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This avatar is off of the photo taken of myself in July, last year. One of Playland's for-adults-only Playland 19+Nights. With a bar and booze available. And special cocktails available. Yum! Each Friday night was themed, and the one I went to was themed to NEON. I loved that theme, and hope it repeats in some form, when they get back to a (uh) "normal" season next year.


The avatar...


...And what the avatar doesn't show.  And I wished that pass wasn't covering up the name CEDAR POINT. July 5, 2019.

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^ Yours looks great! I have a few photo avatars I still enjoy using. The first was taken in the Tokyo Bay Hilton Hotel after we arrived in Tokyo Disney Resort (TPR Japan Tour-2013), the second one was taken last year (July) during the NEON Theme Adults Only Night at Playland. It's sooo me, lol!

And then there's the one with me and...."Dad." Taken in Bakken Park ~ Denmark, TPR 2014 Scandinavian Tour. Such fun running into "family"!




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Yeah, last summer last year was the first time Playland attempted these Adults Only Nights (Fridays in July) at the park. And themed each night. We were all hoping they'd be doing it again this past summer, but then....yeah yeah blah blah happened. So, hoping it'll repeat next summer, including Neon Night! And I still have my (well, it was) new neon t-shirt to show off. From Knott's Berry Farm, when we were there in 2019! 👕


Sept. 2019

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Time for a newer, more truer one...

Taken last September, during Playland's "Limited Openings" summer.

I am hoping things go much, Much Better for them. And us. 🎢


What the avatar is, now.


And what it came from. Monday, Sept. 07/ 2020. The last day Playland was open, for it's (ahem) "season."

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