Cheese eaters unite!

I love the cheese.
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Cheese eaters unite!

Postby kraxleRIDAH » Thu Oct 25, 2007 9:48 pm

Okay, I did a little search and it turns out TPR doesn't have a topic like this -- which is surprising as I was quite certain every topic that there is to talk about has been covered. Except...



Anybody else really love cheese? I mean the edible kinds you can purchase at the local grocer, not the "funny" term you would use to jokingly describe a certain kind of disgusting bodily discharge or milk produced by pregnant women over the age of 55.

I love Dill Havarti. Love love love it. Best cheese ever. I could eat a whole block of it, and have done so before, but I did get very sick -- probably cause I also drank a lot of milk at the same time. Pepper Jack? Love it. Provolone? Great on sandwiches. Parmesan? Can't eat speghetti or pizza without it.

I can't hang with Bleu cheese though. The one cheese I won't eat.

I also love cottage cheese although I don't think it's technically a cheese --- and cheesecake...can we say best cakes ever created by man?

So...any other cheese eating people out there that want to suggest a great cheese? Cheese haters also welcome to join in on the discussion.

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Postby Wes » Thu Oct 25, 2007 10:03 pm

I think Muenster cheese is fantastic. White cheddar is awesome too!

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Postby kraxleRIDAH » Thu Oct 25, 2007 10:08 pm

I've never heard of meunster cheese...I guess I wasn't the big cheese enthusiast I thought I was...what does it taste like? I'll make an effort to buy some next time I'm buying groceries.

As for white cheddar. What can I say? Cheez-Its in its white cheddar flavor form is probably the best cheese-flavored pre-packaged cracker ever made.

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Postby Sean Menefee » Thu Oct 25, 2007 11:16 pm

I could put Asiago on just about anything and be happy. Also allow me to be the first to say this whole topic is super cheesy, but in a good way.

-Sean 8)
Mmmm Asiago bagels is the goodness.

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Postby premierrider » Thu Oct 25, 2007 11:20 pm

I get Orgasm with teh chesse!

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Postby Chocoholic » Fri Oct 26, 2007 2:45 am

I often get asked if I would like some pasta with my parmesan. Gotta love the quality cheese rather than the cheap stuff.

Jarlsberg with some salami or prosciutto and a dill gerkin wrapped together, mmmmm.

King Island (Aussie) Brie on crackers.

Now that I think about it, I probably eat cheese nearly every day. OK i love cheese.

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Postby Homer » Fri Oct 26, 2007 5:59 am

At the supermarket I work at, we carry one type of cheese you won't find at any other store. HORSERADISH CHEESE!

Might I say, this cheese is nice and spicy! :)

I also like Brie, too. Great and chewy, goes well with Ritz.
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Postby frozenflames » Fri Oct 26, 2007 10:02 am

There's this awesome Dutch Market by my high school that has an incredible cheese-sampling section. They have some of the most amazing stuff, like smoked mozzarella, and a really creamy "farmer's cheese." It's very good stuff. I am also completely addicted to eating grated parmesan (only... I pour out a whole pile of it, and eat that).

In short, cheese is very tasty.

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Postby Scaparri » Fri Oct 26, 2007 11:29 am

I'm a Monterrey kind of guy, though I love just about any cheese. I had some cheddar aged 9 years once at a cheese store in Wisconsin once. It had one hell of a strong flavor and bite to it.

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Postby IceDragon » Fri Oct 26, 2007 3:33 pm

I like cheese on my pizza and in my panini's... does that count? :P

I'm not a true cheese person, but mozarella's the only one that'll get passed my eyes and nose and into my mouth!


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