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  1. Very happy to hear about the height requirement. SW has been pushing this as a family ride, glad to see its come to fruition.
  2. Moving on/distracting you from price increases, the Spongebob Storepants shop in the Kidzone area of USF opened up this past Sunday. Just a few quick pics.
  3. This is truly amazing. While I am a big fan of the big parks here in Orlando, its' the smaller ones that I hope to make a name for itself. Fun Spot will be a MUST stop in 2013.
  4. Hollywood Drive-In Golf: Openining March 1st Operating Hours: 8am - 2am General Admission: Adults (10+) $13.99 Kids (3-9) $8.99 Discounts: 10% Annual Passholder; 10% FL Resident; 10% Sr. Citizen
  5. ^ think more along the lines of hole sizes similar to Winter Summerland and Fantasia Gardens at WDW
  6. Beyondthepalace is part of a lyric taken from Bruce Springsteen's "Born to Run." It is in reference to the now defunct Palace Amusements (Tilly!) in Asbury Park, NJ
  7. There are a lot of thoughts behind what Butterbeer is exactly but it is described as a butterscotch cream soda.
  8. As Adam mentioned, it's at Seafire Inn. That is the nearest restaurant to the front entrance, but not near enough. Guests who are only attending the luau still go through the front gate. As near as I can tell, those guests are simply released back into the park with everyone else when the show is over, so...yeah.... I can't swear to that, though. Maybe there's more to it that I haven't observed. Well I can possibly be wrong but the I think the Luau starts just before park closing so by time the Luau is done, the park is closed so they can only go out the front gate (no rides)
  9. Few years ago when I went to Pigeon Forge/Gburg for our anniversary we were able to grab a map of all the nice light displays and just took our time driving around, taking pics of them. We were not being cheap with not taking the trolley but since we were only in for two short nights we did not do much planning in advance.
  10. Universal Studios Florida (but only to take a few quick pics of Amity/Jaws before work)
  11. ^ The interesting item is that there were park maps for today the 1st and this one is dated the 3rd..will we see a special map for the last day?
  12. Overall, it is going to be nice to see something new in the park regardless of what it is. Granted, a major attraction like this is even better. Guests are always wondering what is new since their last visit. Even if they ride it and didn't enjoy it, it is still a new experience. Maps dated Jan 3rd - 7th show no more Amity but it does look like Fear Factor Live is going to hold on for a while. nojaws.bmp
  13. Riding Big Thunder late would be amazing...too bad it is going to be down for the event (refurb of 1/9 - 5/27)
  14. It certainly is a win-win for the guests. From a park operations standpoint though, its going to be interesting to see how the turnover is from the Leap Year promotion guests to normal day guests on the first (those coming in at 9am)
  15. Adding on: Legoland Old Town Theme Park Fun Spot Kissimmee Dollywood Holiday World & Splashin Safari Cedar Point
  16. Thanks Smisty. Dad is out of hospital and Mom had insane surgery Tues night into Wed morning but so far so good. And yes very happy with all the penguin items!
  17. After a rough few days with both my parents being in the hospital, this very cool Secret Santa package came..making me cheer up a bit
  18. Want to know whats replacing Amity/JAWS? Temporary Walls....yes....plenty and plenty of Walls...whoohoo
  19. Mall theme park and keeping with the mall theme...would you rather shop at Victoria's Secret or Fredrick's of Hollywood?
  20. 2009 - Bruce Springsteen down in Tampa, FL. Certainly enjoyable to sit and enjoy in the lawn but nowhere near the insanity of being along the rail like I was in 2008 up in Jacksonville for Bruce.
  21. Just signed up. I am down to getting whatever is out there (penguin stuff, food items, candy, wtf ever) The tackier the better!
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