space between the people in front of me and myself, so I won't see every scare in ahead of me. This usually helps a lot.

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Re: HHN 20 - Opening Weekend MEGA THREAD!

Postby ernierocker » Tue Sep 28, 2010 5:17 am

Thanks for all the reports and pictures!

Sounds like they didn't use the majority of the parade house this year like it was rumored. I figured the reason they incorporated the Mardi Gras floats into a scarezone was so they could use the whole building. Or perhaps the warehouse rooms at the beginning and end take up a lot of the space?

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Re: HHN 20 - Opening Weekend MEGA THREAD!

Postby BBparks57 » Wed Sep 29, 2010 8:11 am

I was glad to see the one float out though, was a nice touch.

Last night my buddy and I got a free night stay at the Portofino which was pretty awesome. We went to CityWalk to grab a few drinks, and I noticed HRRR running with no lights on. Later, as we kept walking, we noticed the lift hill lights were on, and they were still testing...but a few moments after a car cleared the lift, the lights shut off again. I thought it was strange, possible they are actually opening it?

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Re: HHN 20 - Opening Weekend MEGA THREAD!

Postby jedimaster1227 » Wed Sep 29, 2010 9:43 am

So after much delay, here are the photos from my return visit this past Saturday. I'll likely be going back on Thursday as well, so expect some more photos down the road from that visit.
When they say Saws n' Steam, they mean a lot of steam!
If you can make it out, you can see the victim on the former Frankenstein slab.

It seems Universal really upped the fog factor this year!
"I've got my eye on you!"
I hate to tell you this folks, but those "two brand new shows" from Brian Brushwood? They are complete rehashes of his previous show. He did two tricks that I hadn't seen him do before at Horror Nights, and I had seen those performed by him on TV several years ago.
I think he's a cousin of Mustard-faced man from Containment...

(If you read my trip report from last year's event, you'll know who I'm talking about.)
Thumbs < Thumb (according to TPR regulars).
Stop itching! It'll never heal when you keep picking at it!
The parade float in Zombie Gras served as an interesting show scene with a non-zombie performer being cornered by a zombie performer. It was believable and amusing, to say the least.
Wind instruments are deadly.

String instruments are safe.
Rat Lady returns, as always...
A new shirt for this year... Too bad the show was somewhat lame this year.
It never hurts to include one of these...
Over in the Coven, this "barker" was getting burned alive.
See? Burned alive.
"Something... Something... Something... Darkside. Something... Something... Something... Complete."
"Tony, stop filming me!"
This witch was pulling the pilgrim's invisible leash to take him offstage.

Such a creative way to go about a shift change!
Esqueleto Muerte isn't really scary, just sortof cool!
The costumes were creative in their designs...
Look everyone, its Glowfest!
Sans flash.
Hello you!
Ready for the kill!
I couldn't believe they actually brought back the Crypt Keeper for this event!
Unfortunately, he sat right next to one of the fog machines, so he was a bit hard to get a photo with. I think most people missed seeing him because of the fog.
Frankenstein from last year's house also made a return!
Pigface also made an appearance!
Strappingly virile, right Guy?
Correction from the previous update: these are new Alices. Proceed as scheduled, but know that they are new.

Either way, the Alice character is awesome, so to all who have or do play her, kudos!
This pumpkinhead is better than the one of the movie namesake.
Static or live? You tell me.
"Beware the curse of Mary Shaw, she had no children, only dolls...."
I just realized that her head looks like a certain anniversary cupcake I ate in California not too long ago.
This wasn't staged. I love Chance for this very reason--she pulled a mischievous pose while I wasn't looking!
Can I tell you a story?
Cindy was interesting, but there didn't seem to be much to her as a character. She was almost too quiet to interact with.
I heard somebody complained about one scareactor who played Eddie having blond hair.

I'm just happy we have Eddie out and about at an event. I don't take it too seriously.
"Why thank you for pointing me in the right direction Julian!"
The things he showed me terrified me beyond words.

His flashlight emitted lots of ringy-ding-ding-a-lingys and fluffy fluffy bunnies filled with medicine and goo!
I have nothing to fear, including Fear himself.
He's an interesting canvas to see in person, but you only see him here, which is a little strange.
I declare thee, Darth XXus. RISE!
In the plaza between E.T., Woody Woodpecker and the Animal Actors theater, icon projections depict the five tools of Fear.

And Vengeance.
Oh, and for good measure...

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Re: HHN 20 - Opening Weekend MEGA THREAD!

Postby Guy T. Koepp » Wed Sep 29, 2010 10:55 am


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Re: HHN 20 - Opening Weekend MEGA THREAD!

Postby Gambit » Wed Sep 29, 2010 11:53 am

Adam- the face you make in every picture makes it look like it's the happiest moment of your life. Lol.

Great pictures! Thanks for sharing :)

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Re: HHN 20 - Opening Weekend MEGA THREAD!

Postby Erik Johnson » Wed Sep 29, 2010 1:40 pm

Yeah there really seemed be an abundance of fog and chainsaws this year.

