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It's May now, so updated with a different frame. This last Wednesday was my two-week mark from my second dose, so I'm fully protected now! Whoo!

Good old fashioned horror, at it's best. You can almost see the fangs.

^ as I posted on FB. . . .   "In the alternate universe, where Valerie Bertinelli never gave up snorting coke"

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New Avatar for me!! It's a photo I took of Taron at Phantasialand, and I LOVED how the photo turned out. (Full photo below!) I'm thinking I need to eventually get around to doing a photo TR for that trip. Managed to take a LOT of (what I think are) good photos.




EDIT: Well... It was suppose to be the above photo... However, for some reason it keeps saying "Profile Update" but doesn't actually update the photo... And I'm way to exhausted to deal with it right now. Soo... Eventually when I get it figured out... You'll know the back story behind the new avatar.

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The big weekend's coming up. But - no public Easter egg hunts, sadly.


But, In-house Easter Egg Hunts will become "the norm" this time 'round.


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^Trying to help here, but.... have you made sure whatever pic you post for the avatar is 155 x 155 pixels?

If any photo or drawing etc. is over that, it won't download it. I'm not a great computer person, myself. But

that's what I know from my experience with making a new avatar.


Hope you figure it out, eventually.

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