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  1. Looks like you had fun. That sucks you couldn't get on Tatsu.
  2. SFMM +7 CaLP -16 WOF 4 CP 13 SFOT 10 SFOG 17 PKD 6 BGT 13 SFNE 11
  3. I saw the trailer for it today and could of almost sworn it was viper. Thanks for the link
  4. if SFMM closed i would hate sixflags for life. There would only be knotts and disney land in socal
  5. i went on tuesday. only tatsu, x, and goliath were over an hour. Hope that helps.
  6. My favorite restraints are the flyers rubber vest thing very cool looking and comfortable and least favorite metal lapbars
  7. that better not be true. Im going tomarrow and i was hoping to feel the full forces of Tatsu Pretzel. :<
  8. beans on toast? im gonna try that right now! Edit: its not that bad great quick snack
  9. ^^I would say california's better and here are two videos of california's Jurassic Park. Watch them both the first one shows the t rex better and
  10. s turn on pysclone, I couldn't walk for four days and i had to go to the chriopractors to get my back fixed
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