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Re: HHN 20 - Opening Weekend MEGA THREAD!

Postby disneyfan1313 » Wed Sep 29, 2010 9:30 pm

Finally have some time to give this years event a review! Some background to give my review some perspective... I've attended almost every HHN since the first one and almost always go on the first weekend. I realize the event generally improves after the first weekend but it gives you a good idea of the original intent of the event.

Overall I would place this year somewhere in the middle of previous years. I think I would have been a bit more impressed if it wasn't marketed as a huge anniversary year. I love the fact that they continue to be more innovative with the houses each year and try new and improved technologies and scares but the outside scare zones seemed to me to be the weakest they have been in MANY years. As others have said, the fog was SERIOUSLY out of control.... I have never seen them use this many fog machines.

Even with the downsides to this years event - it really is still the best halloween event in the country. I'm going to continue to be more critical than I would with other events because I know what they have done in the past. My thoughts on the individual houses and scare zones are below - ordered from favorite to least.

Spoilers Below...

Houses -
- Legendary Truth - Wyandot Estate: This is not only my favorite house of this year, but one of my favorites of all time. The use of never before seen effects and a fun storyline make it an absolute winner. Make sure you look to your feet at the beginning of the house and go multiple times to catch all the hidden things.
- Horror Nights : The Hallow'd Past - This is the "best of" house. I am VERY glad they didn't just make it about the icons but had some really cool scenes from lesser known by favorite houses like "Ship of Screams". The warehouse scenes in the beginning and end are amazing and really makes you want to go through again and again.
- Catacombs: Black Death Rising - This had some of the only real "scares" for me at this years event. I love the museum theming and the freaky masks just creeped me out.
- Hades - I think I would have rated this higher if I didn't go through during a cast change. Seemed a bit cheesy at first but the medusas gave some awesome scares and the theming is top notch.
- Zombiegeddon - This years "funny" house. I love the tie in with the scare zone outside and the fact they tried to make a storyline with the Zombie Awareness Program. Fun theming outside with zombie traps as you walk in the building.
- The Orfanage - I had such high hopes for this house with the promise of Cindy's appearance and REAL FIRE! The house itself is OK with some very creepy moments and good scares but is a bit crippled by being in the hot and tight jaws queue. The fire effect is exceedingly lame.. no idea why it has been hyped so much.
- Psychoscareapy - This one just made me mad. The other psychoscarapy houses in the past have been AWESOME. Dark, funny and creepy. This one was just.. meh. One cool jail scene effect and the rest was a little boring.
- Havoc : Dogs of War - Wha? This was bad.. really bad. Basically just "soldiers" shooting and screaming. VERY loud with almost no scares.. almost everyone who was walking out was saying how lame it was. I hope they tweak it a bit because in its current state its a little embarrassing.

Scare Zones -
Zombie Gras - This one was just FUN. Really no scares but great theming, fun music, great costumes and great makeup. I love the fact that it ties into the house that it is right outside.
HHN 20 Years of Fear - Well put together with lots of random characters that will jar memories. Heavy on the props to give lots of good scares but all characters were very open for photos.
Fear Revealed - Not a real scare zone...but the big XX logo wit the old icons and fear himself. Really well done little area with backdrops for all of the icons. You can tell there was a lot of care put into this.
Esqueleto Muerte - Once again..no real scares but fun costumes and a good idea to use "Day of the Dead". The Shrek area really is a horrible place for a scare zone.
Saws N Steam - So much promise! Cool steampunk theming but TINY and cramped with WAY TOO MUCH FOG!
The Coven - Um. A couple of 2X4's, random "witch like" characters and some fog does not make a good scare zone. I felt like this was a last minute "lets throw together one more scare zone with the extra $100 we have laying around. LAME.

Bill and Ted - Pretty slow this year. I've heard they have already tweaked it a few times and I hope they will continue. Lack of good movies to make fun of hampered their style but even the dance number was rather boring.

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Re: HHN 20 - Opening Weekend MEGA THREAD!

Postby acq10uaz » Thu Sep 30, 2010 10:09 am

CoasterEricHP wrote:I just found this on Youtube, I sometimes watch this guy and some other "Vloggers" (ShayCarl shout out!). Anyways, this is a great video with a look inside the houses!

MOD EDIT: Links removed. Universal has a strict anti-video/photography policy within their houses and we can not display links to material that violates their rules.

Universal actually hired these people to promote the event and showcase it for people who couldn't make it out to the event. But I think they were told not to show everything so people interested would come, basically like a commercial, which is how the people on YouTube make they're living, by product placements.

Larry, if you don't mind could I post the videos? The had definitely had permission. They even had a tour guide that made sure that they wouldn't get in trouble for filming.

Great pictures everyone. I've got to make it down there one of these days and go to HHN. It looks like an awesome event.

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Re: HHN 20 - Opening Weekend MEGA THREAD!

Postby Josh Q » Thu Sep 30, 2010 12:32 pm

Crazy! I've only been to the HHN in Hollywood but Orlando's looks insane!
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