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Giant Drop On Ride Video

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Hey! I was going to post a new topic based on this vid too! My favourite drop ride of all! I have to admit I felt exactly like the guy on the second rightmost seat. Absolutely terrifying. And yes, it IS 390 feet tall and the fall is just massively long and airtime-crammed!


One thing I noticed about this vid might give some insight to the mechanisms of the Intamin drop tower. People have said the car stays up there for over a minute, and I felt so too when I rode it. Look closely at the grey tower when the car is climbing. Notice it's moving real fast right?


Then, it crawls to a real slow pace. Very apparent it's going at a few inches per second from the ground. The little line on the tower in the vid (00:45) can be seen moving up.


But wait, a few seconds before it drops, you can actually SEE the tower is still moving but at a real SLOW pace (watch the moving dots and scratches on the tower at 1:00 to 1:10). It's just so slow that riders do not notice it, on ride or on the ground. I am thinking that the catch-car ascends VERY slowly and hits a release mechanism to drop the real car. So, the drop is in fact NOT timed.


Well, this is my theory. Any opinions?

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I had my 1000 drop earlier this year on the GD, and you are spot on....just before you are let go, it feels like you have stopped climbing. But the ride drops you the sec you hit the top of the tower, so you really never stop moving.


I was at the park one day a few years ago when something happened and the car stayed up there for over 5 mins before the ride dropped it. Never did find out what happened there.


I figure if I post this video (credit of the find goes to a post on a aussie site) this might help Elissa convince Robb to come down under for a visit in the future....and here is a picture also just to help the cause.


The ride from the outside of the park

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Yes, it's very true. On my way up, the screaming carload that is Tower of Terror shook the whole tower up and down.


But the wikipedia article on Dreamworld that said ride ops control the Giant Drop so that Tower of Terror goes up and down the Dreamworld Tower before releasing the car needs to be verified. I haven't seen a reliable source that says this yet.


Oh, wow, thunder001, you actually rode that insane machine 1000 times?!!

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I have rode it a fair few times too, but i dont think i've done it 1000 times!


Also about the manual release, I dont think that is the case, apart from the Emergency Fall button (to drop it in a emergency) I have asked various people about this, and There isn't one. The ride sits (slowly moves) and releases after 43-45 secs.

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I have some video here from the ground with the Giant Drop and the Tower of Terror in operation at the same time....will try to do a quick edit on it tonight and post something in the video fourms for you to see..


The best part of the ride is standing in the que and pointing out to other people how much the track for the Tower of Terror moves when the car goes up it. The amount of people that have sworn off the TOT after that is crazy...I guess they can't see the funny side of it.


EDIT... After looking through some old photo's, (pre-digital for me) found the photo's of the ride stuck at the top. They were taken at X-mas of 1999, acording to the date on the picture. Maybe any Dreamworld Fan Boys can check to see if they know about this one????

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Due to the nature of the Giant Drop's height, rather than using say two or three sensors and then have a seperate circuit that controls how long the triggers last for, the Giant Drop has a hole system of sensors setup up at the top of the tower (about 10 from memory) that essentially tell the engines at the top of the tower to decrease the outputting RPM pulling the steel cables. Essentially the very last sensor stops the motor for only about one and a half seconds before activating the latch mechanism, releasing the gondola from the cable winch car.


So in essence, while many, many other Giant Drop rides have a system where operators can adjust the "hang-time" at the top of the tower, due to the design and frankly the liability complexities due to the sheer height of this tower, the actual ride cycle doesn't change, and never has. Of course then there's a manual over-ride sequence, but that's only ever "activated" as such when the power get's cut to the engines or there's some sort of safety breach (cameras and the likes that aren't authorised, that sorta thing).


But yeah, 395 feet and 119 metres. 135k/ph downards and around 5.3 seconds of weightless depending on the mass of the people onboard.


If they did some acer ERT sessions on this thing I really think it'd let some people down, I mean, all that extra falling weight and all, you'd only be getting 3 second freefalls...


Oh, by the way, I've got heaps of onride footage and simaltaneous TOT/GD ride shots to keep you guys entertained in a bit (and yes, they're completely authorized and decent .

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Robbie, wikipedia says that sometimes the ops purposely hold the cars at the top for longer so the Tower Of Terror coaster can rush by them and shake the tower.


So yeah, they run them simultaneously.

That would scare the hell outta me. This looks like an awesome drop tower and if I ever get out to Australia, I'm not missing this.

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Absolutely priceless!..lolllllll


The guy in the video (on the right side) look like he was going to pass out or he was hoping his life insurance policy was up-to-date.


The view on this thing must be incredible; especially at nite!.


I asked Santa to put one in my back yard, but haven't heard a response back yet..lol


cool vid!

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